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  1. [Report] F Jonathan Drouin Requests Trade from TBL

    haha man the kid is 20 and is filthy good - i'd offer hunter + 2nd. get it done JB
  2. [Report] F Jonathan Drouin Requests Trade from TBL

    I'd totally take a chance on this guy. He's good.  About the attitude thing? who cares, it's his career and if he needs to sit out to get traded then so be it. Hell, if it was my career i'd explore all options, so stop criticizing the guy, if you're not happy, you have to move on regardless of the $. JB pull the trigger.
  3. [Trade] Predators trade D Seth Jones to Columbus for F Ryan Johansen

    LOL @ people offering Vey, Sbisa, Vrabata and Higgins. are you guys high? we would never get RJ for that price. CLB wouldn't even do it for Bo + Shinkurak - get real.
  4. The Canadian Election - Liberals Win Majority

    Harper the "economist" has put us in another recession. BRAVO. get this fool out of here.
  5. (Report)Baertschi will not accept qualifying offer

    It's called a negotiation, not accept the first offer you get.
  6. OMG Heat Wave?

    If you're too broke to actually keep your AC - don't buy it. Don't abuse the system, cause you ruin it for honest people. I have a costco membership - I don't purchase a 60" TV for the superbowl and return it the next day - get a life.
  7. OMG Heat Wave?

    Stop being a cheap &^@#.
  8. Extremely Disappointed in the Canucks Event Staff

    if someone spat on me, i'd knock him the fuck out. as for this situation, who cares man, cancel your tickets and cut your loses, time to move on.
  9. Edler is a liability given his contract

    how this dude is considered a top d-man is beyond me lol
  10. My car dislikes PetroCanada gas(Regular)

    This. If your car takes regular, you should pump regular. Pumping premium will have no added benefit. However, a car that requires premium must get that.
  11. REPORT: Demand for Canucks tickets is way down (NEWS1130)

    dude shut the hell up. do you work for the canucks or something? or are you trying to justify your shitty ass purchase? if you read that right, he spent $400 on SIX tickets. 2 grand x 6 = 12 grand => logic. he's not going to get season tickets for 2 grand and watch games by himself.
  12. REPORT: Demand for Canucks tickets is way down (NEWS1130)

    Yeah, but you also live at home with mommy and daddy.
  13. REPORT: Demand for Canucks tickets is way down (NEWS1130)

    the logic of buying tickets and being a real fan is so flawed. with that logic that would mean all ticket owners are real fans, which is NOT the case. ticket prices are overpriced and maybe some fans have priorities in life that don't involve dishing out $400 for tickets to a game. I won't purchase a ticket this year but i'll still watch every game.
  14. Question about the teachers strike

    don't feed the troll.
  15. TSN needs to get their crap together (srs)

    why is this even an argument. NFL > CFL If you know anything about football, you'd know this.