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  1. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Troy Stecher

    Nice. Congrats to the hometown boy living the dream.
  2. Quinn Hughes | D

    No kidding. That's a farce.
  3. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    Nychuskin vs Horvat is another example. It's the "me-now" generation. No patience.
  4. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    Watched his interviews at the draft and seems like a good kid. I sincerely hope the Oil don't wreck him.
  5. Ummm. No. Edit. I quoted the wrong paragraph. But, No to trading Bo.
  6. Not to be lost in the Schneider deal. It was and still the highest draft pick ever traded for a goalie. I defended it at the time and is one of the few deals that I have gotten right. Lol.
  7. This. Would love EK here but his age doesn't really fit where our team will hopefully peak. I suspect another year of pain for our team. If we get EK we will probably finish 10-15th last. I would rather stay the course and finish bottom 1 to 5.
  8. This is going to be a mess yet. Dorian is trying to hit a home run and I get that. But if pitchers are only serving up crap pitches you need to swing for a double or a triple. The deeper in the count this goes Dorian may only end up with a walk.
  9. [Signing] Flames re-sign Elias Lindholm

    I always love comparing Bear's point totals. Not saying he is the almighty but his ppg numbers always compare well to others. He isn't exactly what I look for in a player but he has undeniable skills. I hope he puts it together this year.
  10. [Signing] Flames re-sign Elias Lindholm

    My thinking as well. If Nylander doesn't sign a bridge deal then he is worth more than seven. If Nylander gets seven per then Marner may be closer to Draisaitl money. Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.
  11. [Signing] Flames re-sign Elias Lindholm

    Lindholm for 5 million per. Does TO still get Nylander locked up for 6 million times 6 as everyone in Laf land is speculating. To me Nylander > Lindholm.
  12. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Figured the folks that reacted to it will show their age. Lol.
  13. Zack MacEwen | C/RW

    I only watched him a bit at the Young Stars. He has something to him. He's one of those guys you hate to play against. When your facing off you look up at who's coming off the opposition bench. You see him and think "crap, him again"
  14. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Cliff Claven? Is that you? Lol.
  15. [Signing] Jets re-sign Connor Hellebuyck

    Good deal for both sides. As long as he doesn't pull a Talbot.