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  1. Interesting. But I'm betting the track suit in the shower thing was applauded in the room instead of dividing it, lol.
  2. Maybe he has a good point. But you keep it to yourself. Throwing your teammates under the bus in the media is just pure garbage.
  3. Eww. I get ya, but sorry bud. Can't go there yet. Gonna not even think about something like that yet.
  4. Wow. Just wow. These character kids JB has drafted. I've always loved the Canucks. Been my team since 1982. But this group, this core. Descendant from and formally lead by two of the best human beings I love this group. I'm so proud of the young men they are. I've never been so proud to be a Canuck fan as I am these days. Your the best Brock and I truly, truly hope your dad and your family the best. Edit. I also just watched Brock talking about his dad. This young man is special folks.
  5. Relating to that play. How the frik was that only two minutes! I know its pre-season, and Hughes was quick down the tunnel. But c'mon. If we were one the NHL darling teams you think the ref would of looked into the resulting injury a little closer and made it four or five minutes. That pissed me off at the time. Glad Hughes will be ok.
  6. Yip. Or Carolina with their surplus of D and need of scoring could be a fit. Haha. Laine with "the jerks". Would be fitting.
  7. Wow. Jets fans gotta think someone out there has a Jets Team voodoo doll or something. Feel for Chevy as I have really admired the team he has assembled. Not looking good.
  8. The team is waiting for Petey to do something. Thats not how you win games.
  9. Did Stetcher play last night in Calgary?
  10. Another example of JB doing a swell job and being proactive.
  11. Have we had like zero possession time in the Oilers end this period?
  12. Canucks about to be a team you dont want to take a penalty against.
  13. Laine quoted in Finland saying something along the lines of wanting more top line minutes and playing second line too often. This could get ugly yet.