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  1. Poll on Final Roster Cuts

    Baer Bo Bess Sedins Jake (his play of late reminds me of Anson Carter) Gagne granny Ericsson/Vanek Archibald burm E/V DD Jake can play up and down the lines. Green likes pairs for forward lines and switching things on the fly. I'm not to crazy on the Canucks D pairings. Edler tanev Stech Del Hutton giddy 2 pairing will go well with greens system. All 5 skaters jump up in the play.
  2. RODIN waived

    The comets are gone a be stacked! Imagine if OJ and Pettersson were on the team too. Stupid age rule. Hopefully the NHL can fix this. Maybe 1st round draft exceptions???
  3. Bachman on Horvat ( article)

    The player agent turned nhl gm Gillis was a long shot to be a good gm. But a good puppet for the aquilinis. Gillis raised the prices on his hockey clients on GMs for years. Other GMs didn't seem to want to play ball with him. Agent turned GM scheme was unsuccessful.
  4. [PGT] Islanders @ Canucks

    Hutton was gassed on this play. And Bo just barley missed his stick on the pass. And he was pissed cuz he thought he should have knocked down the pass. ... Islanders had all the puck luck this game. Plus I can't believe the islanders let that young punk have 66. Blaspheme.
  5. hey i was just wondering if u graduated at temple secondary school? because i went there. just seeing if i might know u.

  6. hey i saw u look at my page thought i would say hello!

  7. hey i saw u look at my page so i thought i would say hello!

  8. "The decision was mine," Mike Gillis, the Canucks' president and general manager, said of the change. "I will leave it at that."