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  1. What a ridiculous article. The Canucks aren't as bad as people are making them out to be. They were without their #1 Dman, there 2C, 1C was hurt, and they had upwards of 5 rookies playing! this year they added a huge snarling Dman, an elite 2 way 30 goal scorer and didn't pull much of anything off the roster. If they stay healthy and the kids progress they will be a better team than the pundits think. My guess is a 104 pt season.
  2. Rypien may be one of my favorite all time Canucks. An underrated player, pound for pound the toughest fighter in the league at the time. Appeared to be loved by his teammates. RIP Ryp, you're missed.
  3. Stamkos was allowed to talk to other teams, obviously the grass wasn't greener on the other side. Signed his deal and stayed captain of a very good team.
  4. No apology necessary. I didn't take it as d*ckish. You make great points. I don't blame him for not wanting to come to Canada.
  5. Implosion. Horvat is the face of the team after the twins. Until Boeser pots 35 and takes another cute girl to her Prom.
  6. Got ya. I always wanted to see Nash with the twins around 2009-10, that could have been magical.
  7. You would think that RNH would need to go to MTL. They need a Center. RNH+Yak+4 for PK. MTL gets a reclamation project, a young established Center, Their up and coming Big boy Center (PLD) and can probably still get Logan Brown/Chychrun/Sergachev. MTL comes outta the draft with a LOT of young talent. Edmonton gets the big time Dman they need.
  8. No deal if Horvat goes the other way. If that deal above is what Edmonton has offered you take it and RUN! Draisatl is fantastic.
  9. I don't know about that. There is lots of guys who continue with great production into their 30s. Iginla, St Louis, Jagr, Gretzky, Thornton. a 32 yr old Iginla put up 50 goals.
  10. I don't see how PK fits into the Canucks. Edmonton seems like a likely trading partner for them. RNH + 4 for PK. Then they trade 9 for a Dman.
  11. If JB can get the 3rd OA.. i will be very excited. I like the above trade proposal. Van: 3 CBJ:5+ 2nd +??? However, why doesn't CBJ want Pullijarvi?
  12. Good points, can see a transition happening to 2nd line 5v5 mins and 1st PP with Sven/Bo getting 1st 5v5 and 2nd PP. Which would end up being close to equal time. Sedins getting more O zone starts.
  13. I don't get why some fans are all up in arms over trading picks for players. Am i the minority that actually likes the youth in the system now? Aside from Shinkaruk for Granlund i like the moves JB has made. There is an incredible talent in North Dakota that will be on the team in 17-18, first line potential. PLD or Tkachuk are both first line potential players. Horvat (21) is a BOSS and developing ahead of schedule. Sutter is mid aged (27) and signed long term, solidifying some of the heavy lifting. Sedins can be first liners for a few more years. Toss in Sven (23), Virt (19), Etem (23), Granlund (23), Gaunce (22) Lots of youth for a long time. The biggest Q's were on D... I think JB has nailed the retooling there. Edler (30) - Tanev (26) Hutton (23) - Gudbranson (24) Sbisa (26) - Tryamkin (21) Stecher (22) Subban (21) Larsen (26) Pedan (22) Assuming thats the group this year, average age of the starting 6 is 25 years old. With Dmen taking a bit longer to develop this is the equivalent of having your average age of forwards at 22-23? This D core could stay relatively in tact for 5+ years. LA Blue line (without Greene and Scuderi) average age is 27. St Louis 28, Calgary 29... etc etc. Goaltending is looking like a clear path as well. Miller and Markstrom (26) splitting the next season, then Demko (20) coming up in a backup role the following season.
  14. I really hope he can develop some chemistry with Hutton, Stecher or Subban. I am finally coming around to the new D Core: Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Tryamkin - Sbisa Stecher/Subban/Pedan There is size EVERYWHERE. Is that the biggest D core in the league now? They are all over 6'2. The average height for that top 6 d core is 6'4. Woah, good luck getting into Miller/Markstrom/Demkos kitchen... Draft Dubois, Sign Okposo or Erikson and dang i like the team moving forward.