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  1. Having read more on his story it seems there may be some mental type issues he needs to deal with. My guess is he plays in Sweden for at least a few years, once he resumes playing that is. Bad pick for the Rangers but I don't feel for them. They've had a lot go their way during this current rebuild.
  2. Real nice to see everyone whooping it up on the boards. Been some tough years, particularly against the Cali teams. What a way to vault into first. Some day maybe some playoff success but in the meantime you have to enjoy the journey. As a fan, last night was ffnn fantastic.
  3. So much depth. My how things have changed in a few years.
  4. Few? They are toast for years as it's just begun. No first this year either as the Sens own it. They have little to sell at this point to boot. No goalies. Haha, I can't quit grinning.
  5. What a satisfying win. Nucks owned them and trending up. Sharks trending down. Joe making an ass of himself is the cherry on top.
  6. Nice to see you going out with class Joe. Sarcasm. Your a gutless puke. Always have been. Glad you will retire with no cup.
  7. Just a way better team with Sutter on it. Doesn't necessarily show up on the scorecard, but balanced team.
  8. I used to own an old Fargo pickup. The front grille reminds me of Dillons face.
  9. Everytime I see Burns I'm just amazed at how well that big guy can skate. His first strides are incredible.
  10. At what point did we start over passing thinking we're the 80's Oilers? Frak!
  11. Funny, I just said McMyers when he did that move.
  12. Hope we win so I can see Jumboe Joe pouting some more.