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  1. I wish I was doing what my name implies!

  2. Wow you have a way with words....tell me what you mean by "You are a dumb crap"? Is it anything like you a being a "stupid turd"?

  3. You are an idiot! Who the hell do you think YOU are? Yup yer right YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

  4. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    When the hell is this topic gonna be locked or moved out of the top 15 topics...I am sick of seeing this thing everytime I open up the CDC.
  5. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    well...not this last one but there are still how many games left???? Anything is possible...give him a bit of time lol
  6. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Yeah what he said
  7. is waiting in the shadows to pounce on the Flames fans.

    1. jjavaman


      you have to be a dirt bike guy!

    2. modsmack


      ya man 3rdgear pinned all day everyday lol