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  1. I guess when you disappear for a couple of years things are bound to change...unless it's CDC!

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    2. Batmania

      With the team losing the traffic here will drop off as will some of the less intelligent discussions being brought up.

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      Hey SOS, when is the last time you were actively online (date)???

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      Sultan mirza

  2. Firstly, there's no such thing as "too beer-focused". It's sad that it's Bud though. Tragic, really. Secondly, I'm not arguing that what has gone on there isn't ridiculous. They're only shooting themselves in the foot, and soon they'll find they have to reverse the trend just to get butts back in the chairs. All I'm saying is that free enterprise works, and complaining about it is pointless. Vote with your wallet and feet...if you don't like what's happening there, don't support it. I certainly don't give him my money anymore.
  3. It never ceases to amaze me how people get all up in arms when proiftable companies make moves to become even more profitable. How on earth is that wrong, or "greasy", as was stated a few times above? This goes beyond just the dollars and cents of wages. There is a declining interest in attending games. One of the ways to attract people, even if it is just in a small way, is to improve the amenities and offerings at the arena. Controlling the food and beverage service themselves will grant the Canucks organization an opportunity to improve services while saving money. You, your mother, your siblings...hell, even that weird uneducated cousin with the lazy eye would jump at an opportunity to improve things and save money. It sucks that a bunch of people are getting laid off, but that's how life works. It's not "greasy".
  4. I cannot in any way verify this, but I have a strong suspicion that the US mobile companies that many people in Canada talk about as being so "cheap" are actually clearing a greater margin off of their customer base. As has already been mentioned, Canada is an enormous place with very low density population. The cost of infrastructure here must be astronomical. As a hairy, wise, toothless (albeit talented) ape once said, it is what it is. I pay the same now that I did 15 years ago, only now I can do more with my phone standing in a field than I could with a home computer at that time. I don't actually mind the cost here. I've tried some of the low budget carriers and have never been happy. It's just a part of our budgets now. I pay $65 a month for unlimited talk and text within this great nation, as well as 2gb of data which is more than enough for me. $5/month is a very modest price increase if you're talking about plans that are $80+. Just roll with the punches or decide not to use a cell phone. EDIT: Can someone teach pathetic ol' me how to actually get a paragraph break to show up in a post? EDIT TWO: Apparently the answer is to just wait 5 minutes and it will figure it out on its own.
  5. Unconventional, but not 'weird' at all. If it works for you, good on ya.
  6. John Horgan expected to run for B.C. NDP leadership

    You're right, I did that a bit over there. Douche move, my bad. I'm just trying to have a discussion though. I've never tried to hide my political views. I make no apologies for voting Liberal, but I certainly wish the Liberals would get their crap together. Like I said, even I would be choked if they formed the next government. They likely will though, since the NDP can't seem to figure out a plan of attack.
  7. John Horgan expected to run for B.C. NDP leadership

        Sorry, how am I trolling? Who would you suggest our next government will be then? I'm open about being a card-carrying Liberal, and even I would cringe if they got back in.
  8. John Horgan expected to run for B.C. NDP leadership

    This. We have decades worth of protest voting and choosing the lesser of two evils. I would love a party to step up with some real solutions and get elected because people were actually excited for what they might be able to do with power.
  9. John Horgan expected to run for B.C. NDP leadership

    The greater joke will be the debt and deficit the NDP leave behind after they get the next 2 terms.
  10. John Horgan expected to run for B.C. NDP leadership

    I get it. The democratic process is a farce. LEMMINGS ONLY - free thinking folk need not apply!
  11. John Horgan expected to run for B.C. NDP leadership

    Nothing timid about voting outside the social norms, especially when you know it's unlikely to result in anything favorable.
  12. John Horgan expected to run for B.C. NDP leadership

    This is joke of post. Are you not a member of the general public? I certainly am, but I'm not "dumb as frack". The NDP losing that election will be in text books for a couple of generations. It was epic, laughable, and frankly, awesome.
  13. Lack might not be #1 next season

    First off, it's quite a stretch to suggest that those guys got traded for pretty much nothing. I also have no idea how that's relevant to this particular discussion. Secondly, Gillis has some MAJOR issues to deal with this off-season. He has to trade Kes, likely will shop Edler, and has a lot of money to work with in order to bring in some *@$(*@) offense. I suspect he has some confidence in the tandem that he has right now, and he knows he can go out and trade for a goalie mid-season if it comes down to it.
  14. Lack might not be #1 next season

    Well, as long as Mr. "I love the Canucks!" Dan Russell says so, it MUST be true. I think the team will be focused elsewhere and will roll the dice with Lack and Markstrom. If it isn't working, they can try to find a goalie via trade. Truly, there are bigger fish to fry this off season.
  15. The beginning of the decline for Vcr

    Yep, you nailed it. There was never even a hint of a goalie controversy until that moment.