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  1. Sit Henrik for the rest of the year

    Yes better manners would be best. Calling the people that are here(posting their ideas and thoughts daily compared to your relatively newness here) Snobs isn't exactly good manners now is it. Why are those that respond negatively considered rude? Maybe they consider you rude for suggestion the Canucks throw games while sitting their Captain. Maybe before saying something on this board consider all the facts and the history of who you are talking about. Hank and Dank don't tank shifts let alone games. They have always toughed out injuries as any super star does. Instead of being so unaccepting of others comments, maybe you should embrace what others are saying. NOW personally, I too wish Henrik would take some time off until 100%, but knowing what kind of a player he's been since day 1, he won't. He will be back just as soon as he feels he can contribute. That is why he is our Captain. (the Super Lurker)
  2. Most people online that know me, know me from Case's ladder, Royal poker and admin forums.

  3. Shammy is that you? Cell phone shammy?