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  1. wow, fire green, how the &^@# do you not call a timeout there.
  2. At first I would of called BS on this, but I actually skated on that ice this year and I was beyond disappointed, it is pretty terrible.
  3. in before the "see told you global warming wasn't real" comments.
  4. Kesler sounds like someone died on that podcast.
  5. Can someone make a petition to not change the goal song, and we'll get 50,000 signatures as well.
  6. Green is a $&!# coach, is getting more evident. TERRIBLE decisions in line combinations, how is Hughes not PP1? but we keep edler back there who can't hold the puck in to save his god damn life. I know it's 2 games in, not hitting the panic button, but christ sake, let's utilize match-ups and how the &^@# do we have 3 too many men penalties in 2 games?
  7. Guys - need advice! So my friends and I got 4 tickets (quarter seasons) - but our account rep put them onto one single account, which is fine, but then she said we're only entitled to one $50 F&B card? as opposed to 4 separate (1 per seat) is this accurate? Should I have her split into 4 accounts or am I being unreasonable here? Thanks so much!!