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  1. [Report] Canucks recall Ashton Sautner

    I'm still hoping for the 1 OA. Canucks have never had one, it'd be fun to see it, especially now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Is Dahlin a McDavid/Mathews? No. However i feel he is better than most 1OA in the past decade. Having him and EP step in as the new resident "Saviour Swedes" would be very fun and continue the now multi decade run of Swedish leaders of the Canucks.
  2. [Report] Canucks recall Ashton Sautner

    Fallin' for Dahlin. The team has showed that they are on the right track. Being competitive with a gutted lineup and ending up in a lottery spot is almost ideal for the rebuild. Move some vets at the TDL again for depth pieces in the coming years and boom rebuild over. Competing for playoffs next season. With a shiny new 1C and *fingers crossed* a 1D.
  3. [Rumour] Canucks shopping Alexander Burmistrov

    Thats an awesome idea. Would love to see that happen. Lets get Burr back too.
  4. [Rumour] Canucks shopping Alexander Burmistrov

    Burmi for a reclamation winger with some toughness.
  5. Best Athlete In the World?

    If all elements (Physical ability, mental ability, work ethic, focus, etc) are considered in this criteria i say GSP. That guy is incredibly impressive.
  6. Erik Karlsson (discussion)

    Edmonton should jump in the ring here: Leon + PoolParty + for EK + Anderson Edmonton gets 2 years of EK + CM.
  7. i dunno. I feel Anaheim is getting dangerously close to being the new SJ. Perry isn't the same guy, and Getz and Kes can't stay healthy. Don't get me wrong, they are a good team, but i see Nashville, Winnipeg, and St. Louis having no problems matching up to them.
  8. [Waivers] Matt Read (cleared)

    Edmonton needs to grab him.
  9. Who cares. Captain Serious will make it boring anyway.
  10. Welcome to the NHL where saying a mean thing gets you in more trouble than hitting someone in the face with a stick. What a ridiculous league.
  11. What about a Gudbranson for Kane deal? Both expiring, both unlikely to sign with current teams.
  12. I would love a much simpler tax system. Flat tax. 20%. Everyone pays. No corporate tax, but dividends are taxed as income, 20%. itll never happen though.
  13. RyJo and Turris down the middle for the next 6 years with that filthy defence? Daaaang Poille you beautiful SOB. Who does Duchene center in Ottawa?
  14. [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Any scraps?