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  1. Bonino gets more love than he deserves. This #1 PK forward on a top PK team is hilarious. He's a good player, but too many people are willing to give his paltry production a free pass. It's nearly always blamed on his linemates too. Burrows and Higgins dragged him around the ice for more than half the season. He's a crafty offensive talent who thinks the game well, he's just too slow to be anything more than what he's shown. A mediocre 2C on a team with no shot at a cup.
  2. answer the questions or don't bother. my post had 3 questions. What do you have to say now for these pre-playoff extensions? Who was our worst defensman? Who was our least effective forward? I wasn't trying to make a "slur" either. Cannoli is money. Swiss cheese has never been used to describe money.
  3. What do you have to say now for these pre-playoff extensions? Who was our worst defensman? Who was our least effective forward? Lots of cannoli tied up in bottom of the roster sludge now.
  4. Are you suggesting I haven't come to this conclusion on my own, and that I'm merely just following someone elses lead? Well, you are wrong. You have nothing to base that on, other than you disagree, but thanks. Derek Dorsett had a big fat ZERO body checks last night, and zero shots on goal. If Dorsett isn't hitting the opposition, he's not doing his job. Did you think he played well last night? no hits, no shots, 2 giveaways, 2 blocks and a -1. I thought he was a wrecking ball taylor made for the playoffs? I thought we should be able to expect him to have similar impacts (should be greater based on experience and $$$$) to Ferland. Dorsett's been a passenger, declining a fight and then trying to pick one last night isn't good enough. He needs to be better and he can be, I hope he is. We need him to be impactful, if this is what he looks like at 28, it doesn't look good for the end of his extension. That says nothing about Sbisa....I've hammered on him enough though, the people who think he is something special won't be convinced otherwise, because "paid men" think he's good.
  5. So, silently follow the herd like a sheep? I'm supporting my team, I want them to win, but I also want them to make good decisions so winning is a more likely outcome. Isn't the purpose of a discussion board to discuss things, and put your opinion out there? If the only point was to wave pom poms discussions would be pretty lame. I'm hopeful that Sbisa and Dorsett do what their biggest supporters have claimed they can do and show up physically. That is seemingly their claim to fame on these contracts, that they're extremely physical and wear out the opposition. I want to see that. We haven't yet. Calgary is dominating the physical battles.
  6. I'd be upset if Connor dropped to our spot and we passed.
  7. Dorsett getting outplayed this series by a 22 year old making 1/6 the wage. Do something Derek. Hit their guys please.
  8. Labeling others as pompous, Pretty rich.
  9. I find the notion that anyone who doesn't agree with everything Jim Benning does is a troll nearly unbearable. Can we not think for ourselves? Is everyone who's played pro hockey or been a paid scout infallible? I don't think so. One only needs to look at this teams scouting history to see that just because your paid, doesn't make you any good. Outside of Bo Horvat, this team hadn't drafted a regular NHL forward since Mason Raymond 10 YEARS AGO (Cody Hodgson if you want to consider him). That's 10 years of swings and misses from paid guys, who've played in the league, and have been around the game for life.
  10. My point isn't that you don't target "depth" players, the point is, generally the majority of NHL depth players were producers in the CHL. You need to be a pretty special defensive dman in Junior hockey to make the jump ie. a guy like Mark Methot, who was a defensive dman for one of the best single season junior teams in the history of the CHL. Very rarely are they 19 year olds with under 10 points acting as their teams 6th/7th defensman and who's main role on their junior team is to be a punching pugilist. I could see the case being made for Stewart if he was a trusted defensive dman drawing top competition. He wasn't when he was drafted, he wasn't this season in his 19 year old year, and he is very unlikely to be that in his OA year, which I'd bet he gets (if a junior team wants to waste one of their 3 permitted OA spots on a 6th dman). On Pettit: Pettit is a different case. Maybe they thought he was buried with depth ahead of him (similar to the Liberati pick in 2013) and that was stiffling his abilities. He improved this year. He would need significant improvements in his production to earn a pro contract IMO. Look at a guy like Dane Fox? He can't crack the AHL this year and he was way more productive with similar 2-way acumen. I can't see Pettit making our AHL affiliate in 2 seasons, it would be very surprising if he did.
  11. Fine, I disagree with targeting punchers and "depth" junior players in ANY round. You could scour NHL rosters, very few are made up of players drafted out of canadian major junior who couldn't produce. Mackenzie Stewart was drafted because of fighting skills, how many fighters who can't play are in the league still? Not many. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see, Stewart is eligible to turn PRO next season, you think he finds his way to Utica? Pettit will take longer? Another year of junior for him? Do you expect him to get signed? If his next season is similar to this, would you use a contract slot on him? I wouldn't. I wouldn't have wasted draft picks on either. Players I would have looked at in those spots: Joe Hicketts, Tyson Baillie, Matt Mistele, Chase Lang, Reid Duke, Spencer Watson, Ondrej Kase, Axel Holmstrom, Jacob Middleton. All of those guys would have been better choices and IMO have a much higher likelihood of becoming NHL players. I'm not expert, but experts are wrong every year.
  12. theminister: I don't care about draft slot. It doesn't matter in the slightest to my point. The point, most depth NHLers were more than depth juniors. Very few of those depth juniors turn out, most of the depth NHLers were productive juniors. I never once said you weren't allowed to disagree. Thank you for going to the effort of finding those players, this discussion was predicated more on the productivity of CHL players (the euro's and NCAA/tier 2 junior prospects muddy the waters way too much). Of all those defensman, did any produce less than Mackenzie Stewart? Acquiring depth and grit is fine, no matter the round, but they should also be productive. Very few players you listed were not productive in junior, I haven't googled them all yet though.
  13. When that's the crux of the argument, I bow out. Trust and blind faith don't go over well with me. I like to think for myself. Good chat anyways guys. ------ Anyways, really hoping Dorsett and Sbisa can impact this series physically. Hopefully they can get licks in on that Gaudreau kid, he seems impossible to hit.
  14. I'm not talking about draft status. I don't care if Pettit was taken in the 2nd or the 7th. You draft talent. I'm not saying that you're unlikely to find depth or skilled players late. Never once did I say late picks are pointless, using them on guys who are 4th liners in junior is pointless. Cole Cassels is a good prospect example I used. He's probably going to be a bottom 6 forward if he makes compare Cassels to Pettit. I'm saying that most depth NHLers were better performing juniors than the ones we drafted. The likelihood of these guys becoming a player (whether skilled or depth) is very, very low and IMO would be a wasteful contract slot. Gaustad is a decent example I guess (him changing leagues during the season makes it a tough read), but I'll concede on that one. Yelle I won't, he's pretty much making my point for me. NHL 4th liner, who was a PPG junior player in his draft season. These are the guys you use picks on. Not guys with 5 goals and 5 assists. Use the picks on guys with a level of production, guys who don't aren't long for pro hockey. So far your only example that fits is Gaustad, anything from Klemm and Yelle's era is too far out to make reasonable comparisons, the game has changed alot in 25 years. Do you have any others? I mean I posted Dorsett and Neil as examples of scorers in junior who are muckers in PRO, there has to be more than just Gaustad? Now it seems we're not allowed to have opinions that go against Jim Benning. We have to "trust" and have "faith", instead of being able to think for ourselves. I don't believe in that. Why would there be discussion boards if everyone was just supposed to wave their pom poms for their teams GM? That I don't understand. Anyways, I've gone off topic enough, I do appreciate your willingness to have a chat without being condescending, my apologies if I come accross that way. edit. here is a blog post about drafting defensive dmen, it's not gospel, but I found it interesting. I think there is another one out there too.
  15. 1) theminister mentioned pettit and stewart. 2) I'm not attempting to school anyone, im entering discussion. 3) Whatever. Please don't address my posts and I won't yours.