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  1. [PGT] Calgary 4 Vancouver 1 Feb 6, 2016

    Actually I went to Iowa State, so I kinda hate the Hawkeyes haha. Go Cyclones!
  2. [PGT] Calgary 4 Vancouver 1 Feb 6, 2016

    So I live in eastern Iowa, about 2.5 hours from Chicago, which means that yes I'm a very lonely Canucks fan surrounded by Blackhawks fans. They're pretty darn cocky these days, I guess who wouldn't be with 3 Stanley Cup wins in 6 years, but they all pretty much admit that you have to stink and get draft picks to be successful in this league...for at least 5-6 years like Chicago did. Chicago with Toews, Kane and Seabrook, L.A. with Doughty, Pittsburgh with Crosby and Malkin, heck even Calgary with Monahan and Bennett. The gamebreakers, the future HOFers, they're taken in the top 5. If Edmonton ever gets some defensemen they'll be frightening. The Canucks and San Jose are kind of in the same boat of just hanging around the playoff picture year after year...never finishing strong enough to compete for the Cup sans. 2011 and never finishing low enough to get the draft choices. I'm fully onboard with the tank now...and not just this year! Keep finishing low for at least the next 3 years. Sell off the assets except the Sedins and a couple other vets. Now half-a--ed rebuild, full on now boys! Go Canucks!
  3. [PGT] Calgary 4 Vancouver 1 Feb 6, 2016

    Pains me to admit it but I agree with everyone who agreed with Torts when he said 3 years ago that the core was stale. Management didn't want to believe it, do you believe it now???
  4. this is good, now we know we're sellers. I don't like losing as much as the next guy but we need draft picks. Not another first round sweep or 5 game defeat.
  5. [PGT] Predators 2 - 1 Canucks

    No offense, bad line change, Miller needs to make that save, completely inneffective 6 on 4 until it was too late. I question burrows being out there at the end, not sure about that one. We're not a playoff team, we p#%% away way too many games and find ways to lose. Just as well, we'd get swept in 4 straight and would get a much lower draft pick...two poor games in a row (had their moments, but overall didn't make the critical plays and choked games away) headed to the all star break. GCG!
  6. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    Bad teams find ways to lose...same script as Pittsburgh (not exactly)
  7. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    Bad line change yes, but Miller again doesn't make that critical save at a critical time. That wasn't THAT glorious of a chance
  8. {GDT} Canucks vs Penguins @ 9:30 AM PT (January 23) on SN

    At the game, ugh, this one was brutal to swallow. 4 unanswered goals in the 3rd. Had a big PP chance, did less than nothing. Had a good period and a half, just some real crappy luck and some untimely miscues by Miller 
  9. {GDT} Canucks vs Penguins @ 9:30 AM PT (January 23) on SN

    At the game (gf is from Pitt area), we're playing decent for the last game of a 6 game road trip. We've had some solid looks. For all Pitts talent on paper the Canucks are easily just as good a team right now
  10. {GDT} Canucks vs Penguins @ 9:30 AM PT (January 23) on SN

    I'm visiting my gf in Pittsburgh, at the game!
  11. [PGT] Past, Present, Future: Canucks 3, Panthers 2

    Didn't say he was or wasn't. Just saying that if you need a critical win in the playoffs, can he be consistently trusted to make a key save?
  12. Linden on TSN1040 Jan 19

    What's this about Prust throwing a fit because he was scratched, was this before the Rangers game? What exactly went down?
  13. [PGT] Past, Present, Future: Canucks 3, Panthers 2

    I do think they're a good team, but Luongo is their weakness, especially playoff time. He made some great saves tonight, but couldn't make that big save (twice) when his team needed it. We saw it first-hand for more than half a decade. I don't hang the 2011 SCF loss on him at all, but he definitely played a large part (as if that's news to anyone on these boards though). 
  14. [PGT] Past, Present, Future: Canucks 3, Panthers 2

    Best post I've read tonight, summed up the night perfectly 
  15. [PGT] Past, Present, Future: Canucks 3, Panthers 2

    That can't be true, I thought Sam Bennett was Edward from Twilight, I refuse to accept that he doesn't age or doesn't sparkle in sunlight!!! Tell me it isn't true!!!!