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  1. Sounds ridiculous.......but if they can somehow get this goof going, maybe they can unload him.
  2. What? No we should of signed this guy instead of trading for Miller comments?
  3. I agree it's not a good trade for the Flames. Between Lucic and Neal, Neal stands the best chance of getting his game back imho. Maybe Pool Party is in the deal to help even it out. Still, this trade rumor just doesnt make any sense to me.
  4. Stretcher is way more successful at playing physical than Forsling. Stretch is a gamer who loses some battles but makes up for it with his tenacity.
  5. I dont like saying this stuff but a friend of mine who knows Green quite well told me Coach Green cant stand LE. Wants LE gone before camp. Hearsay, but quite believable really. .
  6. I'm trying to wrap my head around this rumour but I cant. Seems more like both teams throwing the other teams crap against the wall and seeing what sticks. On a side note it was rumored Neal turned done a Vegas offer last year that was shorter term than Calgarys offer. Bet he would like a do over on that, especially if he ends up in Edmonton.
  7. I believe Larsson is UFA after this season as well. Leafs were very soft last year and lost Kadri and Brown. Lost Hainsey as their top right side shutdown guy. Both teams are crap and you could say the Leafs have taken a step back this year. If the Oilers miss the playoffs again we will hear rumblings of McD wanting out IMHO.
  8. Anyone have any insight into this player? I watched him a lot in junior and he looked to be and NHLer in the making.
  9. It's been this way for years but recently seems even worse. For instance, listening to NHL Network as I type this, the goofball on there has the Oilers as the dark horse team to make the playoffs next year. Not even a mention of the Canucks. Huh? TO gives a first to lose a contract and we give a first for a player TO could desperately use and the Nucks get crapped on. Myers and Ferland sign excellent contracts and all I hear is Myers isn't a top four and Ferland has injury and other issues. I could go on and on but I've grown tired of it. Zepp framed it well. In the end I hope we just kick ass this year and let our record speak for the team.
  10. Seems the sentiment and media are starting to turn on Marner. "Leafs have done all they can to clear cap room for Marner?" Give me a break. You hand out big contracts to JT and Mathews and Nylander and then expect Marner to take a home town discount? Dubas has cleared barely 10 million for Marner but he is worth more than that compared to his teammates. I hope Marner sticks to his guns on this one.
  11. I agree. It's a long shot but they are a contender and probably, ultimately want the cap gone.