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  1. I'm not very familiar with the Jets, where are they weak?
  2. All in a days work my friends. With a great moustache comes great responsibility.
  3. Praying for a Giordano like career for Phil Larsen.
  4. Hey! Let's critique a 19 yr olds body on the Internet, where he will probably see it. That'll be good for his self esteem. As long as Jake does this: i don't care what he looks like in skinny jeans.
  5. I am thinking its "Make Granlund my B***H and take his job"
  6. Like a lot of you have said, Etem has the right tools, but hasn't been able to pull it together at the NHL level. Watching him play in Medicine Hat, he was better than a lot of other high scorers here (Ennis, Shinkaruk, Vey) in the fact that he had size, speed and hits like a train. He doesn't hit often, but when he does, wow, explosive. When JB got him last year i was pumped. Etem can potentially be a very solid middle 6 forward that has high skill but is still learning what he can do to set himself apart at the NHL level. Really hope the Canucks don't give up on him. I can see a guy like Malhotra being a great role model, Manny was drafted high, had huge expectations and evolved into one of the premier support players in the league. I hope Emerson can find a way to transition into a strong support player.
  7. Julia Louis Eriksson
  8. We really are paving the way for Dale Tallon to join the team aren't we...
  9. Wow, Why doesn't anyone draft a Russian anymore?
  10. I remember thinking it was a good idea at the time to trade Kesler + Bieksa ++ for Brad Richards. I think that was around 2009.
  11. I actually like this proposal. Especially if Torontos 2nd is included. Van: Lupul (Another Tiger) TO 2017 2nd TO: Sbisa Retain 2M of Lupul Salary
  12. Exactly! It seems people like to "spread the scoring" but the Canucks best seasons were when the twins were deployed in the best offensive opportunities. Let your scorers score. Race horses can ploy, but it's a waste.
  13. TJ's do well in St. Louis.
  14. I'm embarrassed by this... But what's SAP? I know they sponsor the Shark Tank, but what is it?