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  1. Bonino gets more love than he deserves. This #1 PK forward on a top PK team is hilarious. He's a good player, but too many people are willing to give his paltry production a free pass. It's nearly always blamed on his linemates too. Burrows and Higgins dragged him around the ice for more than half the season. He's a crafty offensive talent who thinks the game well, he's just too slow to be anything more than what he's shown. A mediocre 2C on a team with no shot at a cup.
  2. answer the questions or don't bother. my post had 3 questions. What do you have to say now for these pre-playoff extensions? Who was our worst defensman? Who was our least effective forward? I wasn't trying to make a "slur" either. Cannoli is money. Swiss cheese has never been used to describe money.
  3. Too bad all the good "feels" went out the window with some terrible roster decisions and absolutely tragic coaching.
  4. What do you have to say now for these pre-playoff extensions? Who was our worst defensman? Who was our least effective forward? Lots of cannoli tied up in bottom of the roster sludge now.
  5. Are you suggesting I haven't come to this conclusion on my own, and that I'm merely just following someone elses lead? Well, you are wrong. You have nothing to base that on, other than you disagree, but thanks. Derek Dorsett had a big fat ZERO body checks last night, and zero shots on goal. If Dorsett isn't hitting the opposition, he's not doing his job. Did you think he played well last night? no hits, no shots, 2 giveaways, 2 blocks and a -1. I thought he was a wrecking ball taylor made for the playoffs? I thought we should be able to expect him to have similar impacts (should be greater based on experience and $$$$) to Ferland. Dorsett's been a passenger, declining a fight and then trying to pick one last night isn't good enough. He needs to be better and he can be, I hope he is. We need him to be impactful, if this is what he looks like at 28, it doesn't look good for the end of his extension. That says nothing about Sbisa....I've hammered on him enough though, the people who think he is something special won't be convinced otherwise, because "paid men" think he's good.
  6. Matthias is a passenger. He flashes that drive once every two weeks. Why can't he use that frame consistently?
  7. So, silently follow the herd like a sheep? I'm supporting my team, I want them to win, but I also want them to make good decisions so winning is a more likely outcome. Isn't the purpose of a discussion board to discuss things, and put your opinion out there? If the only point was to wave pom poms discussions would be pretty lame. I'm hopeful that Sbisa and Dorsett do what their biggest supporters have claimed they can do and show up physically. That is seemingly their claim to fame on these contracts, that they're extremely physical and wear out the opposition. I want to see that. We haven't yet. Calgary is dominating the physical battles.
  8. I'd be upset if Connor dropped to our spot and we passed.
  9. Dorsett getting outplayed this series by a 22 year old making 1/6 the wage. Do something Derek. Hit their guys please.
  10. Clendenning's heavy feet wouldn't improve this clubs chances against a speedy Flames team.
  11. Totally fair. Glad we could find some middle ground. 7 game series are a different animal to me, I think the team has to constantly look for adaptations that can give them a leg up. I don't expect we'll hold the Monahan line in check every game rolling 4 lines. With regards to shrinking Weber and Sbisa's minutes, they'd still get their reps on the PP (Weber) and PK (Sbisa). I guess instead of using total minute breakdowns, I'd just like to see Edler-Tanev get 40% of the EV strength time, Hamhuis-Bieksa can get 30-35% of the EV minutes and the bottom pairing can get 20-30% of the minutes. Ride your best players, there is nothing to save them for.
  12. The quotes in this article are more concerning for me.
  13. The second line deserved to be ripped, they were awful. By far the worst line the other night. With regards to Bonino's "shutdown" minutes, by the end of the season were his numbers noticeably different than Richardson, Sedin, and Horvat's in terms of QoC and zone starts? To me it didn't appear to be significantly different. The Canucks role 4 lines, it always seemed the QoC minutes were fairly evenly spread through all the lines. Down the stretch, WD started leaning very heavily on Horvat's line in the dzone start department, so on a whole, Bonino may have had a bigger percentage overall, Horvat started getting like 30-40% ozone starts fairly regularly over the final 6 weeks of the season. Interesting you're looking at possession numbers in a single game sample like this, I thought anyone "who has played sports" would know that is meaningless? What was the situational use that set the 2nd line back the other night? We don't match, but from where I sat, Calgary's big line wasn't getting matched against the Twins and to a lesser extent, Horvat's line. Who was Bonino "shutting down"? I agree with the OP, coach needs to stop with the Sbisa-Bieksa pairing. The best teams IMO ride their top players at this time of year. We should be riding our best lines and best defense pairings.
  14. We don't have to agree. That is what this place is for. Multiple opinions. I don't think either of them are as effectively physical as Hamhuis or Edler are. I love Bieksa, one of my favourite guys on the team, but even at this peak, his physical play was "overstated". He's a good fighter, but he's not a great hitter and at his size isn't all that effective with knocking guys out of their lanes. The thing with Bieksa though is he has a track record of success to fall back on. Sbisa doesn't IMO (but what I do know, I've never been a paid scout or played in the NHL). For me, I'd probably re-unite Hamhuis-Bieksa. Play Edler-Tanev between 24-26 minutes, play Hamhuis Bieksa 20-22 minutes and let Weber and Sbisa play 14-16, Weber can pick up his additional minutes on the PP, Sbisa on the PK. We need to play to win, not play to keep guys fresh for games 6 and 7.
  15. I'd attribute it to luck if that type of soft zone coverage was out of the ordinary with this pairing, IMO its not. I'll agree though, Kenins failing to get the puck out and Horvat gassing out played big parts in the goal, but I don't think excusing the poor coverage and chalking it up to bad luck (seems these guys have a lot of it together) makes sense.