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  1. Exactly. Canucks = High school girls Wooderson = Other playoff teams
  2. lol
  3. How are we fine? We have an old starting goalie making 6 million a year who may get moved during the offseason/trade deadline and behind him we have a backup caliber goalie in Lack and 2 unproven goalies in Markstrom and Eriksson. Then we have 3 defenseman who should be 5/6/7 guys in Bieksa, Sbisa and Weber but they're playing 4/5/6 minutes. Not to mention our lack of physicality...we really need Kassian back next year and hope Virt makes the jump. Our fancy little cycle game works in the regular season but when teams clamp down in the playoffs and take it to a new level we have no one on our roster that can match that physicality. Where's the big hits? Where's the energy? Have a freaking backbone for crying out loud.
  4. Haven't played one of these since 2008. Picked up the PS3 version for $40 and started a RTTS. Loving it so far. Played around in franchise mode a little last night dinking around with rosters and stuff. Anyone know if it's possible to set lineups for your minor league teams? Or can you just call up/send down players the AAA/AA/A etc and then the computer just runs those teams? I've got a pitcher I've sent down to AA and want him to be their Ace until I call him up
  5. Don't care. Gonna let the next 3 posts tell me what to vote.
  6. Dat nostalgia
  7. lol at Jim Shorts This from a guy who threw a tantrum cause someone shook his hand too hard
  8. Joey mad
  9. Moneyball sequel time
  10. No one watching this great game going on? Everyone too busy watching the CFL? lol
  11. lol is it the one where he's filling his car with gas? And we can't even post the good gifs in this thread
  12. Michelle Beadle is so wet right now
  13. Ray Rice right now: