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  1. The Official Transit Thread

    Isn't the U-pass optional? I'm sure students who live on campus could just opt out if they wanted to.
  2. You should try again :P

    There's no reason that you can't put it up. Check the code again :)

  3. Haha, yeah I tried a long time ago, but it didn't work. I just gave up. If only I were tech-savy.

  4. Oh and Go Phoenix Go!

  5. Hello.

    Your signature doesn't seem to work. You have an image, but it only shows up as a link. Just a heads-up.

  6. "eat the sound of bamboo shoots"

  7. is finally finished exams!

  8. oh and i gave you a +1 i dunno what it is but feel special.

  9. but my posts are sweet...anyway can spread blasphemy to bolster their post count. Post count wh0re!

  10. so um i just noticed my post count is this much bigger than yours:

    ==> yours

    ======> mine


  11. ahah I will start a thread soon enough. with some good ol like penticton has 30 000 people so if they build an arena with 20 000 seats they will sell out every night and the other 10 000 can go to some sports bars and such to watch the games. its a win win

  12. stop creepin' my account u h0m0. nice 'my content' btw. (your forgetting kelowna and saskatoon tho ;) )