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  1. Guys - need advice! So my friends and I got 4 tickets (quarter seasons) - but our account rep put them onto one single account, which is fine, but then she said we're only entitled to one $50 F&B card? as opposed to 4 separate (1 per seat) is this accurate? Should I have her split into 4 accounts or am I being unreasonable here? Thanks so much!!
  2. Sometimes I read things you say and feel really sorry for you.
  3. At the end of the day abusing and putting animals in harms way for human entertainment is pathetic, and if you support that, then you are an idiot.
  4. I'm going to leave this right here...LOL @ people thinking a meat based diet requires less resources.
  5. All I can say is LOL! Do you own a cattle farm or something, because this is hilarious! YOU ARE EATING DEAD FLESH from something that was once living, we live in a country, where we have COPIOUS amount of food options. I would understand if this was 1930 and food was scarce and we didn't have alternatives, but we do, so now IT IS about morals/ethics. Also, when did I say I'm a better person than you or anyone else? That is your own assumption from your own insecurities because deep down inside, you know it's wrong. Those cases I posted are in our god damn backyard, in Abbotsford and Chilliwack, BOTH of those farms are still operating today, so they're not "shut down" like you said, so you're just typing up bull$&!# in every post. I'm curious, how old are you? and where are you from? because maybe this will help me understand your lack of understanding. I feel like I'm talking to my 90 year old grandpa. Want to know something, I was once like you, I ate meat for 27 years, then I stopped. I stopped because I thought about why I ate meat and I couldn't think of any logical reason except for "protein and tastes good". That wasn't good enough. I've been Vegan for 2 years now, I'm in the best shape of my life, I run the grouse grind in 40 minutes, my body-fat percentage is sitting at 11% today from 21% when I was eating meat, I lift 225lbs on the bench press at 170 lbs. Also, I'm more focused, I wake up feeling great everyday! These were just some of the benefits of going Vegan but that wasn't my intention it was strictly for ethical reasons. You want me to go visit a farm? I've actually tried, last time I try to go inside a slaughter house they threatened to call the cops and told me they wouldn't show me what's happening inside. "Get off the computer and educate yourself in real life. If you take the time to actually learn about this subject people might stop laughing at you on the internet." LOL! I have 2 undergrads and a MBA, I'm fairly educated, I'm not worried about the 3 people in this thread that think eating cancerous food is important to preach to the world. (Straight from BC Cancer)
  6. You know we're animals too, if you've ever been in a biology class, you would know our DNA is actually much more similar than you would think.
  7. I think this is different than religion, this isn't really a belief anymore, this more so ethics and a moral obligation. You need to be more open-minded to the fact that when you consume meat, it was at a cost of someone's life.