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  1. [Discussion] Should the Canucks pursue Evander Kane?

    I rather sign Cody Hodgson again than Evander Kane. And Cody Hodgson has been working for strength and conditioning recently.
  2. It is official, Edmonton has no defense. If we have some decent skaters,we can skate circles around Lucic.
  3. Hmm...those are left wingers. Is Emerson Etem not coming back? Also, adding 2 20 goal scorers and insert them into the 2nd and 3rd line is also a strategy. So you don't put all the eggs into one basket (goal scorer).
  4. I am suspecting Stamkos wants to play in a Canadian Market and move his family there. Of course the money and terms have to be reasonable for him. And what other teams in Canada wants Stamkos? Toronto and Vancouver. If Benning can sell why Vancouver is the destination over Toronto, I say we have a good chance. It would be this if it happens: Baertschi Stamkos Sutter Sedin Sedin Hansen Etem Horvat Virtanen Burrows Granlund Dorsett Stamkos will probably get an "A" then have his "C" given to him once Sedin retires. Or he can go to Toronto and miss the playoffs for another 5 years.
  5. [Report] Hamhuis to test free agency

    No point signing Hamhuis at this point. We have no more space for Left-handed D...and he will probably be taken at the expansion draft for Las Vegas. We need to protect Edler Tanev Gudbranson.
  6. I was playing around the General Fanager site...then I realized the Canucks don't have enough to protect all of their forwards. Defense (Tanev/Edler/Gudbranson) and goalies (Markstrom) are all set to go. Sedins are already on No Move thats 2/7. Then you need to protect Horvat + Baertschi because they played more than 2 years already. That's 4/7. Sutter is probably another one that needs protection since we traded for him. Then that's 5/7. Only 2 left remaining...and there is still Hansen/Granlund/Gaunce plus that UFA Sniper we need to sign on July 1. So if we were to protect Loui Eriksson say for an example...that's 6/7. Then we use the last one to protect Hansen? So the 2 forwards we expose are Granlund, Dorsett. The defense we expose will be either Biega or Sbisa. Goalie exposed will be Miller? Also, I took a look at God, they already protected their core players. Bowman is VERY smart...
  7. [Report] Hamhuis to test free agency

    Hamhuis will probably end up in Florida standing beside Luongo for another playoff run.
  8. [Report] Complaint of Tampering filed against Benning

    Now I know why Gillis kept on saying it is a process all the time...
  9. [Report] Hamhuis to test free agency

    Should have moved Hamhuis to Chicago or Dallas the instant there are offers. And right now if they can move Sbisa for a 2017 draft pick(s) then sign Philip Larsen to fill the last spot...then we are all set for the 2016-2017 season.
  10. What about Emerson Etem? Is he coming back? That line of Etem Horvat Virtanen seems to something going.
  11. Joulevi rounds off our defense

    Hmm..we only traded for Larsen's rights. He hasn't been signed. He can walk July 1.
  12. Coaching shuffle

    I want Ryan Walter back. This is the guy that taught the pp back a few years.
  13. Forget it. Lucic wouldnt want to waste another year on a rebuild team. And i doubt he will listern to willie D. Signing him would just be wasting cap space for better defenseman.
  14. [GDT] Canucks vs Stars, March 6

    I foresee a shut out by Tim Thomas. And Dallas will finally have the no 1 goalie to push for the last playoff spot.
  15. The Official Transit Thread

    Huh, wonder how the tourists and international news reporters will comment on our skytrain system...pretty sure the whole world will be here near the end of January.