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  1. NFL thread

  2. YouTube Thread 2.0

    Dat nostalgia
  3. NFL thread

    lol at Jim Shorts This from a guy who threw a tantrum cause someone shook his hand too hard
  4. Weird Gifs you've seen?

    lol is it the one where he's filling his car with gas? And we can't even post the good gifs in this thread
  5. NFL thread

    Michelle Beadle is so wet right now
  6. NFL thread

    Ray Rice right now:
  7. NFL thread

    Its weird how different the Giants are when playing them in December/January as opposed to Sept
  8. NFL thread

    New drug policy will be voted on by players tomorrow. Josh Gordon pls
  9. CFL Thread

    I hope the Lions go after that Aaron Rodgers guy. The way he played Thursday makes me think he'll be out of the NFL sooner rather than later
  10. NFL thread

    Would you guys use your 5th (out of 12) waiver claim on Josh Gordon? It's a slim chance....
  11. Tennis

  12. Tennis

    Imagine if we had the Japs instead of the French on our side in WWII? This guy's had so many chances.
  13. Tennis

    Why'd this match start so late? It's not like they're women and only play best of 3
  14. NFL thread

    Not bad for a first time but I feel your team could be better if you didn't take your kicker/defense so early. Also, two TEs from the same isn't exactly ideal unless that TE is Gronk. Might want to drop one of your defenses as well.
  15. NFL thread

    Where's my email? J/k Gotcha, I have the regular sports thing with Telus I don't think we have as many options Generally points on your bench don't matter at all. I think in rare circumstances it may be used as a tie-breaker if you end up tied during the playoffs but that hardly ever happens since most leagues use fractional points. Players will usually go on waivers when dropped by a team or after every game. And yes it's only if two or more try to claim the same player.