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  1. [Recall] Sven Baertschi Recalled by Vancouver

    finding it hilarious that Flames fans perceive Baertschi being called up as a knock on the Canucks depth and insinuating that their depth is better at forward than Vancouver's. I dont think they realize how horribly the over achieved this season. They wont be close to the playoffs next season.
  2. ~ ~ NHL14 EASHL Team for PS3

    Pretty much confirmed no EASHL on next gen
  3. Johnny Canucks Logo

    All those logos that JR posted of other franchises are much better than his. Dont won't to sound like a jerk or anything because I definitely couldn't do better but that "V.C" logo of his looks atrocious. Sorry.
  4. Johnny Canucks Logo

    That looks like the Blackhawks shoulder patch
  5. the guy (Weisbrod) said that he sometimes drafts on a "feeling" or an instinct and people aren't concerned about that? Jankowski is one thing but reaching and saying a guy like Jankowski will be the best player from the draft in 10 years is borderline crazy. especially considering the guy wasn't even putting up decent numbers. I think people have a valid reason to be a little concerned. Hoping this doesn't turn into some stupid "buddy" thing where they hire their friends. There's enough of those around here already . (Delorme, Snepsts) EDIT: forgot to add the O'Reilly offer sheet fiasco that he is also apart of from his Flames days.
  6. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    And shinkaruk is far from a lock to be a top 6 player like many of you think on here. He needs to get much stronger. He's got an elite shot and skating. Love his compete level but he's not the biggest of guys.
  7. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Are you guys going to nickname him Calgary Tower 2? The fact of the matter is that Flames fans (god knows why they'd be on here. I guess in the inbreeding at CP at reached max levels and they want to fan out) are happy with this season while Canucks fans considered it an utter failure. Going forward it's going to be interesting to see where Poirier and Shinkaruk end up. The funny part of all this is how butt hurt flames fans were/are on anything involving shinkaruk
  8. [Speculation] Kesler to remain a Canuck

    doubtful many of them would peruse CDC. This place is horrible .
  9. HBO's "True Detective"

    stayed tuned for Alexandra Daddario boobage next week.
  10. ~ ~ NHL14 EASHL Team for PS3

    setting up hockey pool. PM for inv
  11. ~ ~ NHL14 EASHL Team for PS3

    Define "left". If people saw you log on, they'd swear and try to rush and start a game. Or log off if you logged on. Lol left. I see someone has no life still and desperately needs attention. Such a shame. Guess we all can't be "Celebrities" lol
  12. Breaking Bad

  13. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    already beat this game. without even being shot once. I'm that good. Wish they'd make games harder.
  14. ~ ~ NHL14 EASHL Team for PS3

    anyone on our team who wants to join PM me. So just go ahead and ask OX instead of that gay post.
  15. ~ ~ NHL14 EASHL Team for PS3

    for those of you interested, I set up the fantasy league for this season. It's not H2H as there arent enough players. It's a points based one with some rules like: Rosters/Waivers are updated once a week to avoid streaming (look it up). You can edit your lines still. No playoffs.