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  1. I fail to see how it was a dirty hit.
  2. Stupid TOML. Hate those guys. "lets suck for 10 years, then suck harder to get good picks, then criticize everyone else for not sucking to the magnitude we suck at. Suck" I LOVE the Dcore JB has seemingly pulled out of his arse. Set in net for the foreseeable future. Now to revamp the Forward group with some elite skill. He can burn some Defensive Capital to pick up some Forward talent, draft for skill, wait on Boeser etc etc. Honestly, how far off is the Forward group? Bring Boeser up, add 1 or 2 more skilled forwards and the team is essentially re built.
  3. Gillis and Gilman are a great fit for the Islanders right now. Would help cap management and identify internal weaknesses that need to solidified.
  4. Jagrs longevity is phenomenal. Part of it is how he plays the game, along with his natural ability and dedication to fitness. Having a steady stream of 20 year old European models doesn't hurt either.
  5. Gudbranson wants Martin, Martin wants Dorsett. Gud will go after Martin, Martin will avoid and go after the smaller Dorsett. Martin will win. Nobody on the leafs will will go with Gud, it'll further infuriate him. Hoping he doesn't snap and get a suspension. Tryamkin is the X factor imo. Will we see the big man play passively, or will he assert himself and be a physical presence? My hope is that Kadri gets confident and and moves lower towards the crease, only to be manhandled by Tryamkin. Not dirty, but not clean either. Establish a pecking order.
  6. I am failing to see why Sparks is suspended? Hockey player in a hockey discussion, challenge to a hockey play for acting like a child... What is this world coming too?
  7. Huh. Seems odd
  8. That episode took me through a 5 day rabbit hole. I've driven around a lot of the places they reference and completely understand their theories now. I prefer Carlson to Hancock, but they are both fun and interesting. Now where can I get some good ayahuasca...
  9. Hey now! Don't bring Whisky into this.
  10. What an A-hole. (Guy on the plane) i wonder what lead to that sad outburst?
  11. Jeeeepers, with his style of play. How does he play into his late 30's? Damn. Good for Burnsy.
  12. The last episode didn't even attempt to hold my interest. Shut it off after 20 mins. I think its officially jumped the shark. No longer intriguing or fun.
  13. We do have a Analytics darling in Tanev they may be interested in....
  14. Oh my. His confidence is starting to bloom watching his highlights. Its tough watching other young players in the NHL while waiting for OJ and BB. But dang... when they hit, its gonna be fun!
  15. Jeepers, thats terrible. Equally terrible is how the Canucks passed on him. I don't fully understand why they would? We need more skilled youth in the system. They could get one for free and send Gaunce down to develop further. This team is a real head scratcher.