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  1. Yeah, I've heard those reports as well. But then I've also heard the people in the house were able to get out safely. I'm sure more details will get released as the day goes on.
  2. Aound 11:50am this morning 2 Snowbirds took off from YKA heading to Comox and one of them pretty much fell out of the sky into Brocklehurst neighbourhood in Kamloops striking a house. Such a crazy event, there is a video of it and literally the plane takes off, banks and then goes nose first into the ground. Tragically, one of the pilots didn't make it.
  3. Yep. I'm pretty disappointed in what BC is opening up so quickly. There should be no way Gyms or schools should be opening this quickly. We should be opening retail and medical services and see how that goes. They are the least risky things to open. Seems like we are opening up stuff that is super risky way too quickly and it could be very bad.
  4. Yep, can't believe they're being allowed to open next week in BC. Should be one of the last things to open imo, not one of the first.
  5. Oh I definitely understand they did what was in their power to do. I just don't like it, but I do understand that it can be a good thing, but also I think it can be abused greatly if a government wants to. I agree 100% on that. You'll never make the far left happy who want all guns banned, and you'll never make the big gun extremists happy who think they should be able to own whatever weapon they please. It's gotta be somewhere in the middle, and honestly I thought Canada was already at a pretty good place before these new bans. A lot of people look at the States and try to compare it to us, where we just are comparable when it comes to gun laws, but your average citizen in Canada doesn't know what the gun laws are. There definitely are people where guns is an identity. My guns are tools I use for hunting, they stay in my safe unless I'm cleaning them, hunting or going target shooting. I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoy my guns, they are fun to shoot, and it's fun to see yourself progress as a marksman. But I'm not a collector, I don't research guns constantly, but I do know a bunch of people who do and that is their hobby and I can see why they get their backs up when it gets threatened to be taken away. Just like everyone would if their hobbies got threatened to be taken away, especially if it was mostly due to criminals.
  6. I own guns, but I guess I wouldn't put myself on the gun lobby side. I do believe guns should have restrictions and there should be weapons that your average citizen can't own. In Canada, we already had those restrictions in place as Fully Automatic weapons are prohibited, and hand guns and certain rifles are in the restricted category. I have my RPAL, but don't own any restricted weapons. I got it in case I ever decided I wanted to get a handgun or two for target shooting at the range. I doubt I will ever do that though, because honestly, if I'm target shooting I want to be using the guns that I'm taking out hunting. I honestly don't care if the government knows what guns I own, they already assume I'm a gun owner as I have my RPAL. The only thing I don't want, is it to cost a ton of money like the gun registry did before. If they can come up with a program that doesn't cost a ton, and they have some strong reasoning behind why they want to do it, then I'm okay with it. There only problem I have with what has happened, is how easy it happened. If they can just ban these guns over night, then what is stopping them from banning my hunting rifles and shotguns over night as well. That's where my issues lie.
  7. I'm so sorry for your loss man. I lost my old boy right before the lockdown on March 11th due to an accident. It was the hardest thing ever, and I still wake up some mornings and look for him on my bed and it hits me. He was my best friend and my companion since I live alone. Just think of all the great times, and how much he loved you. I'm sure you gave him a great life and he will always be with you. The tears won't go away anytime soon, but that just goes to show how much you two meant to each other. Hold onto those memories and soon the good ones will start to over power the hurtful ones and you will smile when you think of him.
  8. Hmm, I don't see anybody in here saying that assault rifles should be legal in Canada. I own guns, but I don't think assault rifles should be legal.
  9. We absolutely don't, I agree 100% with that. Fully Autos are banned in Canada, you cannot own one and I agree with that law. I also agree with the law limiting the size of a magazine you are allowed to own in Canada.
  10. I'm not a gun nut at all, I don't collect them for the sake of having guns. I own guns for the sole purpose of hunting and target shooting. Just because you don't feel like it's necessary doesn't mean every single person has to agree with you. It's a perfectly legal thing in this country that is never going away. I do agree there are certain guns that people do not need to own, and guess what, we can't own those guns in Canada.
  11. As I said, my main issue with the database is how much it costs the government. The government and police already know every person who has a PAL, so if that person commits a crime, then they can investigate further. This doesn't cost any extra to the tax payers for a database that won't pertain to 99.9% of legal gun owners. And I shouldn't be investigated because I have a bunch of guns. I currently have 4 guns, and I will end up getting more. Why? Because each one is used for different things in hunting. My 20 gauge is good for small upland birds and rabbit, my 12 gauge is for ducks and geese. My .22LR is good for rabbit, upland birds, small animals, my .270 is my deer gun, it's okay for moose but not what I would use. I will end up getting a bigger caliber rifle for moose and elk. Plus I might eventually get higher end guns, so I could realistically have 10 guns just that I own. Include my girlfriend who could have around the same, and then when I have kids they might get a gun or two for themselves. I've gone through the background check to get my PAL and Restricted PAL. They check your medical history to see that there hasn't been any signs of mental health issues, as well as your criminal background history. It's not like you just take a course and get a license to purchase firearms.
  12. But it wouldn't stop anybody. Having a database on what I own or what any other legal gun owner owns wouldn't stop anything. The only way it stops anything is if the government and police monitor people who have guns constantly all because they are gun owners, and I'm sorry I'm not okay with that. That's basically giving up my rights and freedoms for not doing anything wrong. The government and RCMP already know I have my PAL and Restricted PAL, so they can make the assumption that I own some guns. They know I don't own any legal restricted firearms (ie. Handguns) because I haven't applied to purchase one. (I don't own any illegal guns either fyi). The gun registry that Canada used to have, cost so much money and there was no significant change in crime. Most gun violence is done with illegal guns, so tracking the legal firearms in your country isn't going to really change the amount of gun violence. For the record, I don't really care if anybody knows what I own, government or otherwise. I'm a law abiding citizen who owns guns for hunting and shooting because they are some of my hobbies. I just don't think it's worth the amount of money it would cost tax payers for something that isn't really beneficial.
  13. I have an issue with one a year for sure. When I first got my PAL I bought 4 guns within the year, 2 shotguns, a .22 LR, and a .270, and my girlfriend bought 2. So between the 2 of us, we bought 6 guns in that year, which if that was being tracked then we would be on the cops radar even though we are law abiding citizens who have never had any issues with the law. If we did, we wouldn't have been approved for our PAL and Restricted PAL. I'm not some gun nut at all, they are tools for me and that's it. But I'm not big into the government tracking what I have, but mostly it's due to the cost to the country. But I do see where some people have issues with it.
  14. What would you consider as stockpiles or an excessive amount of guns? I'm just curious, and not attacking your idea at all.
  15. Yeah, this list is way too vast.. I working in mining in BC, I definitely would not classify us as an essential service, like Ontario is. Basically it seems like Ford is just saying Lockdown for the PR, and then allowing everything to continue to stay open minus clothing stores..