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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    They'll love him in Ottawa - good to see a player leave here on a good note knowing Canuck fans will actually miss and that we hope the best for him in Ottawa. I think he has overall been my favourite Canuck for the last 10 years.
  2. This may be the reality check most of us have been waiting 3 games for. 4-0 Kings
  3. Logic Thinking Games

    We can do it inside out we have a pretty decent sized field out back, or a parking lot.
  4. Logic Thinking Games

    Hey CDC, I need help! I am in charge of coming up with an activity of some sort for the youth group I'm a leader in. I need to eat up an hour of time and come up with some type of activity with the following criteria: -Looking for something mentally tough -Needs to be able to be done by 4 separate teams in a competition mode. This can either be by finishing fastest or completing the most tasks, etc. -Each team will be about 5-10 people ages 13-19. Trying to make it tough of their brains and challenging by either making them think outside the box or work together/trust each other to complete what they need to. Any ideas?
  5. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I agree with the person who said they should just turn Reigns heel. I think now would be a great time and he could actually get some momentum which he will get none of the way things are going currently. I can't remember which podcast I just heard it on (maybe JR's) but I believe somebody suggested Heyman would actually be a perfect fit for Reigns right now and I'd love to see that. Don't make it a whole "Paul Heyman" guy thing, just have him be the mouthpiece. Honestly an actual stable with Heyman as the manager would be great. The Axel thing was stupid. Get some guys like Reigns and Barrett to be second fiddle to Lesnar, but still top heels that aren't just jobbing out every week.
  6. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    This Roman Reigns situation is really pretty simple when you think about it. If you look at a lot of the guys who have truly gotten over in the last 20 years, it was all because the fans helped them get there on their own, without the WWF/E forcing them to like them. Austin, The Rock, Daniel Bryan - all earned the respect of the fans with their abilities and characters. Austin and The Rock turned themselves face to the point where the WWF had to accept it. Daniel Bryan had their respect, and fans marked out even more for him due to the fact that THEY were the ones who forced the WWE to put him into the main event of Wrestlemania. Even if you look at Cena, he was a heel with the rapper gimmick and slowly it was the fans who couldn't help but cheer for the guy. It was only when WWE took it to far and forced him on the fans as the ultimate babyface that they decided they were sick of him. They were sick of him because he wasn't their chosen star anymore, he was the WWE's. Fans reject Reigns because he's not their choice, he's the WWE's, and if the WWE dares to tell the fans who is going to be the main guy they need to cheer for they will absolutely crap on that guy. I often think though, the WWE somewhat knows what they're doing. Fact is, all of these fans who are outraged that somebody like Daniel Bryan or Dean Ambrose didn't win ... why should the WWE concern themselves with these people that much? Let's face it, these are typically the fans known as "smarks" who are going to watch no matter what the WWE does. They may say they'll stop watching, but don't kid yourselves. They want to get new fans, so if the Daniel Bryan/Dolph Ziggler/Dean Ambrose fans are going to be there no matter what, they can push somebody these people don't care for in hopes of getting new fans that do. BTW, I highly recommend the youtube channel "goodmicwork". This guy gets it. He's a long time fan who isn't a complete idiot and while he swears a lot, he puts together long commentaries with logical thoughts. http://www.youtube.com/user/goodmicwork
  7. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I haven't watched the event yet, but from the sounds of it and what I've seen lately, the WWE needs to stop, take a breather and really think about this Roman Reigns thing before they move forward with it. I don't dislike the guy, but he will never be the reason a fan buys a ticket, and certainly nobody is going to subscribe to the WWE Network to get their fill of Roman Reigns. A crowd like Philly can really tell you a lot about whether or not a guy is going to make it. I know sometimes they boo just to be cool/rebellious (they may as well be called hipsters) but there are also times when their reason is legit. They're forcing him at the fans and it's in too obvious of a way. Adult WWE fans hate that, they always have. The WWE just refuses to let things happen organically though. As soon as they saw a hint of Reigns getting hot they forced it, AGAIN. The worst part about it is that the guy isn't ready. His all-around "sports entertainment" skills are not even close to the level of Rollins or Ambrose. It's frustrating to see Ambrose falling the way of Ziggler. Again, I don't want them to force Ambrose into a top spot but at the same time they don't need to be sending him backward. I won't go too deep into it but I think a real big opportunity is being missed with Daniel Bryan. He got hurt as a guy generating some of the biggest pops in years. His whole unbelievable run was built on being an underdog, getting back up over and over, and what better way to keep that going than a career-threatening injury comeback? Instead, it's a simple "I'm here to fight", loss to Kane and apparently a short stint tonight. I am excited to watch the triple threat match, and while I sound like I'm all "negative IWC guy" right now, I'm loving how this Rollins/Lesnar thing is playing out, and Cena in the mix is actually giving it a nice addition. Rollins is proving he's a star, and Lesnar is turning face just by being the complete bad@$$ he is which is. This feud actually comes across as like "this is what's happening and you can cheer or boo whoever you feel like". Lastly, it's been a while but last time I saw Bubba Ray was when he was on a major heel run in TNA and I remember thinking that it would've been a great time for him to be in WWE because he fit the bill of somebody I would've loved to see as a top guy. I hope they can somehow actually utilize him and give him not just one good "last run", but actually make him a player in their company. From what I saw tonight it doesn't look like it will happen, but it was his first night back so I still have hope.
  8. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Was watching the Pipers Pit segment just now and thought to myself - I'm pretty sure Andre the Giant died before 3/4 of people in the audience were born.
  9. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Went and saw Son of God. I knew it would be hard to live up to my expectations because I had been looking forward to it so much. Very well done though, 8/10. Loved how John and Peter were portrayed.
  10. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I just don't understand the WWE these days. There is simply no denying that since Wrestlemania in Miami Daniel Bryan has been the most over guy in that company. The best part about Wrestlemania is the crowd atmosphere and nothing would have been more impressive than however many thousands of fans all doing the Yes chant. If I was CM Punk I would've walked too. Batista vs Orton? Undertaker vs Brock? Triple H in a match that will also probably somehow involve Shawn Michaels again? 2004 called, they want their top names back. They absolutely KILLED the guy who would've gotten soooo over as a heel or face by turning Ziggler face too quickly just because one of those typical "we cheer against what you want us to" crowds exploded when he won the title. At this point I have no idea which match is going close the show at WM but I can't imagine much of a reaction for any of these main events so far can be expected. I don't think even the Undertaker can get a great match out of Brock Lesnar.
  11. Draft 2014 - First Round Pick

    I'm being kinda biased here because I've seen quite a bit of these guys this year but I think if Michael Dal Colle (Oshawa) or Sam Bennett (Kingston) are available they are both great choices. I've managed to watch a few Generals vs Frontenacs games this year which are always great games with these two battling head to head. Dal Colle is a pretty complete package and a decent size. Tough to tell how he will handle being roughed up with the big boys because he has a massive team in Oshawa literally shielding him each and every game. Bennett is small and actually pretty tough considering his profile lists him at a VERY generous 6'0". The one word I constantly describe him as is "shifty". Makes passes and plays he has no business make in spots that you'd never imagine before you even realize it. Great hands ... like ... really great hands.
  12. Gdt Canucks vs Phoenix 6pm

    I have to say the Canucks are doing a lot of positive things here. I mean, don't most successful teams employ the "stretch-pass from your own goal line to the farthest blueline" breakout approach?
  13. Gdt Canucks vs Phoenix 6pm

    Here's a thought Weise, instead of looking so dumbfounded everytime you get called ... stop giving them the chance to call you!
  14. [GDT] ANA - 1/15/14 - 7:30PM

    Btw you guys were totally right, look at this huge turnaround after last games "push back".
  15. PGT van loses to queens

    BINGO! Too many bonehead plays that led to the penalty minutes. This is what most people on here are happy about tonight and that's why I disagree. Their "push back" tactics were idiotic, but when they actually tried to play the game they did play solid and pretty hard-nosed.