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  1. or go Vegan and we would solve climate change and food shortages but no the human race is beyond stupid.
  2. lol here we go. FYI i'm still a fan, but I cannot justifying buying season tickets for this product and having to pay for mismanagement by this team. If you actually read this thread, it's all about people complaining about not getting the benefits they thought they'd get, ticket prices going up, and complete gouging of the fans by this organization. I'll go to an oilers/nucks game or a pens/nucks game but that's about it. STH are getting ripped off and I think they're many other places your $ can go as opposed to this team, unless of course you have an abundance of $.
  3. lol why are people even STH for this team right now, i find it comical, save your $, take a nice vacation, spoil yourself instead of watching a terrible team.
  4. take our whole god damn team for drai.
  5. see ya later CHRISTY!
  6. first world problems.
  7. lol you're kidding me if you don't think it's true. He's been seen at the westin bayshore multiple times with different girls.
  8. Kesler for sure that punk has cheated on his wife so many times, hes a disgusting human-being.
  9. kesler grabbed talbot's guys would all be pissing your pants if this happened to us, stop being so biased - that was goalie interference. that's kesler FYI we all know that was intentional...
  10. no, by the refs. i'm not biased, but if that happened to the nucks i'd be livid. clear goalie interference.
  11. Oilers got robbed.
  12. I cancelled my tickets after the draft lottery.