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  1. Luongo was a lot better than most people give him credit for. This Canucks team had been very mediocre for a majority of the years. Our two best offensive years ended in disaster with an obvious lack of character and toughness in general when it mattered, though to be fair to our forwards against Boston, our defense was pretty much dead. We lost Rome, Hamhuis, and everyone else was basically nursing an injury. I have a hard time honestly believing that we were as good as we looked those two years, as we often fed on our division at the time. The one cup run year we had success against other good teams too, though injuries kind of blew up any real cup chance. Granted, when it mattered in the playoffs that year, our team couldn't score. Nashville and Rinne had been lit up in the previous series and we couldn't score. Boston and Thomas got lit up by Tampa the series before and we couldn't score. And if you watched last year, there was a striking problem with our forwards lack of ability to finish on chances. Especially noted in our craptastic powerplay. I thought Luongo covered up a lot more mistakes for this team than people gave him credit for. I also think that Schneider did the same. I think both goalies were very good. Luongo was better earlier but Schneider was getting just as good and obviously still entering his prime. It actually sucks that in the end we lost both goalies. For almost nothing, really, for what they meant to the team and our success. Luongo could've been used for a 'win now' mentality, but we never made the trades or signings needed. Schneider would've been a very good 'in a few years' type thing, but we lost that too. Miller could be very good. Basically, he is similar to Luongo. A good vet, that is hard to rank because he was on a shit team. He always performed well though, similar to Luongo in Florida. He's shown very incredible flashes, though he had an odd meltdown with St. Louis last year. (For those that say he's better when on than Luongo, you can easily argue that Luongo deserved one, if not both of the vezina and hart that year, but somehow managed to win neither. Thanks eastern bias.) I don't see how Miller does anything for this team now however. We are clearly more 'rebuilding' or coasting for mediocrity than contending, so I was confused as to why we didn't just hope for the best with Lack and his development. Miller just keeps us in a fight for the last playoff spot, and even if we made it we'd likely get bounced. Just my honest opinion, anyway. I'd of much rather rolled the dice with Lack and our prospects. Instead, we got Miller, and a few vets to plug the holes to what looks like try to fight for a first round playoff exit. Guess management wants that playoff money or something.
  2. This. I really hope they shore up on defense. The all out offense provided a good show, but offense is much easier neutralized by good defense than a good defense can be picked apart by a good offense. I have to say though, if Seattle brings it like that, and if Harven is healthy, they are going to be scary for years. SF is the next bet. I mean, honestly, they should've won the game against Seattle. Kaep is a cocky frack though. Just don't like the dude. Scary good offense and defense either way.
  3. Doesn't really hurt his 'legacy', just his placement of all time QB's. He's still easily top 6. A win here woulda vaulted him up, but I doubt he's worried about it. Like I said, he's won one, lost two, and this loss was just showing that you can't just rely on offense, especially in the playoffs. Especially when you give up nearly 50 points to one of the more average offenses because you can't defend worth a crap. No way would I say he choked. I guess in reflection, SF or SEA was going to crush Denver or the Patriots. Both teams were hurting on D, and they were going up one of the all time best defenses ever in the game. Offense again, doesn't matter, if they can't do anything and rarely get the ball. I honestly thought Denver would have the advantage since Seattle was away from home, but props to Seattle fans for making the trip. They had a damn good following at the game.
  4. Figures people on Caniucks board are throwing out choker title at Manning. Legit wasn't his fault this game, his O-line got torched and he didn't have time. The denver defense finally put up a performance that everyone thought they would when it mattered. They stopped Lynch, but they didn't do anything about open recievers. And that Harvin return, and the touchdown after that was absolutely brutal. Manning didn't have a chance. I don't think you could put Brady or Rodgers behind that O-line and expect them to put up over 50 points. The weapons didn't show up big enough, Manning amusingly broke a completion record in a SB, but when you can't even get open deep, and your O-line doesn't give you time to make plays, on top of your D just being hideous? Yeah, game over.
  5. The O-line was caving in on him and no one could get open deep. He didn't even do bad, he just had no time, and no one open. It was a trainwreck to watch. Actually became a very boring superbowl, especially when you can almost tell the game was over before half time. But it was -really- over when Harvin scored on that return. Glad Seattle won, for sure. I feel bad for Manning, but man. What a trainwreck of a game for the Denver D. Did so well in the playoffs up to that point, then in like every aspect they turned on the suck. Cringe worthy.
  6. Manning's numbers weren't even bad. But damn, props to Seattle defense. Denver's D was absolutely brutal though. Couldn't stop the bleeding, and that Harvin return and the following TD were just brutal. Also, Denver's offensive line picked the worst game of the season to play bad. Hard to decide whether to blame the O-line, all of the secondary and special teams D, or the recievers for just not getting open. Manning had a terrible first interception, but the only good part of Denver's game was their run defense. Seattle's defense was just beastly. Their offense still kind of sucked, but they got it done. Pretty much followed the script on what you'd expect.
  7. 1st INT was on Manning. 2nd one was Moreno watching and waiting for ball. Either way, Denver's O line is getting chewed up, and basically ALL of Denver's weapons aren't getting open. I wouldn't blame this on Manning, not yet anyway. Just a very poor showing for Denver. The only bright spot for them has been the run D, but Bailey has been beaten several times and given them free third downs. Seattle is just killing it right now defensively. You can't quite count out Denver because of their O potential + Seattle's O sitll looking shaky, but if Seattle's D keeps just playing half as good as they were, this game is already over.
  8. Good players score in the slot when they have time to shoot, especially considering Luongo was also screened by a bad Bieksa block attempt and Edler casually skating by his view leading up to it. Just because our players choke constantly in good scoring areas doesn't mean it happens to other skilled players. There's a reason Sharp has 28 goals. He doesn't miss from there very often. Anyone blaming Luongo for recent games, or even anyone blaming Lack when he was giving up goals before Luongo came back is just a goalie troll. The defense has been breaking down with all the extra playing time. Plus, Luongo has had some of the worst bounces recently.
  9. Luongo hasn't even been palying bad. Tons of bad bounces the last few games. Not his fault at all tonight. Sharp goal could've been saved but you EXPECT your good players to score in the open in the slot. Sharp is obviously playing far better than Kesler and Sedin. Good players will score there alone. No fault to our goalies at all, not to Luongo in the last few, and Lack when he was giving up goals before Luongo came back from injury. Our injuries on defense have been catching up in the bigger minutes we eat up, they have not been playing well at all.
  10. Was getting curious about Titanfall and the Xbox one with all the hype surrounding it, and over popular people on youtube. Found out that Microsoft is paying off popular channels and licensing groups on youtube to give extra money to people who mention xbox one in a positive way without saying they're paid to do so. Suddenly, the reason why so many positive people on youtube are hyping Titanfall, while a lot of other gaming sites and forums and message boards are trashing it and making fun of it. I'm sure Sony has done the same kind of thing, but at least they haven't been caught trying to be sneaky fracks with this kind of thing and youtube just yet. Long story short, don't buy into hype about either console or the games in general right now if you rely on youtube or social media for information on games.
  11. Digital has been the way to go for awhile now. They haven't raised the price for that and it's been the same for awhile. Digital only sucks if you plan to sell the game (But if you don't sell it within like a week you get robbed anyway), or if something happens to your system somehow. But it's not like you'd be able to play if your system in question messed up anyway. Doesn't surprise me at all they're trying to slam more taxes on games. The gaming market in general is the most lucrative and poor economy resisting market out there currently more or less.
  12. There should be a firmware update you can grab off the site that lets you play with the headsets on the PS4. I think anyway.
  13. Honestly all things considered the Xbox One is doing pretty well after they disaster in E3 and such. They cracked a million on the first day still, just as PS4 did. Granted, they did it worldwide, and PS4 did it in just the US and Canada alone. I think they moved about 750-850k in the NA, which isn't much less than the PS4. What will be very interesting to see what happens next week when the PS4 comes out in some other places. If it sells huge numbers, then PS4 will ahve dealt the first blow. But the One really needs to continue selling in the NA market. The NA market will be their bread and butter. If the PS4 continues to sell just as much or more over here, then most things point to crushing it worldwide, because most of the PS3's market was rest of world, particuarly and obviously Europe and Japan.
  14. Luongo stole the NJD game somewhat recently. He's actually been really good. His rebound control has improved leaps and bounds out of no where for the most part. While I will agree that sometimes he can give up a weak goal, he's made SEVERAL big, key, and timely saves during this losing streak as well. He stopped several odd man rushes, breaks, and penalty shots all year. When your goalie has a save % over .900 in 5 losses, you know something else is messed up. Early in the season, it was the defense. Recently, it's been the offense. But I will say, I am getting tired of our team defense leaving people alone in the slot for free one timers in the high slot or tap ins down low. It's ridiculous. We have to give up some of the most great A scoring chances in the league every game.
  15. EA was trolling Sony saying that the firmware glitched their games, but the PC launch for BF4 was also crap as well with errors and glitches everywhere. I honestly think it's less the PS4 and PC and more just EA being a crap company with games at times. After the PC and PS4 now, I seriously hope for the sake of Xbox One fans getting the game they have their crap sorted.