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  1. Have there been any trades in the NHL this season? No Happenings League.
  2. That shot is stunning. That's what the Canucks PP is missing.
  3. What about taking a flyer on Grigorenko? Buffalo stunted his development, but he has the tools to be a great Center. Could obtain for a 3rd or 4th or prospect swap. Pedan + 5th maybe?
  4. Isn't this the exact kind of thing Arizona is for? Dump Flower in the desert. Send AZ a 3rd round pick with MAF for Smith. Problem solved. Smith is then exposed and Vegas picks him up. He could almost commute to work from Phoenix If i'm MAF i don't mind this idea either. AZ has a pretty decent future.
  5. Great hit, Tough for the Peg and Laine. I hope he bounces back from this without losing a step. Its unfortunate, but these things happen in Sports. They get compensated the way they do because of the risks involved. All sports, not even contact sports have an element of danger.
  6. My goodness would either one be a welcome addition to the club. However, i don't think the assets are there. SOMEHOW Chicago will get both, for peanuts and cap dumps. $@^& Hawks..
  7. The best Sedin partner ever was a scrappy hard nosed French Canadian that did everything he could to stay in the show. Lets hope for a repeat.
  8. Absolutely vile. The book needs to be thrown at these individuals. I've read that Chicago PD aren't considering this a hate crime, which I find odd, as the video clearly shows there are political and racial motivations here. There must be more to this story that's not getting out. I hate this tense racial divide.
  9. Ya, true. Tanev would have to be the one.
  10. Problem being is that something else has to go the other way... Edler for Duchene would be perfect.
  11. Of course I'd prefer the Canucks to hoist the Cup. However, St. Louis is a legit contender. I'd like to see them or Nashville win over any other western team not named the Canucks.
  12. They've been retooling for a much longer time. They are Buffalo-West.
  13. The Leafs also have a never ending bucket of money, that allows them to gain picks for cash essentially by buying out or burying contracts. The Leafs also benefit from a mega following that doesn't care if they win or lose, the building is full. They also are able to attract the best staff by simply having the biggest cheque book. The Flames are an easier team to compare to the Canucks in terms of Pros and Cons of the organizations: Similar fanbase size, similar travel, similar fairweather fans, etc. They have been rebuilding for 5 years now and are starting to pull it together. The Canucks are on year 3.
  14. Twins in St Louis would be deadly. I'd love for the Blues to win it all.
  15. Landeskog would be a great fit. I'd say: Landeskog-Horvat-Eriksson Sedins-Hansen Baer-Sutter-Boeser Granlund-Gaunce-Skille still too soft. Need Virtanen to develop quickly!