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  1. My bad, accidentally deleted it when I was adding the picture in. I suppose "the chain" would've been too expensive production-wise, but it takes away from Tyrion's brilliance. I guess the nuke-tastic explosion will have to suffice...
  2. OMG Snow?

    Still snowing in Coquitlam (higher elevation parts of it).
  3. Tennis

    Raonic takes the first set! Those are some amazing drop shots!
  4. Tennis

    Woot! Roanic holds serve, leads 5-3!
  5. Tennis

    Dolgopolov is 22, turning 23 in November; unseeded player from Ukraine. But lots of unforced errors on Soderling's part. Just wasn't his day...
  6. Tennis

    Zvonareva wins. Ranoic is next! Will TSN be showing Ranoic match on TV or only on
  7. Tennis

    4th seed Soderling knocked out by youngster Dolgopolov, 1-6, 6-3, 6-1, 4-6, 6-2. Didn't see that happening, especially after the first set.
  8. Tennis

    Aw, here I was all excited for Raonic's match. Well then... I shall wait. *Twiddles thumbs*
  9. so you ARE a girl.... =P.

  10. OMG Heat Wave?

    I think I've seen those yellow-hooded buses around... but the routes I take never have those ones. The worst is the community shuttles -- tiny windows and they travel at a glacial rate, so no wind coming in.
  11. OMG Heat Wave?

    I hate taking the bus in this weather because it's basically a mobile oven. And your skin sticks to the plastic seats... ughh. There's also the occasional fellow commuter who needs to be introduced to deodorants.
  12. OMG Heat Wave?

    Not to mention if people are cold, they can put on as many layers as you want. If they're hot... well, there's a limit to how many layers they can take away before people start looking at them weird. Ice cap in the snow, too.
  13. OMG Heat Wave?

    I agree with you guys. For me, this weather right now is pretty damn perfect where I am. Sunny, but cold with a light breeze. So, I've always enjoyed the dry winter months and the past couple of weeks weren't too bad, either. Anything above 25 starts to suck.
  14. OMG Heat Wave?

    And their "sleeves" that they wear when they drive! Seriously. I have no words for their dedication towards being pale. Maybe that's the secret to Asian skin -- life-long avoidance of UV rays.