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  1. Car Mod Thread

    They are?
  2. Car Mod Thread

  3. Car Mod Thread

    One of the silliest yet fun mods you can do to a relatively stock car is to put on an electric exhaust cutout. flip a switch and it’s ridiculously loud and obnoxious, flip it back to stock.
  4. Car Mod Thread

    I’ve been modifying cars since I was 14 (33 now.) Done it all. Engine swaps, superchargers, nitrous, coil over suspensions, lights, paint, etc etc. now i I just try to keep my classic Bronco roadworthy and my family safe in our Honda van. Lol
  5. First Impressions of Quinn Hughes [VIDEO]

    Clay... you’re the best. Thank you so much for putting out the content you do. it was awesome meeting you in January. Excellent commentary. Loved the comments on Lind. So curious how he fits in moving forward.
  6. 200+ games 50 pts Hutton regressed under a new coach last year, but ya, he’s a NHL caliber d man.
  7. Hutton and Goldobin aren’t scraps. Hutton is an established young top 6 defender with upside. Goldobin is a 1st rounder that’s showed promise at the NHL level. Out pacing Poolparty in points per game last season. (.36 vs .30) Its a swing for the fences for JB but a safer play for Chia.
  8. This is tantalizing. As stated above this reeks of Filip Forsberg. Hutton + Goldobin for Poolparty
  9. [Signing] Sharks re-sign Logan Couture

    He’s annoying but great.
  10. Their 3 big Centers are nuts. Mathews Tavares Kadri jeeepers that’s disturbing to try and match up.
  11. Soooo can we finally get rid of Gagner now?
  12. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    2 way deal! Mike Keane role for sure I'd love for him to retire with this organization. He bled blue and green.
  13. Stealth-Renewal Is 100%...Just 1 More Yr of Kamikaze-Descent

    I don't think so. I think he gets 1 more draft until playoffs are the expectation. The team will be more exciting this year, but lose a bunch. Like the 16-17 Leafs.