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  1. enjoys long walks on the beach
  2. i thought this article was mildly related to the topic. I don't know what a cost per square foot of the Canada line was to build, but if the numbers add up to anything like they do in Phoenix, I would have rather had another highway built :-0 Be sure to read the Rail Subsidy post, from the same blog.
  3. Visiting Random Profiles to say HI!

  4. The Monopoly Card As in, they've got the monopoly on public mass transit :D
  5. Were you really born on the fourth of July?

  6. Glass is always half full :-0

  7. Pure Gold.

    Once I saw it, I thought: "Goddammit"

  8. Thanks for the profile view. :)

  9. "All tax is theft"



  10. nice name genghis.

  11. happy b-day!!..again :P