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  1. Yip. I'm a pretty positive person, but not on an NHL return anytime soon. I've been soaking this in and enjoying hockey to it's fullest. No paying fans in the foreseeable future, no crossing borders. Frig, depressing.
  2. Yip. Would of fired Coop. Would never of rolled the dice at the deadline this year.
  3. Can always play soccer if you never score a goal again at hockey Segin.
  4. Lighting just too deep and strong through the lines. It just looks like an inevitable cup for Tampa.
  5. Ya. I hate Perry, always have. But I admire his will to win. He doesn't care about how he looks, friendships, reputation, nothing. Just wants to win. He's the slowest guy in the NHL but is a difference maker in the finals out of sheer stubborned determination. Hate him, but tip my hat to him at the same time.