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  1. Juolevi Can Go Straight To AHL.

    The issue I have is with the NHL all together.Other leagues players get drafted and majority of them play the next season.I understand each sport is different but its just so frustrating to see a team draft a top 5 talent and chances are he can't contribute or grow with the team,They get sent back to the minors so basically no different where the Canucks would of picked aside from the top 3 because chances are very slim that player would make the team next year even a rebuilding team.
  2. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    Have fun going back to been a player agent and thanks for ruining our team,which Burke and nonis worked so hard to create.Happy Trails to you.
  3. rebuilt please before its too late....I can't keep watching them score 1 goal a game.To all the other GMs in the league all the players on this team are available and I mean all...Are the sedins even playing in this game or are they healthy stratches?
  4. Jason Garrison so far?

    Garrison=Sopel reason out of position and can't hit the net with a shot if his life depended on it.
  5. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I rather kept paying Hassli then Robson or Miller anygiven day atleast Hassli even when he played or as you say barely played he did something on the pitch unlike these two.Hassli is even chipping in with TFC.I won't be renew my season tickets next season any how if anything I rather see them have some more Canadian internationals.
  6. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I think it was a dumb move to get rid of Hassli, he was the heart of the team and a fan fav.I don't like the look of the team at all, for one i can't stand Robson all he does on the pitch is yell at everyone his act is going to piss some of the players off sooner then later not a good fit at all.Miller hasn't done much because he hasn't play that much either.I rather see Mattocks play more.Rennie obviously been Scottish is going to wanna play his two countrymen more which I think it's dumb.Robson should come off the bench.Ever since Davide Chiumiento has left this team has gone from been 7 pts out of 1st place in the west to dropping to 5 place and holding off Dallas FC and don't count of Chivas USA as they have games in hand.All and all I think Rennie was an idiot for dismantling a third place team for this crap team now.
  7. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    some of you fans are tools blaming Gillis, y because he didn't offer a kid who hasn't played one game in the NHL 25 mins a game...please you fans have zero happy he didn't come here he sounds like a pre Madonna already and i won't want that in our dressing room...whereever he signs they will talk highly of him but we don't need players like that in our dressing room there are plenty of good proven nhl defenceman available in the FA pool we can get.
  8. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    best of luck to him in Edmonton.The Oilers are going to be scary in 2-3 years time,its going to be sick all they need is stronger goalie maybe Brodeur(hahaha) signs there.
  9. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    that won't happen either, He'll most likely sign with Red wings from what all the insiders were saying after Lidstrom retired.Canucks are most likely going to put an effort to sign another Vancouver base guy like Garrison.
  10. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    I called was all bs about him been a huge nucks fan cause surely he won't have so many teams to choose from, he'll sign in Edmonton.