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  1. a 15% drop + 15% tax would cancel each other out - which in my opinion is fine for chinese buyers, and locals.
  2. TBH JB is pretty bad.
  3. I'm confused by this? They sold in Van - waited until closing (how long did closing take?) - I'm assuming they're making a major upgrade heading that far east?
  4. LOL I don't know if you're trolling or not - just relax and live your life man, go to paris,you'll be fine, jesus.
  5. The liberals are a mess - can't wait to see this unfold haha
  6. You're an idiot - because the US doesn't have riots, protests? it happens their on a DAILY basis.
  7. The funny thing about all of this is how people are spinning into a non-racial issue. It's OBVIOUSLY a racial issue, why is everyone so afraid of just admitting society has a problem. In these cases, they were simply shot because of the colour of their skin. That is it! No other reason. Now, do police kill all other races? correct. But these incidents alone represent racism, so don't go sit there and try to justify this as "omg all races get killed by cops" because in THIS CASE it was a racist act. I'm not black, but i'm sick and tired of seeing unfortunate, uneducated, non-wealthy get exploited in the western world, a world where we are supposed to lead by example, a world where everyone else should look up to us. It's sad to think how far we are from a world of equality still - maybe the year 3000?
  8. This is disgusting and I'm just sad for society.
  9. wow, that's scary. that cop has to be unstable, how do you even do that?
  10. LOLClarkson is an idiot. Every thread he posts in he's utterly clueless. I hope the CDC meet-ups come back so i can punch this dude in the face.
  11. You realize a lot of these people on the street have a mental illness and just can't "seek" social services and a lot of social services have wait lists.... I will always give a homeless person money if I have some on me, why? because it's not going to break my bank, what they choose to spend it on is their own business. No one knows what they've been through, so if you can help, why not? I think it has a lot to do with the way you're raised because at the end of this life of ours you leave with nothing but respect from others.
  12. shea weber sucks




    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      lmao he has scored 40+ points 8 times 50+3 times almost 4.   Put down the doobie.

    3. The Vancouver Connection

      The Vancouver Connection

      he still sucks tho

  13. after watching weber in the playoffs i would want NOTHING to do with him. monteral is so stupid.
  14. weber isn't not good anymore - he was SO bad in the playoffs, terrible contract - montreal is so dumb.
  15. I'd take PK ANY DAY over shea. stupid trade.