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  1. What about Hamhuis for Drouin? 
  2. If Wideman somehow gets off without a suspension, Burrows finally has his way of getting back at Auger. Get hit, act woozy, nail Auger. 
  3. Good points, Burrows would not be a corner stone. More of a Recchi in Boston, Roberts in Pitts, etc. A playoff vet that can play anywhere in the lineup in all roles. Depth wins championships.  You may be correct that they don't see the need, but from my very biased non professional opinion I see a fit. 
  4. Very. 3.5 actual, 4.5 cap hit. Only 1 season remaining. Perfect for the Habs "window."   
  5. It would be depressing to see Burrows leave, but as mentioned in this thread he's ideal for Montreal.  Him with Pleks would be very formidable defensively. Cap friendly contract, playoff performer, can play anywhere in the lineup and any role, hometown boy, invested in the community, knows Vigneault (gotta get through the Rags imo) = should be a target for Bergevin. JB better get a good haul though. 
  6. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Furious 7. 5/10 After 7 of these you can write them yourself. The recap at the end was nice.    Dusk till Dawn. 4/10 + 4 pts for Salma Hayeks dance. 8/10 silly fun B movie I had never seen. My wife and I watched it last weekend on Halloween. Salma has got to be one of the sexiest of all time. 
  7. Just drove from Williston North Dakota to Alberta yesterday. I counted 6 huge trains with only oil cars... All BNSF, all Buffet. Berkshire is a huge oil sands investor, a pipeline WILL be built when they feel the time is right. Oil over rail is idiotic. 
  8. Fear the Walking Dead

    I find the characters ridiculous, yet to introduce someone worthy of cheering for. I dunno, maybe the genre is stale to me now.
  9. Fear the Walking Dead

    One more episode to engage me or I'm done. Nothing interesting in this show
  10. [PTO] Curtis Glencross with Leafs

    I'm not sure why JB wouldn't look at getting Glencross. I've always liked his game.
  11. Bo Horvat rookie season montage

    I just made a house rule (my mother in law moved in last year and has been infecting my sons with Flames propaganda) In our Home it has been declared that we all love Bo. If ill is spoken of him, you sleep in the yard.
  12. Young Canuck player comparisons : Bo Horvat vs Dylan Larkin

    Whose the guy willing to go to the front of the net and score? Welcome to the NHL. Bo is Best.
  13. Fantasy sci fi? You do not read much do you? Go research Peter Diamandis and his peers. This type of fantasy will be reality within 20-40 years.
  14. Google changing its name to Alphabet