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  1. i'll offer $20 a ticket if anyone wants to sell if they're desperate.
  3. I feel bad for all the people that actually bought season tickets. I just bought a pair of canes/nucks tickets on stubhub for $25...
  4. LOL @ all the people that bought season tickets. Just picked up a pair of tix for the sunday game vs the canes for $25 on stubhub.
  5. worst storm ever.
  6. Hey Guys - would love some advice here, I purchased a pre-sale which is set to close in March. First time buyer, so PTT exempt, 5% GST (rebate of 1.8%) - I'm curious at what other closing costs I'd be facing, 3.2% GST + Notary Costs - anything else? Do I only need to get a notary? or is a lawyer needed as well to help me close? Also, when should I start shopping for a mortgage? I will be putting down 20%, I can put down more but I feel there is no need, any advice? Thanks so much!
  7. dead last is what the canucks need - a wake up call for aqua man and a first overall! come on BOYS. give us the L's
  8. Thanks man!
  9. Can anyone here give me some sales figures on Condo's sold in North Van. Specifically, Condo's sold in the hamilton area - looking at comps for 733 west 3rd (The Shore) project. Thanks.
  10. hahahaha you're SO mad over nothing dude. I feel if someone doesn't accept your opinion or outlook you use charts and tactics to convince your answer is the only answer. I do understand basic economics and finance - in fact I have a finance degree and was in IB for awhile. I understand how crashes work - this will not be a crash. Let's look at this in a PURE relative spectrum. Let's not compare Vancouver to Japan, Hong Kong, Sydney etc. The fact of the matter is Vancouver is extremely scarce in land because of the geography, we're on the coast, surrounded by mountains, elevation changes, in ability to develop on specific land types (bogs etc.) Until the zoning laws are changed - we'll be in this mess for awhile. so thanks for coming out, bud <3
  11. This thread is so dumb. "There's a crash coming!" "No there's not!" Fact of the matter is prices will dip but there won't be a crash. Like the others saying the 30% gains from prior and adjusting back to flat of 2014/2015 is not a crash, that's where prices will be.
  12. why?
  13. lol @ CDC getting mad.
  14. CDC's issue - homers. That's all - every expert has us finishing dead last but some how we're going to win the cup this year on CDC lol.
  15. Leaving PK off was just stupid.