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  1. 4-1 canucks Booth Kassian Kesler Burrows Sedins with a couple assists each
  2. Try TV Shack.

  3. haha yeah i could use the extra dollar a lot of times too :P

  4. haha well good luck! lol im done everythign for my school for this semester now.... its nice to be done

  5. yay good job :D

    i'm trying to finish up ss, i have a bunch of posts left to make, as well as an essay and the exam. hahaha i'm so ridiculous...1000 words, in one night. minimal research. i'm hoping for a 4/6.

  6. haha thats good... yeah i cant wait to be done this semester too i finished bio already today and than i am just finishing up history right now and than im doing my math exam tommorrow and the last english assignment tonight/tommorrow morning and than the final exam and than im all done!! except history and bio provincials... im soo close!

  7. mkay, my tummy's not empty anymore haha. I CANNOT WAIT TILL THIS SEMESTER ENDS.

  8. haha well considering you sent that at 3 i would say yeah its a good idea to eat lunch (unless of course the time on here is wrong and it wasnt at 3) but yeah i had lunch at 2:30 today cause it was telling me it was empty too

  9. My stomach feels empty... i think that means i should eat lunch.

  10. yeah he better be getting paid a lot of he could be in major debt at the end of the season... :P

  11. haha yeah could be a bit of an expensive thing for him considering the 41 000+ people who were on when he said that :P

  12. haha yeah its not something to generally chear about lol im just glad to get all school over with or atleast high school over with

  13. yeah tests usually aren't something people enjoy :P and woohoo i'm not alone! not that its something to be cheered about haha.

  14. hey yeah i dont know if the guy actually meant what he said... and i highly doubt it but he did say to quote him so i did :P

  15. oh yeah im doing english and math 11 this semester since i didnt get them completely done last year.... so your not alone with that lol and yeah im not excited for my history and bio provincials in a couple weeks