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  1. Really? Wonder what it would be???
  2. I tried looking for this thread to see if it had already been made but I couldn't find it (I apologize if it's redundant and could someone re-direct me if it is?) But since Adidas is now the official jersey manufacturer for NHL sweaters next year, what two jerseys are the Canucks going to wear? Is the stick n' rink logo going away? I think they should wear the stick both home and away but that's just me. I'd be sad to see the orca kept over the stick n' rink.
  3. I think Tavares is a #1 center definitely, but I don't think MacKinnon is, at least not at this point. I just remember Tavares being very hyped, maybe not the next Crosby per se, but he's never scored 40 goals nor cracked the 90 point barrier, something Markus Naslund did a couple of times and he's likely never going to the hall of fame, but I bet Tavares does. Now I understand Tavares' supporting cast is definitely lacking, and I think JT is a great player, but I thought his numbers would be better at this point of his career. Whichever post said MacKinnon's development has stalled put it perfectly imo. He had that great rookie year but since he's done next to nothing. Again though, poor supporting cast. Both players are very talented but judging by how much they were hyped when they were drafted their numbers should be a bit higher.
  4. I wanted to hear your guys' opinion on something. When John Tavares was first scouted, he was considered so exceptional as a 15 year old that he was allowed to play in the OHL. He was going to be the next Crosby, but bigger. Nathan MacKinnon comes out Nova Scotia just like Crosby, and he lights up the QMJHL, makes the WJC team as a 16 year old (something that maybe only a handful of guys have ever done) and he's now the next Crosby. Tavares has had some really good years, a couple Hart Trophy nominations and he basically dragged the Isles to the 2nd round last year for the first time in more than 20 years. But he's never come close to Crosby numbers, never scored 40 goals and never reached 100 points, things that Crosby and Ovechkin have done numerous times in the past 10 years. MacKinnon had a great rookie year, looked a lot like McDavid, but since then he's just been very "meh." My question is what's going on with these guys? Do they not have the supporting cast to be the franchise saviors they were expected to be? Or were they just a little over-hyped? For MacKinnon it may still be a little early but Tavares should be hitting his peak in the next few years.
  5. I agree, but like those guys I listed, Chelios, Leetch, Coffey, Bourque etc. I play defense and prefer a shorter stick. I'd rather give up a little bit of reach and be able to handle the puck and pass really well. Plus I have no trouble getting good shots away with a short twig
  6. Just thought I'd share something that I've noticed over the years. Watching old highlights from the 80s and 90s, and even before, I've noticed that the length of player's sticks was quite a bit different back then, most guys used pretty short twigs. Gretzky, Yzerman, Mario, Brett Hull, and defensemen too like Ray Bourque, Brian Leetch and Chris Chelios all used short sticks. If you look at the game now, seems like everybody's using a telephone poll, with the exception of a few guys like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Matt Duchene. Have any of you guys noticed this? The sticks used to come up to around the guys' collar bone or a little higher but now on skates it seems like they're coming up to the player's chin at minimum. For any of you fellow hockey players, how long do you like your hockey stick to be?
  7. I can't believe Iginla, Belfour and Malkin were left off but Sundin and Toews made it. Come to think of it I don't think Patrick Kane should have made it either.
  8. For all of you thrash metal fans, how would you rank the big 4 of Thrash Metal ie. Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax? Or if you'd like to include another band in there, absolutely nothing wrong with that. To spark discussion, could you explain your rankings? I'll get the ball rolling. 1. Megadeth- I actually think they are the most technically skilled and have the biggest discography. Are all the albums classics? Heck no, but Peace Sells, Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction are all great, great albums. Dave Mustaine's guitar playing is off the charts and the political anger in a lot of their lyrics makes them an engaging listen. 2. Slayer- By far the thrashiest and fastest of the big 4 imo. Their first five albums epitomize thrash metal and their speed and overall intensity on those records is virtually untouchable. Even 25-30 years after some of their best work, it's as intense as ever. 3. Anthrax- A lot of people probably rank them last, but I really like Among the Living and Persistence of Time. They're probably the least dark of the big 4, they even sound like they're having fun in a lot of their songs. I even like the John Bush era Anthrax in the early 90s. 4. Metallica- For a long time Metallica was my favorite band, I was obsessed with them in high school. Then I heard the other thrash bands and I think they've all stayed way closer to their roots than Metallica has. I still really really like Metallica's 80s output as well as the Black Album. I'm not going to say they sold out as that's what pretty much everyone says who no longer likes Metallica. But I am going to say they've taken the most musical mis-steps since their popularity peak in the early 90s. I can't remember the last time I heard a really good Metallica record. How would you guys rank them?
  9. Remember when O'Sullivan was relevant???? Neither do I
  10. I know it's a spirited game but the truly mentally tough players hear that nattering in their ear and they ignore it. Remember Crosby in the World Cup with Kesler yapping in his ear. It's like he wasn't even there. That's how you take the power away from motor-mouths like Burrows. But some of these guys just can't figure it out. He's getting paid a lot of money to get you off your game and they play right into it. I'm not a huge fan of yapping on the ice, think it's a waste of time, but I do believe it has an effect on a lot of players and messes with their heads during a game. The insecure players, i.e. O'Sullivan take it all personally and can't get over some inflammatory comment made on the ice 5+ years ago. Says far more about O'Sullivan than it does about Burrows imo
  11. Hey guys So way back in 1995, I found out from my Mom that the Canucks had traded Michael Peca to Buffalo for Alex Mogilny. I could not have been more thrilled! This was one of the league's most exciting scorers coming to the Canucks to play with another one of the league's most exciting scorers (and former linemate) Pavel Bure. This was huge news! Sadly as we all know Bure lost almost the entire '95-'96 season to a knee injury but Mogilny had a monster 55 goal year, probably could've even had more if not for a big cold streak near the end of the year. But I want to know what happened to Alexander the Great after that year? The last 3+ years he played with us he only had one other 30+ goal year. He did have solid numbers in '99-'00 but we traded him to NJ in a deal that brought us Brendan Morrison, and Mogilny a Stanley Cup. Why was he not nearly as prolific a scorer in his last 3+ years with the team as he was in his first year?
  12. Exactly. Hit the nail on the head. Very good insight. A lot of things have to go right to win a championship, and you have to be a little lucky. It's not like we haven't had a sniff at the finals in the last 25 years, got all the way to the ultimate game but came up short, twice! This team will eventually win a championship, everybody said the Chicago Cubs never would, and they seem to be knocking on the door. I refuse to believe this team is cursed or hopeless because true champions find a way, no matter what. The '04 Red Sox, the '93-'94 Rangers, all supposedly cursed, and they found a way. Management is building something good here, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Patience is a virtue as I'm sure a lot of people on these boards have said numerous times over the past 4 years. Just gotta be patient.
  13. Hey guys Thought it'd be fun to see who everyone's list of players are that aren't in the HHOF, but should be. Here are mine 1. Pierre Turgeon- 500+ goals and 1300+ points, as consistent as they come, Turgeon was a good player for a long time for several different teams. Why his name is never brought up in the HHOF discussion I'll never understand. 2. Sergei Zubov- Great offensive presence from the blueline in the 90s and 2000s, not a coincidence that all the teams he played for were pretty good. Led the Cup champion '93-'94 Rangers in scoring in the regular season, was more than a PPG player for one year in Pittsburgh, then became Dallas' greatest defenseman in franchise history. Definitely belongs in the hall. 3, Theo Fleury- Overcame all kinds of odds for a 400+ goal, 1000 pt career. More than a PPG in his career and was one of the league's top stars until his personal problems de-railed him. His overcoming those problems definitely make him a great choice for the hall. 4. Paul Kariya- For that stretch between 1996 and 1999, I don't think there was a better player than Paul Kariya on the planet, except maybe Jaromir Jagr. Kariya, despite a bit of a lack of size, was an absolute offensive machine in his heyday with the Ducks, with blistering speed and a wicked shot, not to mention his playmaking and puck skills. Averaged a PPG for his career. 5. Vincent Damphousse- Great stats, highly underrated. Can't believe the Leafs gave this guy up for Glenn Anderson. Who are your guys' picks?
  14. I think you hit the nail on the head. He's one of the best if not the best two-way forward in the game, but the offensive numbers are just pretty good, not "best in the world" good. I think Sid Crosby is a little overrated right now too. He's still elite, but the Conn Smythe and getting ranked the #1 player in the NHL by the Hockey News this year? I don't think so. I watched virtually all of Pittsburgh's playoff games (my gf is a Pittsburgh-native and fan) and I barely noticed him through the first two rounds. He only showed up for part of the third round and then played pretty well in the finals. My guess is there wasn't a clear-cut Conn Smythe fave so they just picked the cliche choice. Underrated in today's game? Mike Hoffman (Back to back near 30 goal seasons), T.J. Brodie, (really good smooth skating defenseman, gets no respect) Martin Jones (might not be underrated anymore, but he put on a clinic in the playoffs, especially game 5 of the finals) Overrated? Ryan Getzlaf (takes too many shifts off and his numbers are really declining), PK Subban (heck of an athlete, but he's such a liability with the puck, he gives away the puck a lot and it often leads to goals for the other team, I'm one of the few who thinks Montreal won that trade) Pekka Rinne (people give Luongo a hard time for his debacles against Chicago, but at least he actually defeated them once. Rinne seems to always play very mediocre in the playoffs, yet he's always mentioned as one of the best goalies in the league, I don't get it. His defense makes him look good.)
  15. Definitely agree with the Adam Oates is underrated sentiments. One of the best playmakers of all time, never gets much respect. I'd also throw Steve Thomas in there, guy could really score. The 400+ goal scorer nobody knows. Another overrated defenseman, Sheldon Souray. Guy had a massive point shot with Montreal, but I remember a lot of forwards walking him in one-on-one situations. Then Edmonton gave him the huge contract, he had one huge year, then just disappeared into oblivion. Another forward I'd add to the overrated list is Glenn Anderson. He was a really clutch scorer for the Oilers in their heyday, but after that he was just an ok player. The Leafs traded Vincent Damphousse, maybe their top star at the time not named Doug Gilmour, to get him. Damphousse was scoring in the 80-100 point range for a few years and helped the Habs win the Cup in '93, Anderson was just kind of a role player from then on out. Another underrated defenseman would be Larry Murphy. Never gets mentioned with the Bourques, Chelios' or Leetch's, only played in three NHL all star games in 20 years, and has more than 1200 career points from the blueline. Solid for pretty much every team he played for. Plus he has 4 Stanley Cup rings, 2 with the Red Wings and 2 with the Penguins. I also believe he's the only player that was on both of the most recent two teams to win back to back titles, the 91-92 Pens and the 97-98 Red Wings. Overrated goalies would have to be Tom Barrasso, Andy Moog or Mike Richter. I've seen so many highlights of those first two guys letting in soft goals yet they get mentioned right up there with the top goalies of their era. I don't understand it. Richter has two claims to fame, the '93-94 season, and the '96 World Cup, the latter was one of the best goaltending performances I've ever seen. But look at the rest of his numbers, He only had two 30+ win seasons, and only 24 shutouts in 12 years. Just an ok goalie who shone brightly a couple times. Not worthy of the hall of fame discussion he gets. I strongly disagree with the Belfour is overrated argument. In the early 90s he and Roy were the two best goalies in the league. He was a stud in Chicago, and really, haven't had a star like him in net since (Crawford is solid, but he's no Belfour). Then Belfour's presence in Dallas changed them from "good regular season team, no playoff success" to Stanley Cup champion.