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  1. I could see a team like Tampa wanting to make a "hockey trade" for Hutton. A guy like Tyler Johnson might be the odd man out down there with Point and Drouin being younger, cheaper and similar types of players. 37 points would have Johnson second on the Canucks in scoring. Plus he's from close by (Spokane) so he'd likely be motivated to re-sign long term. Would you do Hutton for Johnson?
  2. I often chuckle at these types of posts... One minute Benning is much better at drafting, the next it's 2nd Rd picks aren't worth much. If Benning is good at drafting, he'll find an NHL player in the 2nd Rd.
  3. Demko is far away from the NHL. He's 42nd in the AHL in GAA. and has a lot to work one. I would say he won't be ready to back up until 18-19 at the earliest.
  4. I think Miller has been far better than Markstrom. I feel if the Canucks try to role with Markstrom and another goalie in 17-18, Vancouver will take a step back and be contending for the No. 1 pick. IMO, Miller has made the Canucks 8-10 points than they are this season.
  5. I think you're being very generous giving Benning a B- ish total grade during his time in Vancouver. The fact is, one playoffs in 3 seasons (looking like) is not deserving of a B- grade. Add in, the on ice product is on par with those Minnesota Wild teams that you couldn't give tickets away to, and I think the Benning/Linden management group deserves a C-.
  6. Ummm...Monahan has 26 more goals than anyone in the 2013 draft class. He's on pace to put up 25+ goals for the 3rd year in a row and 3rd time in four years. I don't know about you, but that's a pretty good player you're calling overrated
  7. Guessing slow. I believe skating was the knock on him his draft year.
  8. I could see Strome being the target. Maybe a Virtanen for Strome type of change of scenery deal?
  9. I'm kind of surprised he's fallen so much. I know he's had injuries/mono, but Patrick is still No.1 and he's barely played too. My guess is Liljegren moves up as the season goes on and he goes somewhere in the top-8 and is the top European.
  10. Does Jordan Subban count as a Canuck? I think he gets moved this year.
  11. It's an interesting idea, but one that far too many people bring up. In my opinion, there are very few players that are "too good" for the CHL. Case in point, both McCann and Virtanen are struggling in the AHL in their 20 year old seasons. What makes you think they would have been any better last year in the AHL? In my opinion, McCann and Virtanen were rushed to keep up the optics that Jim Benning is some sort of drafting superstar. "Oh wow, Jim's got two players in the NHL already!" Clearly Virtanen should have been in the WHL last year, but I think he made the team to save his and Benning's ego from getting bruised - can't have the lower picks beating him to the show can we. Add in, Virtanen scored 21 goals in his 18 year-old season with the Hitmen. Currently there are 24 players with more goals this season, which is only about 60% complete with more than 21 goals. Hardly stats that would indicate he's above that league. With McCann, I think you can make a better argument that he could have played his 19-year-old season in the AHL. He was 11th in OHL scoring and as a 19 year-old he likely would have been top-5. That being said, I don't think another year in the OHL would have hurt him any. I think if the NHL wants CHL players in the AHL sooner, the best way to approach it is the same way the OHL goes about granting players exceptional status to play in the OHL a season earlier. Maybe have a panel of former players/GMs who aren't tied to a team and have them vote if the kid is "too good" for junior. Along with that, establish framework where a player applying for the AHL needs to have accomplished certain things in Junior.
  12. Benning said a few days ago that Subban was battling a shoulder injury or he would have been called up. As for Jake, he need consistency, give him the rest of the season in Uticia away from the circus to work on his game.
  13. Luongo- 448 games played Bure- 428 games played So I guess you're opposed to Bure's number being retired. A lot of similarities between Bure and Luongo.
  14. No. To me, you only retiree numbers of guys who, when you think of the team, the first thing that comes to mind is that player. The Sedins, and Luongo are the three guys I'd retire their numbers out of the great Canucks teams of 2009-2012
  15. Of your request, the only real option would be the Sharks and Timo Meier, and a 1st rd pick. Given the Sharks are one of the best defensive teams in the NHL, I can't see them making that move. Now could you maybe trade a Hansen for Meier, that might be something the Sharks may have interest in.