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  1. I can't get a definate answer anywhere. Of the final play in teams, the teams that don't make the playoffs, is there another lottery then for the first pick? Or is the team, the winner of the fist overall pick already been decided out of the play in teams? Edit, answered, thanks Q.
  2. Love the whining coming out of Detroit and the pissed off look on Stevie Y's face tonight.
  3. Nice payday for him. Would like to have seen him get one more shot in the NHL, somewhere. That's a nice contract for him though.
  4. The problem I have with both Andersson and Poolparty is the teams just want to much for them. The players have really proven nothing in the NHL. They are still "ifs and maybes" to become legit NHLers.
  5. If Try doesn't want to sign here, sure. But I'd take the big Russian over silver medal any and every day.
  6. Just not sure he would fit in here. Would rather go after Poolparty as a reclamation project. Doubt the Oilers would trade him here though.
  7. Wish we had a player like this. Intimidation factor is still a thing with a physical sport like hockey.
  8. The kid seems like a tool. But tough to see where media, social networks are taking the world. I've done way worse than this man, been caught, and never paid with my job or career like he has. Don't agree with what he said, but don't agree with how it's killed his career either. Just a lesson to learn, you need to be so very carefull with what you post or send on your phone now
  9. Haha. Hope I don't lose my job now, side note, big Tanev fan. Lol.
  10. Haha. Hope I don't lose my job now, side note, big Tanev fan. Lol.
  11. I suspect a one year deal for Tanev with the expansion draft, and impending cap issues throughout the NHL. A one year deal makes sense for both sides.
  12. That's the thing. COVID and its implications on the salary cap is perfect timing for the Canucks. Marky will be hard pressed to get a big contract here or elsewhere now. One year deal for him may make sense for both sides. Plus, we won't need to protect him. I bet this coming year sees a dropping cap, a compliance buy out. Buy out LE. Tanev and Marky on one year deals, this may be the perfect strom really.
  13. Really? C'mon Anson. This just sounds like a bitter ex-athlete that didn't have things go the way he wanted. Been a Canuck fan since 82 and have seen all types of visible minorities on this team. The team's culture has never in any way come across as racist.
  14. My bet is LE sits. Part of the "hurry up and retire you bum" line of thinking. Maybe drop a few hints along the way on how he's riding the bus in Utica next season if he doesn't.
  15. Cue the media Norris nominations for this guy now that he's a Leaf. Oh, and the reports on Dubas' genius work.