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  1. As nice as Landeskog would be, they don't have the defensive depth to lose any of their top defenseman for a winger. Canucks with no Tanev replacement pretty much a lottery team, even with him in the line up they are in tough.
  2. If Lucic signs for either one of these teams it's probably which team offers the best contract, be it money, or term. I don't buy for a second this rumor he's signing in Edmonton because he's not impressed with Vancouver's direction/future, if that was such a big deal to him at the age of 28 why bother with either of these franchises? Edmonton and Vancouver are in the mix because it's close to home, it's pretty obvious, perhaps he wants to be close and have the buffer of playing in Edmonton who knows, maybe that's the deal breaker.
  3. This is so Canucks
  4. arrrrrrrr why? Canucks taking a Dman or trading now
  5. No way Montreal takes that they will want something like Edler + Horvat but more likely Tanev + Horvat, and of course the 5th. If you are getting Subban it's going to sting a lot, plain and simple.
  6. Not here to believe or not believe the tweet but of course the regime is going to deny this true or not.
  7. Might be getting tickets in the $20 range next season... good times for families to catch some games.
  8. I get it Dan has the right to do what he wants, but at the same time why would you not waive? You'll have to deal with the backlash for the rest of the season plus regardless of what many people say about him resigning, I doubt the Canucks re-sign him. Why wait this long if they wanted him back? they would of got this done earlier in the season if that was the case.
  9. I'd be more then happy with that for Vrbata
  10. Funny so many here dislike him, in terms of pure hockey talk he is one of the better hosts on that station if not the best.
  11. The bad trade is the one Gillis made, at the time Cody Hodgson was worth way more then a 'maybe', yeah in hindsight people may not agree with that now but back then Cody Hodgson looked to be breaking out and Gillis got frustrated with his off ice BS and rush traded him instead of working the league for the best offer. It was confirmed by multiple GMs they had no idea Cody was on the table when the deal was made, why?. I know living in the pass, my bad, just sayin'
  12. Anyone know if he's related to Tony Bennett?
  13. I am thinking the store might be selling name plates this year
  14. of course he wears 17
  15. Tank on purpose/rebuilding from scratch is media and fan BS, so many people are use to having a contender here they think making the playoffs is a waste unless you are rolling in with the prez trophy. People talk about the west as if it's impossible to penetrate yet the Wild took the Hawks to the brink last season in the 2nd round. Favorites of course not, but sh#t happens, injuries, upsets, hot streaks, you don't waste seasons in the bottom the league because you think a couple picks are going to guarantee you a cup because they don't you win by making it to the dance as many times as possible.