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  1. haha you ppl who talk about the giant california teams that a small guy can never hang with make me laugh, by the time this years pick makes the nhl who knows what those teams will look like.if were drafting based off what other teams look like today we've already lost
  2. yp is our best player.
  3. what goof hope he's a bust
  4. kesler has elite speed.
  5. aggreate is horrible. how easy for tfc knowing they win concacaf birth with a 0-0 tie. the whole game was a storm of brutalness juan marques davidson should be ashamed of himself.
  6. i think he helped up stamkos , delzotto, hodgson, skinners game. to name a few
  7. he needs to holler at gary roberts.
  8. props to patty mac!
  9. heads up! joes plain against the gophers on the big 10 network rite now
  10. ya but when your denmark who fought to get to div 1 again everygame is the semis or the finals.
  11. this team cant defend to save its life. changes needed big time.
  12. jarju needs to show sum finish
  13. so stoaked about this pick ive watched the minny games on tv and hes defintly pretty dynamic...not afraid to pull spin o-ramas and stuff, not that that means anything but he defintly plays with sum flash and swagger...great pick.
  14. i frackin hate tito. i thiink dana is bringing him back jus so haterz can watch him get pounded by a new class of fighters.