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  1. They made up a lot of those scenes, actually. Some of them were similar to the books, like Melisandre vs the old maester. Others are fabricated entirely in order condense a lot of back story into a short scene, a practice that allows them to fit each book into a roughly 10 hour season. Some scenes were done masterfully, others appeared to break character to illustrate a point.
  2. Guess I'm alone in thinking that the season opener was a little weak. There were some good parts. In particular, I didn't like the exchange between Cercei and Littlefinger. I felt that tipping his hand the way he did with an open threat was foolish and completely out of character. Likewise, the confrontation between Elisandre and the maester could have gone better without taking up much more screen time. And the But of course there were a lot of really good scenes as well.
  3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    It's a non-linear game with quests you can choose to follow or set aside for later. They've constructed a world for you to explore, and it's very, very pretty. It's an RPG in that there is story behind everything, which you can learn as much or as little about it as you'd like, and your character will gain skills, level up, and acquire "perks" in whatever skills you use. You don't choose a "class" like typical RPG's but rather just get better at whatever it is you do when you play. The game is as hardcore or casual as you choose to make it, and has near limitless potential for time investment with infinite number of quests and a modding community (if you get it on PC only) that will introduce new content for you to peruse. If you like stories, exploration, and/or role playing then this game is for you. It's the benchmark for single player rpg/sandbox games. It is "the divorcee maker." If this doesn't help then tell me what games you're into.
  4. It's been so long I barely remember it now. I never did finish it after it was picked up by Brandon Sanderson.
  5. Read them. Makes the series no less enjoyable.
  6. Hah, yes. I'm good wit 6'3'' Tyrion is supposed to be a troll, too, but the casting works well regardless.
  7. Skinnier than Robert, before and after he let himself go. Remember his weapon of choice was a massive two-handed war hammer that most men could scarcely lift. The choice looks good to me.
  8. At his current pace? April 2017... Seriously hope that with the first season done - spectacularly, I might add - his writing/publishing pace improves. I haven't yet started DwD as I need to re-read some books to refresh my memory. I started Clash of Kings after the series ended and I had forgotten what a terrific writer he is.
  9. HBO did a great job with the first season. Awesomely awesome. Been watching with someone new to the series, and she's been able to follow *most* of what's happening. There's a lot of information being crammed into what.. 10 hours of footage? So... Dance with Dragons released!
  10. It's a monumental task to bring viewers into this world as the character list and backstory is massive, and basically all of the characters have great depth. The book does a better job as it's not constrained to 1 hour segments. But then that's always the case for books vs screen. Goodkind is practically illiterate compared to Martin. The books are definitely worth reading, even if the series acts as a spoiler. Perhaps that is too harsh, but with Goodkind he seems to have alternated between good book/terrible book. His characters and situations are just too unbelievable sometimes. I'm referring to the capitalism/vs communism themed ones. @sixwings Finally!!!! If there's not a heavy dose of Arya and Snow like promised I'm going to show up on his doorstep. @Starbug I agree re: casting is excellent! Only one I don't like so far is Syrio. Would have preferred someone with more grace, but perhaps that's more a problem with choreography. I'd list off the castings I especially like, but the list is too long. Everyone looks exactly like I'd expected... except Payne.
  11. I think they did a great job so far, with the one exception being Ronon... I mean Drogo's marriage consummation. Had all the lines... and then just veers off course randomly. All the same, I'm excited to see the next ep. And maybe at some point in he can go ahead and publish the next book...