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  1. Bo, Brock, Petey, Pan and Hughes. Sounds like a children's book. I like it........ Bo, Brock, Petey, Pan, and Hughes Go To Tampa To Win A Cup......nice title!
  2. But he didn't mean to trip him. Just like the goalie the other night didnt mean to let his stick go. FFS.
  3. Great post. The kid has done himself a real disservice. If this is the agents doing shame on him.
  4. I think our time as a bottom feeder team is coming to an end. Next year we will be even better so it's time to start building towards that. I'm all for signing Myers or EK to then trade Tanev. Sign Eddy as out veteran lefty and I like our D going forward.
  5. Ya. I heard some on NHL Network today. What bugs me is the explanation. The goalie didn't mean to throw the stick. Since when is that forgiven. Players dont mean to trip, hold, interfere at times but it's still a penalty. He didnt mean to throw the stick does not make it excusable. The whole thing is ridiculous. Just come out and say "we missed that one" it happens.
  6. Yip. Would be all over TSN if Mathews or Marner were the shooter. Just saying.
  7. Nichuskin > Horvat debate. Lol. That's a long gone one. .
  8. Oh no.... We will make him a Vezina candidate by end of the game.
  9. rekker

    Congrats Ryan Kesler on 1000 NHL games!

    I can't speak for the guy, but the Ducks were definatley contenders at the time he bailed on us. He was a team guy when here and perhaps the best two way, second line centre we ever had. I get the dislike for him though by many of the fans. I admire that desire and fire to win at all cost though. Championship teams have that in spades.
  10. rekker

    Congrats Ryan Kesler on 1000 NHL games!

    Every situation is different so I can't compare EP's to Kesler. Writing was on the wall for our team when Kes wanted out. He had the NTC that he earned as his contract was a bargain. I get its not everyone's angle but win at all cost is king in my opinion. In all my hockey experiences weather playing, coaching, parenting, winning cures all. Douche parents, players, teammates all forgive and forget and winning. It's the end result that for the most part matters most. The exception for me being kids sports where I've learned to enjoy the development and journey , lol. But ya, Kesler's wanting to win at all cost is a plus me.
  11. rekker

    Congrats Ryan Kesler on 1000 NHL games!

    This is why I still like Kesler. He's a first class douch, but he wants to win at all costs. Give me a team full of guys with that mindset please.
  12. rekker

    Tanner Pearson | #70 | LW

    Thanks......another shot of rum needed in my coffee this morning now.
  13. rekker

    Tanner Pearson | #70 | LW

    Gillis and that damn Mallett pick. Could of had Severson. Ugh.