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  1. They got greedy the second they signed Tavares and are paying for it. Nylander should of been traded the second they signed JT. I was vocal on TO exploring trade options for AM the second they signed JT as well. Imagine the haul they would of got for AM, the depth on D and forward they could of built. JT and Kadri down the middle, Marner, would of been a great start to a cup contender if you add in the return on AM. I'd argue AM's value has since gone down if you include his contract.
  2. Absolutely. He had to travel that road. He seems like a great guy so in the end I couldn't be happier for him.
  3. So true. Just crack a cold one and enjoy the show. Just watch the fireworks as they slip down the standings. Teams with games in hand all around the Lafs.
  4. I truly miss the guy. Wish he was on the team still.
  5. Suck it Lafs. Back to back coming up and a kid with no experience is up next in net. Or keep playing the heck out of Andersson. What a poorly constructed joke of a team.
  6. Depends. If the team suggests to you that you will only get that money riding the buses in the AHL you may consider retiring. I'm of the thought that LE is retiring after his bonus is paid this July as well. He will leave the game as an NHLer. The alternatives aren't pretty for him.
  7. Interesting take. I did say to the wife that EP could draw a penalty every shift he takes.
  8. Getting frustrated with the lack of penalties against players slashing, hooking, holding, interfering with Petey.
  9. Add the Stars to teams with players with faces I want to punch list.