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  1. Not surprised. Moving on. What does the D look like for the next game?
  2. Sedin-itis Being professional, calm, mature and mediocre is not entertaining. Bring the speed, physicality, and passion and fans will respond. The team hasn't written a compelling script. Being the "most hated" team was awesome. Kesler, Burrows, Lappiere yapping and stirring the pot was entertaining. Take a penalty out of frustration and the Swedish assasins would make you pay for it on the PP. now? It's like watching accountants review the books from a granola factory. Draft some characters!
  3. Horvat is more important to his team, future captain, plays more physical, etc and is $500k cheaper. GMJB did so well on Horvats contract. Don't get me wrong i like the Ehlers deal, but it shows that JB did a great job on Horvat.
  4. Anyone worried about losing a 4th round pick needs to realize how many picks the Canucks will grab at the deadline for some expiring contract players. Vanek should nab a few on his own.
  5. Brock to Utica is my guess. He's earned a spot. JV has too. Still question the Vanek thing a bit.
  6. Wanted Pouliot for years. Totally high risk high reward type of deal. The types of deals the Canucks can make.
  7. Thats the weirdest lineup ever.
  8. Ha! Typical lazy vet. Coasting at Training camp.
  9. I'm on the fence with KC. I really like that town. They may surprise us.
  10. He was a force. Very cool to watch as well. I'll never forget watching the All Star game where NOBODY could beat him until Owen Nolan streaked in, pointed at Hasek and Scored.
  11. Right there with you Buddy! Your quote made me LOL.
  12. While Pele and Jordan are more popular athletes there wasn't a uniqueness to the number. All i am saying is that 99 is a very unique number, Gretzky was very special to the NHL and hockey in general adding a level of excitement and validity to the sport that wasn't there prior. I'm fine with a league wide retirement given those 2 things.
  13. 99 was such a unique number and transcended all sports. As hockey fans we can argue 99 vs 66 vs 9 etc but to the majority of folks if you ask who number 99 is, they'll be able to answer.
  14. Back on topic. I like Berts take on Vanek. Although it seems the Canucks already addressed that role last year with the Loui signing. Oh well, hopefully they are a better team to watch.
  15. I'm indifferent on this. Oh oh well still love the Canucks. Should be more fun to watch.