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  1. I rated this as my 6th most painfull moment but honestly we wouldn't stand a chance agains Anaheim that year.
  2. For me 1) Losing 1993/94 SC finals, 2) losing 2010/11 SC finals, 3) trading Pavel Bure, 4) trading Alexander Mogilny, 5) collapsing in game 3 of 2002 playofs against Red Wings (Lindstrom scored on Cloutier from center), 6) losing to Minnesota in 2003 playoffs (blowing 3:1 series lead, blowing 2:0 in game 7), 7) not drafting Kopitar (I'm from Slovenia).
  3. 1. Bure 2. Mogilny 3. Naslund 4. D. Sedin 5. H. Sedin 6. Linden 7. Ohlund 8. Ronning 9. Larionov 10. Jovanovski
  4. Awesome Slovenia has done it again! Congrats to Germany and Norway as well.
  5. And 100 games is a guarantee we drafted a good player (Bieksa was the only one in last 20 years)? Or a chance to get a better player than 5th scoring D in KHL?
  6. With Canucks scouts you can get exactly NOTHING!
  7. Something we'll never know is how would Sedins play with a sniper! While in their prime Canucks management never gave them a player that can score 40+ goals. That is a shame.
  8. Lucic an elite forward?! OMG. Edler is the only proven player from your line-up. But in 4 years I doubt he'll still be a Canuck. All other players are "wait and we'll see". And judging by the Canucks history not more than 2 of those players will play regular in NHL... so...
  9. Never understood why Nucks fans are so much bitching about trading draft picks. Canucks have to be one of the worst teams at draft day. In 40+ years canucks drafted maybe 10 notable players (1 superstar, 2 stars, few regulars),... and that's about it. BTW; Nice trade! Sutter is an upgrade over Bonino.
  10. Just hope trading Cory won't turn into another "Cam Neely" trade.
  11. happy b-day!!

  12. Happy Bday:P