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  1. His name is Jason, and he’s coming like a freight train.
  2. Alberta to Stop BC Wine Imports

    We really need the minus button back. This is a horrible thing to say.
  3. I dunno, I was watching the Sens the other day and he could still skate like the wind. Buyer beware I guess, and rightfully so.
  4. I’m for this. Canucks have never had a Norris caliber dman. Nothing in Karlssons game suggest a regression. His team is terrible this season and he’s onviously got 1 foot out the door. He carried a misfit group on his back last season, only to see ownership step backwards to save nickels. Top flight d can dominate deep into their 30s (Borque, Lidstrom, Macinnis, Housley) Cap hit will he hard to swallow, but if the Canucks are in cap hell for a decade and it nets 1 Cup, do it! Get a CUP! If the deal (at the draft) is something like OJ + 5th OA + Goldobin... take it and run! Canucks should be discussing with Ottawa now. Start the process by trading Gudbranson and Vanek to restock the cupboard prior to the EK deal. Twins may be inclined to stay at a big discount if Karlsson is in town. Its a gamble, a huge gamble, but no risk leads to no reward. I want a cup before I die.
  5. That contract is too long to take on. All of the kids will need to be re upped before that albatross is anywhere close to expiring. Canucks need to covet their cap space for the right FA signings following the 2020-21 season. Thats when this team will push.
  6. Oh man. Sound of my youth. I remember listening to my older sisters CD. My Bride and i danced to "Linger" at our wedding. Too young. RIP.
  7. OEL to Columbus? How incredible would that D core be! They have the assets to trade back as well as shipping out Johnson to make room. Instant cup favourites and Chayka can get back some good young players. To CBJ: OEL To AZ: Johnson, Atkinson, 1st in 2018.
  8. [Signing] Jagr to Flames

    I really hope Jagr heads back to the East for one more kick at the can with one of the Caps, Isles, Pens. It would be cool for him to retire a Penguin. Fizzling out in Calgary is a terrible way to end his career.
  9. Cap for Edm(what do U do?)

    It’s an Oilers thread, nobody cares now that they suck again. This pleases me.
  10. Cap for Edm(what do U do?)

    hoo boy, this was their big window year and they didn't do enough to take it up to the next level. If i'm the GM in order: - Tell Messier to GTFO and go eat chips. - Un retire the Messier Jersey. - Trade Draisatl to the Canucks for Hutton. - Trade RNH to the Isles for Kulemin - Sign Kulemin to a 9 yr $76M contract with full NMC - Sign Hutton to a 10 yr $100M contract with full NMC - Trade my 2018,19,20,21 1st AND 2nd round picks for the rights to Nikita Tryamkin - Announce i am Canucks fan, but sometimes find myself cheering for the Isles for reasons unknown. - Get fired.
  11. Linden and his Position the problem for GMJB

    Keep it the same. Can't wait to see their full team on the ice in 2019-20.
  12. [PGT] Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    How the heck do you set the lines when everyone is back? Baer-Bo-Virtanen? Vanek-Gagner-Brock Sedins—Loui Granny-Sutter-Goldy that seems odd. Or do you put Sutter with Bo?
  13. Ugly PP. Get Dube off and park Jonah in front of the net.
  14. Gadjovich looks awesome. Bert like even.
  15. What would the Canucks get back from the Isle?