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  1. Good signing. Rich get Richer.
  2. The Bo + Tanev for Draisaitl idea seemed outlandish, but when you put it into context for both teams it sort of makes sense. I am not saying it should happen, nor do i necessarily want it to happen. Bo is something special imo, may not have superstar upside like Draisaitl but he is a heart and soul guy that has earned every inch. However, if that deal is being discussed, i can see the merits of it from both sides.
  3. Oh ya! Great example. That would be a miracle blessing this team needs!
  4. The fact that there is debate at 11 is extremely encouraging when there are still GOOD prospects up on the board. There is a 22 yr old Dman who was 17th in D Scoring in the AHL last season on the board, Along with a Memorial cup winning Goalie, and several other solid pics. MAN! JB has done a dynamite job the last 2 years.
  5. Wow Trev. I'm 32 and just had my 4th! I thought I was old.
  6. Fair enough.
  7. See Drouin, Jonathan. RFAs can be a crappy situation if not handled correctly. You're totally right, its not worth stressing over. It just seems like such a slam dunk that is strange its not done yet.
  8. I'm with Clay Imoo on this one. Getting nervous. Get it done already. Canucks fans are collectively fragile and used to the worst case scenario becoming the norm.
  9. Blame Lowe and the Oilers for that one. The Vanek offer sheet really messed things up.
  10. i agree with the general consensus here of a 2 year extension. Hopefully around 4M AAV each. I still love the idea of changing the twins deployment. They should be 1st PP but on even strength play 3rd line minutes. Let Bo and Sutter handle the heavy lifting. When the twins are rested, they are still lethal. Very tough to line match.
  11. $5.8x6 is my guess. Let's Bo be a top UFA at 28. Hopefully gets the Canucks a 3 year window of contention before UFA. Hoping the twins take a discount for 2 more seasons. $4m x 2 each. The last year of their extension should hopefully be a great team.
  12. My take is that it is a legit condition, however if the "juice was worth the squeeze" he'd play through it. The NHL needs to hammer these things away or it'll further fan the flames of BS. They will finally get tough on recapture when Luongo comes up. Thus screwing the Canucks. Tinfoil ready.
  13. This team has depth but is butter soft. Zero intimidation outside of Gudbranson. This isn't the old NHL anymore, but dang...
  14. How do people find out about this stuff?