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  1. Exactly, you have said it yourself. That's where you take a gamble on smaller players, later in the draft. Not at tenth overall. No more smurfs please.
  2. Kassel to Vancouver makes no sense whatsoever.
  3. Good result. Tired of this Bruins vs Sharks finals talk. SJ can be good but I think they have too many spells of bad play during a game to pull this off.
  4. Nice shot block Bozak. Leafs could of used some more of that this spring. Lol.
  5. I can't help but appreciate the Bruins ability to put together fourth lines that are ideal playoff lines. Sounds simple enough but it isn't. Their fourth line has once again been an effective, difference maker.
  6. Anyone look at this guys resume. Wow, impressive. He's my vote for the new Dos Aquis "worlds most interesting man"
  7. I hope Ralph kills it in Buffalo. It would shed even more light on the good people tossed from the Oilers only to go on to great success.
  8. Stay tuned for the half hour Sportsnet special on how everything is on course with the Shanaplan.