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  1. Are you a morning or late night person?

    Morning person. During my work rotation I'm up at 5am, for work at 6. On days off I'm up between 6-7:30am, usually in bed between 10-11. Even on nights where I go out, and am out until 2-3am, I'm still up by 8am.
  2. Well technically in BC, the legal limit is .08. Now that means after .08 you lose your license and have to pay big fines, take courses and have a breathalyzer installed. But if you blow over .05, you still get punished with a fine, and a suspended license. So really, our legal limit is .05, it just turns into a criminal offence after .08.
  3. So what you're saying is that the % of fatal accidents where both parties are sober, is greater than where one driver is impaired? Yea, well obviously that will be the case, since the percentage of people driving under the influence is so minute that most accidents involve two sober drivers. The fact is, being impaired lowers your reflexes and your processing times. I honestly don't care if it's one beer, or ten. It is still going to affect these things. The law says you are able to operate "safely enough" at lower than .08. It's not about money, it's about the fact after this .08 percentage, your abilities are so affected that it is now getting to the extremely dangerous point.
  4. I don't even... What? Can't be serious.
  5. OMG Heat Wave?

    You do realize that turning your thermostat down to 7 degrees, doesn't make your apartment cool down any faster, right?