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  1. His best move will be when he leaves this city and goes back to Boston or wherever he resides. His worst is essentially every move outside of Baertschi. Even his draft picks aren't certain.
  2. And shinkaruk is far from a lock to be a top 6 player like many of you think on here. He needs to get much stronger. He's got an elite shot and skating. Love his compete level but he's not the biggest of guys.
  3. Are you guys going to nickname him Calgary Tower 2? The fact of the matter is that Flames fans (god knows why they'd be on here. I guess in the inbreeding at CP at reached max levels and they want to fan out) are happy with this season while Canucks fans considered it an utter failure. Going forward it's going to be interesting to see where Poirier and Shinkaruk end up. The funny part of all this is how butt hurt flames fans were/are on anything involving shinkaruk
  4. doubtful many of them would peruse CDC. This place is horrible .
  5. stayed tuned for Alexandra Daddario boobage next week.
  6. already beat this game. without even being shot once. I'm that good. Wish they'd make games harder.
  7. UFC is becoming a disappointment.
  8. GTA IV was excellent. And the multiplayer was the most fun I've had outside of EASHL on NHL.
  9. Or even a guy like Eric Wellwood.
  10. I dont buy the snow stuff either. Too good to be true
  11. I thought GTA IV's multiplayer was criminally underrated. So much fun playing Team Deathmatch or those anything goes races. I really hope they continue to have that part of the game as well. We could have some epic CDC team Deathmatches.
  12. Havent found a torrent.

  13. DJdave, what's the song that you played in Game 7 OT after the win (after goal song) and tonight after the win. I think it was the same song played when the Ring of honor guys were unveiled.

  14. lol. it's hilarious. The amount of people going crazy over a minor roster tweak.