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  1. Have you tried a hard reset (battery pull)? Might work after resetting.
  2. Try this tip out. Worked for me - so glad I finally got rid of the FB notifications: Crackberry
  3. Go to a store and try both out. Bold 9900 is like the bold 9000 so it has a great keyboard with a touchscreen. I didn't like the down-sized bolds (9700, 9780) as the keyboards were mushy and not very satisfying. If I had to choose between the two I would pick the 9900. 9900 is also pretty fast as well. But yeah go to a store and try them out.
  4. Have you tried using the menu button and pressing that instead of using the touch screen?
  5. I'm quite enjoying the app: wi-fi manager. saves me a bit of battery life. what it does is turn off your wi-fi whenever you leave a saved location such as your home or school.
  6. I did yeah. Go on the venue website, they might have some. I'm going to York.

  7. no i didn't get tickets today. i woke up incredibly late and i'm a bit surprised that tickets are all sold out. :| didn't think he was THAT popular but I think also because he is playing in tiny lil venues. did you manage to get tickets?

  8. Did you get Morrissey tickets?

  9. I think the only "new blackberry" coming out anytime soon is the blackberry playbook...which isn't even a phone...its a tablet (and it looks amazing btw). I heard about some rumours of a storm 3 but haven't really heard anything solid about it.
  10. I believe that the 9700 will be getting OS6 as well though (around Christmas time). From what I hear there aren't much improvements for the 9780 other than a better processor and 5.0 mp camera compared to the 9700.
  11. I've been using the blackberry torch 9800 for about 2 weeks now and at first i was a bit hesitant because of the reviews. The more I use it the more I'm getting addicted to it (mind you I used to use a blackberry 9700). It feels like a whole new blackberry and it's just refreshing to be able to use something different. The touch screen is very responsive, no lag whatsoever. OS6 is amazing. I really love the new web browser as I can now view full webpages and have several tabs open. Multi-tasking = blackberry's specialty. A lot of people are a bit unsure about the low processor specs but I really think this is to save battery life. Unlike the blackberry can go for 2 days without charge. When I used the iphone I had to charge it every single day. Blackberry is a professional device so obviously the apps aren't that amazing. If you want to play games on your phone...get an iphone...or a psp. I use my blackberry to organize my calendar and to check emails. If i want to play games i have an ipod touch to satisfy my needs...and a laptop. I like the concept of having a slider keyboard. I'm not great with typing on touch screens so having a full qwerty keyboard makes typing a lot faster and more convenient. Technically by having the slider you've got the best of both worlds: touch screen and a physical keyboard. iPhone 4 vs. Blackberry Torch all comes down to personal preference. Will you be wanting a phone to keep track of work and email or a phone to play with/for entertainment. If you're leaning towards keeping track of work and email then I'd say blackberry hands down. The difficult decision is then Torch vs. Bold. That will be personal preference of touch screen or non-touch screen. First few days I was hesitant about the Torch and considered going back to the Bold but now I can't let go of my torch. OS6 is amazing, the concept of the phone is great...and it looks great as well. Finally RIM is stepping up to the current market. They've just recently partnered with QNX so there will be some amazing apps coming out as well so looking forward to that! Hope this "mini" review helps.
  12. just read an article saying that it could be possible canada is releasing at a later time like october and AT&T will be getting it august 15ish. kinda odd that the US gets the 9800 before Canada.