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  1. My god. I had to turn off the tv this morning and stay of the TSN website. Dubas the genius strikes again!
  2. I have a feeling he wasn't going to sign here and JB knew it. I have no proof but just figure. I'm a little surprised that at his weight he wouldn't want to play another year in NCAA. Oh well, good good luck young man.
  3. Well said. I watched some of his games this year on BTN Network. He stood out to me for the little things he did. Definitely plays the right way.
  4. Is it true this young lad is a Hobey Baker finalist? If so, even better and I agree it makes up for the second rounder traded away. Real good fit age wise as well.
  5. Nice. Good work JB. Welcome to the pros Will.
  6. Game six and seven in 94. Burrows slaying the dragon. Juice's goal against SanJose in 2011. Whatever it is Hank said to the Florida bench after scoring. Everything Hughes and Petey do. Bo's captaincy. My 1982 Shoppers Drug Mart Canucks calender. Marc Crawford's rants. AV laughing at Fiddler's Bieksa's imitation. Jovo jumping up and down in the penalty box when Cooke scored. The twins. Love this team and great topic. Man, I miss the Canucks and the NHL.
  7. Grrrr. I'm grumpy today. No Canucks Thurs, Fri. Now no HNIC. Frig.
  8. Alright, I'm desperate. I still have this on my PVR. Got some cold ones in the fridge and I'm watching this at 700pm tonight. I'm guessing if I could fit you all in my living room I would have no shortage of guests. If I start posting about the game as if it's live it's because the beers are flowing oh so well, lol. Hurry back NHL.
  9. Hughes should win based on how he has absolutely changed the offence on his team. Unfortunately, Makar is the media darling so I believe he will win.
  10. My guess is the NHL will act as if this season didn't exist as far as conditional picks. I can't see a scenario where they pick and choose and rule on each pick. We are talking dozens of other conditional picks. It's a mess, but I cannot see how you can rule on each conditional trade, case by case, based on so many games yet to play. Simplest solution is to move it all ahead a year.
  11. Don't forget the imaginary riot if we lose.
  12. Holy smokes, that's big news.
  13. Well the way Canuck luck works we will win this year to an empty arena, lol. I mean, I'd take it. But just saying.