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  1. All the Greens should be voting NDP.
  3. SUTTER!!
  4. what are you talking about dude? this isn't a game of black jack. if your grades are there and your supplemental is there, you will get in, no percentages, just hard work. stop being so negative and discouraging, just cause you have this outlook on life you shouldn't spew it on others bud.
  5. I transferred into Sauder, I know at least 5 of my closest friends who did the same, it can be done...
  6. sure dude.
  7. I'm not disagreeing that a lot of what a business degree is depends on the person. But perhaps he wants to go to Sauder because its at UBC - UBC offers him something SFU doesn't? At the end of the day the comments of "dude stay at SFU business b/c you won't get into Sauder" piss me off. He can get into Sauder if he works hard.
  8. meh, based on that he could go to Kwantlen/CapU/Douglas - they all offer business degrees. At the end of the day his desire is to go to Sauder - work your ass off and get in. Don't ever settle.
  9. Cap U
  10. I transferred into Sauder - it's not impossible...
  11. what's one year? as a opposed to a life time of regret. The one piece I can give people is, go to school and TAKE your time and ENJOY it, stop trying to finish in 4 years because that's what you're supposed to do, you're going to work the rest of your life anyways.
  13. &^@# ya!!!
  14. if canucks lose out we'd be sitting 2nd! COME ON ZONA and NJ!
  15. Makes sense to why Onni's developments are complete and utter garbage.