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  1. Anyone have video of EP pushing Hartman? I feel asleep after the 1st. These 9PM start times are ridiculous.
  2. Typical Minnesota game. Since their inception they’ve been a boring trapping defensive team. No fun hockey. Canucks did what they could but couldn’t get past the impressive structure and speedy counter attack the Wild have. Horvat and Toffoli both took the night off. Horvat looked timid and disinterested. Not himself. Would have liked to see him get a bit animated. Petey showed up and got annihilated. Burkie was right. Where was Ferland, Myers, Beagle while our star was getting abused?
  3. I already hate them. Perfect.
  4. I love the idea of WHL rinks being utilized. zero cases in Medicine Hat... jus sayin....
  5. I watched a few different videos on this. The shooter got nailed by a skateboard to the face, then mobbed by folks screaming they were going to kill him. Not sure I would have reacted differently.
  6. I can see Virtanen being highly effective too. He scores clutch goals and will elevate his physical game.
  7. My City has done an excellent job working towards solutions for homelessness.
  8. CCP added a bunch this morning because people died at home and weren’t counted until now. I don’t believe their numbers at all. Add a few zeros...
  9. Eh? Cute, but pretty generic Southern US Blonde.
  10. Naslund-Petey-Boeser Babych-Jovo Luongo 3 filthy wristers on offense, tough as nails d men with a serious Clapper from the point, and the best goalie in team history/top 10 goalie all time.