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  1. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I concur with your top four selections. It would be awesome to grab another first-round pick or an early second. I like The mobility and toughness that Bahl could bring.
  2. Not rocket science, however how about JB targeting teams that are in or close to the playoffs and wanting to make a push as potential trading partners. I realize that he is more than likely on top of this already however for the sake of discussion I offer several ideas. Dallas Stars need a veteran Dman. Del Zotto? Prospect coming our way as part of a trade package. Dylan Heatherington Minnesota Wild could use scoring depth. Baer or Granlund ++? Prospect coming our way as part of a trade package. Jordan Greenway. These are just a couple of ideas for upgrading the desperate need for youth, size and grit on this team. These are the type of acquisitions that fit with the timeline of this team. I prefer this method of building other than acquiring extra draft picks as the players are somewhat known. Im not advocating trading draft picks 1 or 2, however all others should be in play IMHO. I'm sure that other folks have different ideas to present. Cheers
  3. It's about the term that brings security. If it takes 6 years so be it. Who will replace him? If it was so easy to aquire a player like him we should have two. IMHO.
  4. Why the hell would we trade Guddy? Its crazy to even entertain the idea. Sign him to a long term deal ASAP IMHO. He is exactly what is needed here. Before all the he's to slow and expensive comments begin it seems that a lot of bigger guys that are evenly skilled and have similar skating abilities are doing just fine on teams that are more successful at this time. Offer 3 to 3.5 for 5 years and let him be part of the growing process. The Canucks are paying similar money for a lot of players that contribute very little compared to what Guddy brings to the table. He helps create a safe environment for the younger players to thrive in. The moment he is gone he will be missed.
  5. GMJB interview: 24.11.17

    Thanks Hero.
  6. GMJB interview: 24.11.17

    The proof is on the ice every time this version of the Canucks plays. Sure Guddy was a great pickup, however him and Dorsett are not enough IMO. This team has been been lacking in push back for years. They seldom ever initiate or dictate a physical game. They are not skilled or fast enough to be so reluctant to engage physically and expect to succeed over the long haul. It's pretty clear that most of the league has no fear playing the Canucks. A failure by JB IMO.
  7. GMJB interview: 24.11.17

    The thing that utterly baffles me about JB is his unwillingness to aquire players that can play physical and act as a deterrent while trying to integrate younger skilled players onto this roster. His drafting appears to be above average, however the concept of a safe work environment for the younger players appears to be lost on him. He will never succeed with the mentality that someone else will look after you (refs or the league) You have to be a leader not a follower to win. I just don't see that in him.
  8. [Rumour] Tanev for James Van Riemsdyk

    M Sergachev.
  9. Future 1st line?

    I don't care how skilled Peterson is ffs. He is a one dimensional soft payer that will disappear when it matters most. Just like what the last 20 ffing years have been like. Don't even try and tell me or anyone else that agrees with this that it is the wrong stance, it has been proven time and time again that you need skilled character players to go anywhere in this league. Dumb pick trying to emulate the dying Sedin brand. I was so hoping that we would finally move on from this soft BS. Wasted opportunity to grab a talented character Canadian center ffs. JB better pick up some size and character in the next few rounds.
  10. (Poll) Who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    Brad Larsen! Assistant coach Blue Jackets. Success in the AHL Runs the PP for the jackets. One of the best in the league. Google his history. 2 wjhc golds. 10 years in and out of NHL as a player. Vernon boy. Character guy. Sleeper pick.
  11. [Report] Several Canucks players battling with mumps

    Must suck to be such a bitter leftist. Why don't you just move to the utopia of Cuba.