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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    Awesome watching the Canucks rock out with their Brock out...he’s definitely the Brock of the Walk and the rest of the leagues starting to smell what the Brock’s been cookin’ ! Once Gaunce gets the monkey off his back and the consistency carries over to home, this might turn into a magical year!
  2. [PGT] Winnipeg Jets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Travis Green has to get a lot more out of Gagner and Ericsson to warrant such little ice time for Virtanen. Granlund isn’t being utilized at all for his skill level. And enough of the Dorsett love, good energy yes, IQ and skill no... Next game, Burmistrov in, Gagner out. Give Pouliot a shot, either for Edler if he’s injured, or in place of Hutton. As for Ericsson and Gagner, what a waste of nearly 10 million a year. Impressive debut for Boeser, Horvat was flying, MDZ ate up the extra ice time and looked good doing it. Stecher has sophomore jinx going on... Sedins have reinvented themselves, and although they might not be any faster, they’re certainly more creative this year. Vanek drags them down somewhat. Please give Virtanen a few games with them. Team suggestion - shooting practice. Time for target shooting drills and start getting those shots on net!
  3. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I realize there’s a lot of talk about the ‘Tryamkins’ being homesick and missing their ‘Motherland’ of Russia and all their family, which is understandable and even mentioned by Nikita in interviews, although it sounded secondary as to the ice time he received. The Canucks, as do all professional sports, have a very inclusive and active ‘girlfriends and wives’ group, with constant gatherings and outings. Perhaps Mrs. Tryamkin didn’t utilize this as much. Family can be flown in, local Russian communities are quite active and easy to locate... if the culture shock was handled a little better by Canucks PR, and all the cultural options and teammate/family blending was handled with more focus on welcoming and comforting the Tryamkin clan, we would have had a far more successful first impression for Nikita et al. The red carpet was laid out for Pavel Bure in this way, and although Tryamkin doesn’t come with as much fan fare as Bure, he will definitely become a lineup regular and is already, quite obviously, a fan favourite. I really hope we get a second wack at the big Tree, he just oozes long term character and success for our Canucks.
  4. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I watched this game and thoroughly enjoyed it. A really good team effort from line to line, pairing to pairing and from the crease to the coaches. I was able to pick up from my own body language that I sit forward with anticipation and confidence when the Horvat, Burmistrov and even the checking line of Sutter’s hit the ice. Yet whenever the Sedin line hit the ice I sunk back and deflated while they either struggled, made the safe play or just fumbled their way through their shift. I’m sorry to all the staunch supporters of this legendary duo but unless they get a quick, explosive and dynamic player such as Virtanen to liven up their pace, the Sedins = SeDONE. I view Hank as a playmaker, let him go PP1 for halfboards or goal line setup man. Danny is more of a sniper, give him PP2 time to put that hockey IQ and decent shot to the test. But not together, where a decade plus of cycling leads to predictability and fan frustration. And please Coach Green put them with someone electric and resurrect their stale career path with something new, even if it means splitting them up. Their talents and smarts are obvious, but their playing techniques are rarely a surprise to defending teams league wide. I took far too much positive from this game to want this post to come across as a negative rant, but rather to have my opinion known that the Sedins need a rework that became obvious two seasons ago and is already showing from preseason to game 1.
  5. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    My final answer to the million dollar questions regarding our roster; Pedan seems predestined for number 7 D, esp. for his toughness and size Wiercioch just barely squeezes out Biega for number 8 D, and IMO the tiebreak goes against Biega for his likelihood of passing through waivers Boeser, Virtanen are definitely in, and this decision is almost 50/50 for the fans as it is for the team Burmistrov did enough, just enough, to squeeze in as a 13th forward or 4C depending on who’s going and who’s not and my hardest decision is between TG and JB’s choice of a 14/7 or 13/8 roster. With prior statements from JB I’m going to foresee a 13/8 roster with the decision coming down to signing Archibald and the thought that Dorsett is headed to LTIR, conditioning or something Leafy sneaky... I have to eat some humble pie as my highly touted, highly backed selection of Anton Rodin, future star, has gone for naught and as frustrating and disheartening as that decision was, I can still hope he clears and gets it together in Utica. And to wade into the endless arguments regarding the Sedins, just for the sake of this team and their legacy I hope they are coached appropriately and without bias. Being as slow and methodical as they are, the only type of player that would seem to fit is a bang and crash sniper with some 200 foot game to him, which means either bumping Horvat from the centre position, my choice of Virtanen and maybe, depending how he continues to adjust to NHL speed, Boeser. Regardless, I’m excited to seeing a younger, faster lineup and also catching what’s brewing in Utica this year.
  6. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    I’ve watched, listened and read enough to stand firmly behind my opinion. As much as what Dorsett brings to the table is admirable, it’s inefficient. And it’s redundant with young, hard hitting energetic players like Archibald, Virtanen and Horvat. Bearing that in mind, White can be released, Dorsett traded or onto waivers and Archibald gets one last look in the show. Upshall shouldn’t even get a cup of coffee here in Van, but Rodin should certainly get a minimum of a dozen games to shake the rust, build the confidence and prove himself. This is likely our last go around with Rodin, and I just have strong senses tingling about his bright future and would put my faith in Rodin getting a long term contract before waivers or release this season. Defense is a little more simple with the top six set, so as added toughness and to avoid losing him on waivers, I’d like to see Pedan as our number 8, with Wiercioch as number 7. Hoping Biega clears and makes it back to Utica to lead the defense and likely captain the team, but I’m choosing Pedan over Biega. We may border on ‘soft’ or small on some lines, but being able to intersperse Virtanen, Horvat, Sutter, Archibald up front and Gudbranson and Pedan back on D, plus call-ups LaBate or Dorsett if we keep him and he clears (with his contract he should), I really don’t see a glaring need for additional team toughness. Trade or Waivers: Dorsett, Biega, Bachman, Megna, Chaput Assign: Cassels, Goldobin, LaBate, Brisebois, Chatfield, Holm, Juolevi Release from PTO: White, Upshall
  7. Wishing Brian Boyle all the strength and good fortunes with his medication regimen! After being diagnosed with AML, a failed stem cell transplant and four different courses of chemotherapy, I have had the misfortune of progressing to CML-RAEB1 and am aware of every hardship and effect Brian could possibly face. Now that I'm resigned to supportive care and struggling with high levels of fatigue, I'm at least able to enjoy our emerging Canuck prospects and a hopeful future! I could only dream of getting back to some crash and bang hockey from just a few short years ago. It's a tough fight for players like Boyle and Blake to play through, and my admiration helps build optimism for my own fight!
  8. [Poll] Fill out the Canucks roster

    These are my roster hopes for our four lines, three defence pairings, and plus the extras, trying to combine each line/pairing with enough speed, defence, offence and size. I hope... Players in bold italics would indicate the potential battles for that position, with the runners-up likely being Utica bound, waived or ? And in my opinion, there doesn't need to be line number assignment. If a players' ego can't handle fourth line designation, call it the first line. Roll four lines at 15 minutes a piece, with the power play and the penalty kill eating into, or adding to, a players' playing time. FORWARDS: Baertschi Horvat Vanek D. Sedin H. Sedin Boeser/Rodin Eriksson Granlund Gagner Goldy/Gaunce Sutter Virtanen/Dorsett EXTRAS: Boucher/Burmistrov, White On defence, in my opinion, pairings should be assigned playing time based on what forward group they work best with and how they adjust to the flow of the game. I'm not a fan of scrambling lines and pairings, but obviously adjustments will be made game to game. The first three pairings are fairly set, but the seventh and possibly eighth defensemen would be to either add size or skill, hence the options I made for roster spot competition and demotion... DEFENCE: Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Del Zotto Stecher EXTRAS: (size) Wiercioch/Pedan, (skill) Holm/Subban Power Play 1: D. Sedin, H. Sedin, Eriksson Boeser, Hutton Power Play 2: Granlund, Horvat, Gagner Del Zotto, Stecher Penalty Kill 1: Eriksson, Sutter Edler, Tanev Penalty Kill 2: Baertschi, Granlund Hutton, Gudbranson Empty Net, Down by One, Minute to Go Stacked: D. Sedin, H. Sedin, Eriksson Vanek, Stecher, (+G) Horvat ALL THE IFS: If a few players have average years (Eriksson, Sedins, Vanek), if a couple players have breakout years (Horvat, Baertschi) and if we have a player challenge for Calder (Boeser), we have a forward group with some depth and ability to surprise. On defence, if we can get stability (Tanev, Edler), if we can get our offensive expectations met (Hutton, Del Zotto, Stecher) and if a contract year can motivate a former top pick (Gudbranson), our defence can be more than capable of stepping up to another level. And to tie everything together, if we can get a constant and solid competition going in goal (Markstrom, Nilsson), if our special teams respond positively to all the coaching staff changes and if Travis Green can make a good impression as a rookie coach, keep players motivated, lines rolling... I'm a very competitive person, and my hope is to play for a Stanley, not a Dahlin...if only! In closing, maybe we have a ' sometime between post-camp and the trade deadline' trade brewing? We have solid depth Utica bound (see below), we have some expiring contracts (Vanek, Gudbranson), a solid yet redundant roster player (Baertschi), a few prospects (Virtanen, Rodin, Subban, Brisebois), a potential future star (Demko) and a projected high pick in 2018 to dangle, and plus there's some aging veterans, although likely untradeable, freeing up cap space in the near future (Sedins, Edler) to take on big contracts for potential 2018 free agents (Tavares) or to take on bad contracts for picks, prospects. All this trade bait for what? A top pick (Dahlin)? a future star (Pastrnak)? a foundational defenseman (Oliver Ekman-Larsson)? UTICA BOUND: Molino, Chaput, Megna, LaBate, Biega, etc... Go Canucks Go! #2018playoffs ...we are all Canucks...just not paid like one...
  9. Crystal Ball Predictions 2017-2018 Canucks

    Thanks for the insight! I don't really like the long posts either but I don't post often (once a year?!) unless I get curious or frustrated in the direction of the team. I read some good opinions as always... I'd like a better atmosphere, an exciting offensive-minded coach (like a Crawford but not Crawford lol) and a lineup with the right mix of our youth and our existing veterans and just go for it, surprise the league like the 2015 Avalanche. Edmonton may have missed for a decade with their youth but Toronto didn't. Hoping for lottery draft luck, a few camp surprises and a bounce back year from half the roster and top it off with a cure for cancer! Cheers!
  10. Long and simple read warranting short and simple response. What are your predictions regarding OUR 2017-2018 VANCOUVER CANUCKS, from coaches and trainers to veterans and prospects? I would appreciate your thoughtful input. FORWARDS: LINE 1 Baerschi LW Horvat C Boeser RW LINE 2 Ericsson LW Granlund C Goldobin RW LINE 3 D.Sedin LW H.Sedin C Virtanen RW LINE 4 Gaunce LW Sutter C Dorsett RW EXTRA FORWARDS: Boucher C/LW Shore RW Molino C/LW Chaput C/LW Megna RW LONG SHOTS: Dahlen C/LW 2017 1st round DEFENSEMEN: 1ST PAIR Edler LD Tanev RD 2ND PAIR Hutton LD Gudbranson RD 3RD PAIR Tryamkin LD Stecher RD EXTRA DEFENCE: Sbisa LD Subban RD Biega LD Pedan RD LONG SHOTS: Juolevi LD McEneny LD Chatfield RD GOALTENDERS: STARTING Markstrom BACKUP Bachman LONG SHOTS: Demko Gartieg EXTRAS IN UTICA FOR CALLUP RE: TOUGHNESS: Labate FW Archibald FW Pedan D EXPANSION*/TRADE BAIT**/REDUNDANT***: Jayson Megna*/*** Luca Sbisa*/** Alex Biega*/*** Brandon Sutter** Christopher Tanev** 2017-2018 DRAFT CHOICES: ROUND ONE: Nolan Patrick C Nico Hischier C Casey Mittelstadt C ROUND TWO AND ON 'BEST OF THE REST': Elias Pettersson C Matthew Strome LW Nikita Popugaev LW Maxime Comtois LW Robin Salo D RELEASED: Ryan Miller G Philip Larsen D Jack Skille F Joseph Cramarossa F BIGGEST QUESTION MARKS: Coaching Staff Changes 2017/2018 Draft Expansion Pick Youth Movement (Virtanen, Subban, Dahlen, Juolevi) Anton Rodin Free Agency FUTURE CONCERNS: The Sedins Alex Edler Prospect Development Stanley Cup! PERSONAL PREDICTION FOR 2017-2018: Travis Green will push our team just short of the playoffs with ~90 point season In My Personal Opinion: Everything starts from the top and reflects downwards. We have incredible ownership. Passionate, local owners with deep pockets and a desire to win. The biggest complaint by some fans that the owners are constant, ill-informed, or knee-jerk meddlers is a total farce...who wouldn't want to have input on a near billion dollar investment involving a huge passion. The Aquilini's love hockey, entertainment and the limelight. And for that I am thankful and as fans we are blessed. The entire coaching staff needs to be let go and replaced with experienced, high-energy, reputable coaches, assistants and specialists. Complete overhaul required. But beyond the coaching staff, I would look long and hard at the training and medical staff for deficiencies and improvement regarding our poor history of injury and illness. Playing injured, coming back early from it error in medical opinion or outdated/inefficient training? The trio of Linden/Benning/Weisbrod are efficient and on track. A few years to round out the rebuild and put us within a couple years of exciting and competitive hockey is a success. I foresee a rebuild turnaround comparable to the likes of the Shanahan/Lamoriello/Babcock Maple Leafs, as opposed to the former Oiler Alumni botch job with their team. Our patience is far more apt to pay off with the work our brain trust has provided. In my opinion, the future is very bright. I am a well informed fan of forty plus years and have played hockey competitively. I've always enjoyed both the physical and the mental side of playing and watching my favourite sport of ice hockey. So without intended bias or prejudice, I'd like to present my thought and theory on a suggestion in achieving additional success. It involves the fans, the economy and the ownership. We need a louder, more vocal and reputable house. The deejay has it right with music and goal song schematics...maybe some more of that original, 'organ themed' hockey catch-tunes that are fan-interactive (older fans know the popular pipe organ ditties I'm referring too). The biggest change is needed at the box office. Cheap seats will attract a louder, more enthusiastic crowd. There's plenty of nose bleeds and upper levels that can have significant price reduction to assist in atmospherically boost. The high end lower reds draw too much corporate and heavily restrained 'viewers' as opposed to 'fanaticals' and all the silence, texting and even boredom or lack of knowledge is overly telling. I realize the stereotyping I'm putting out there, but the truth is known and obvious. Younger and less restrained have a harder time constantly affording tickets, let alone season tickets. Corporations and wealthy or upper class citizens tend to lead to no-shows, restrictive and promoted/gifted/forced attendance...not exactly your enthusiastic participant. And while ownership is at it, throw in an arena-encompassing cell phone/smartphone jammer! The financial pinch from ticket prices can be compensated with strategic pricing...cheaper beer for the fanatics and pricier food service, private box costs, corporate advertising and luxury service fees and increases. I am basing my suggestions from experience and first hand knowledge to systematic spending and cost acceptance. My 'Canuck Fanatic' sees me enjoying games, with friends and beers and plenty of noise, yet when I'm in lower reds I'm feeling shunned and quelled. My success financially has allowed me two years of fifth level box rental (pampered, expensive but too far and detached from the hockey atmosphere) but I didn't see much restraint on the spending and plenty of show offs. It was much the same with friends and associates frequenting other fifth level, third level, luxury services, valet services and food services. Money amongst corporations and the wealthy are either written off or typical of excessive lifestyle so it will pass with acceptance and open the door to the slightly less fortunate or the slightly more thrifty and budgeted fans that just want to come and cheer the home team until the final buzzer.
  11. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Probably been said before, but by listening to the Canuck core players and GMMG ramblings, Dallas Eakins is the answer. Core players have a need for a coach that will give them respect, long leash and a sense of self governing...only a new coach without ego or attitude like Eakins can provide this free reign Players with waning confidence (Kassian), under-developed skills (Schroeder) and not-quite-there players like Corrado and Gaunce need a coach with proven success and appreciation to youthful talent, which is Eakins primary draw So, in my opinion and many others, Eakins is an excellent balance of respect to the core players, appreciation to youthful development, he's fresh and driven, locally involved and ready to roll. The AHL is a good grind on any caliber coach, and he did well. Hire him, the core will appreciate him, the youth will thrive and fans will love his engaging personality. I am more interested in the assistants he or Gillis will choose to compliment him because I believe that much in Eakins being a good hire. Welcome to Vancouver, Dallas. And good luck in Dallas, Alain. Enjoy your summer, CDC.