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  1. [Report] Canucks recall Sam Gagner from Toronto Marlies

    Yip. Love the direction the team is going. But the best thing this year would be a top three pick. They are competing and improving but we still have holes to fill.
  2. I'm not big on the call against MDZ at the end. But in all fairness the call against the Habs where we went up 3 to 2 was weak.
  3. I swear his back skate was off the ice.

    Double upvote if I could.

    I was only off by 7 picks. Lol.

    Lol.... Burke. He's a living, breathing, walking, quote machine.

    Ya come to think of it. Didnt Burke make some comment back then when Schenn was struggling. Something like "I would trade him for three first rounders" something like that. Anyone remember?

    Thanks for reminding me. Lol. Was that a Burke trade or Ferguson Jr trade?

    His play has really dropped off and too slow for the new NHL. Had a good career but this may be it for him if he clears.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Minnesota Wild | Nov. 15, 2018

    Sounds like a Willy move. He seems to panic and make dumb moves when under pressure.
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Minnesota Wild | Nov. 15, 2018

    I agree the best powerplay days are behind Eddy. Hughes will fill that roll next year so Eddy can play second unit. Eddy will not command the 5.5 per that he is currently making. Why not re sign him for two years on a friendly contract and he can help with the youngsters? Eddy can really be underappreciated on these boards.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Minnesota Wild | Nov. 15, 2018

    Eddy is not easily replaceable. He has his warts. But steady dmen that play his minutes and can be physical dont grow on trees.
  13. If you would of asked me at the time of the trade I would of bet on EK signing an extension in SJ. All bets are off now. The fit doesn't seem good. So far anyways. I think we would have as good a chance as anyone to sign EK.
  14. So why no Gagner

    Something along these lines happened methinks. I wonder if the last meeting in the office, or the last phone call didnt go well.
  15. Ugh. JB would never have drafted Shink. I wonder if he would of taken Shea Theodore. That would be exactly what we need right about now.