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  1. Quinn Hughes | D

    I wouldn't be disappointed if JB somehow was able to draft Dahlin instead of Quinn.
  2. Whoever it is, I think ownership will want an experienced person this time
  3. I think Dahlin was hoping to be drafted by the Canucks so he could play with Petersson. Maybe hopefully one day, Dahlin will come here as fa.
  4. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    Sign Sbisa…so that Seattle can claim him.
  5. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    I heard that some people said Rathbone looked bigger and taller. Do you think so?
  6. Jack Rathbone | D

    How is Rathbone's skating compared to Hughes? I hope to see a future one two punch of Hughes and Rathbone.
  7. [Rumor] Minnesota Wild

    I disagree with this logic. Yes, players were picks once. But to get truly special players, you have to have picks. Players that are developed, in their prime, and are producing consistently will cost more than just 'a' pick. When you have a pick, what you have is a chance to select a player that can hopefully develop into something special (ie Karlsson). As Benning had alluded to...the most likely way the Canucks can get a #1 D is through drafting (picks). Other teams are not going to give up theirs unless offered the moon.
  8. Derrick Pouliot | #5 | D

    And Canucks did walk away.
  9. That doesn't make much sense to me. Why not ask Skinner where he's willing to go to first before spending all that effort on a trade only to be turned down by the player. Especially if it happened multiple times?
  10. Quinn Hughes | D

    I don't know. With OJ, Chatfield, and Sautner knocking on the door, I'd still be worried if I was Stecher.
  11. Quinn Hughes | D

    Hutton, Stecher, and Pouliet must be looking over their shoulders now
  12. Maybe it'd be easier to just tell me who the Canucks are not interested in.
  13. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    What the Canucks really need is another pick in the top 10