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  1. This is the Ryan Kesler vs Mike Richards debate all over again...Give Jake time and I think he'll be fine. The No. 1 thing Jake needs to develop is a power-forward type mentor in that locker room. No one can be big, fast, physical and score on their own. In stead of bringing in Eriksson for the twins this off season, Benning should have went after Ladd or Backes. Maybe try to deal for Iginla or Doan. Those are the types of players Virtanen and Horvat should be learning from and modeling their games after, not the Burrows, Sedins and Erikssons of the world. If you want your team to be big, physical and tough to play against, and you want to develop players in that mold, the leaders on your team need to be cut from that mold. The Sedins, Burrows, Eriksson, Edler, Tanev, etc... don't fit how Benning wants this team to play so young players have no one to pattern their games after and learn from. And before anyone gets mad, no disrespect is meant to the Sedin. I think they have their own style of toughness and are excellent players, but I can't see them being the type of players to teach guys how to play a fast, physical style of hockey.
  2. I don't think they will. I mean this is a league that lets retired, but not officially, players dealt to circumvent the cap. The Yotes have something like 18 million of their cap being taken up by guys who won't play...That's something that the NHL should be penalizing. Players going on LTIR for years
  3. If Bo Horvat has half the career Thornton has had...I'd be very happy.
  4. I for one would have taken Jake over the other players available, but I did have a group of seven guys all ranked very close. I believe my rankings were something like this without any inside intel or the chance to interview: 6. Virtanen 7. Fluery 8. Ehlers 9. Fabri 10. Ritchie 11. Nylander 12. Pastrnak Still lots of time to figure out who the best player is in this group, but if I'm guessing, I'd say Ehlers and Fabri will be the two best players in this group.
  5. Wotherspoon is a bit of a surprise. He had a very solid camp in Calgary. Wouldn't be surprised if he was claimed. As for Watson, solid two-way guy with size, that can really move. I'm not sure his offence has really transferred to the pro game, but he could be a decent 15 goal type guy that works hard.
  6. I agree, a player like that is tough to find...too bad Pedan isn't that guy. My opinion of Pedan is he is nothing more than an AHLer. My opinion of Zalewski is he can be a tough, fourth-line centre in a year or so. So would I take a fourth-line, tough as nails NHLer over a AHL D...yes I would.
  7. I'm convinced that Canucks fans are the only people who value Pedan. I really don't see him as anything more than an AHLer who can fill in for the odd game here and there. I'm more concerned about losing Zalewalski. He looks like he could be a solid, tough to play against fourth line guy.
  8. I strictly basing my comments on Juolevi being gifted a spot on Benning's comments about a week ago - he said something like he'd get a few regular games to show him off for the fans... I do think he's been okay for an 18 year-old, but with how well Stecher has played, he deserves the 6th spot.
  9. I went other, Troy Stecher has stood out so far. Clearly the early frontrunner for the No. 6 D. If he keeps playing this well I don't see how they keep Joulevi. Sure they could send Stecher down for a few, but, in my opinion, gifting a position that isn't earned could lead to Joulevi feeling entitled and Stecher feeling snubbed...not something I'd like to see.
  10. Not unless they extend him another year. He's a UFA on July 1, 2017
  11. I wonder if we can expose Cloutier? He's under contract isn't he?
  12. Not really sure this is something to worry about yet. I quickly looked over the other 29 NHL teams and half the NHL looks to be in the same boat as the Canucks. I wonder if we see a run on two year deals for journeyman goalies at the end of summer/training camp?
  13. I think what people are getting at and trying to figure out is do you have to expose one goalie in the expansion draft? Vancouver would clearly keep Markstrom as the protected guy, they'd have Demko and Garteig protected by their contract status. But I wonder if somewhere in the expansion draft rules it say you need to expose at least one goalie. If that's the case, I'me guessing they deal Miller at the deadline and bring back a goalie that has a year left in his deal.
  14. - Reimer, a career 13 games OVER .500. I'd say that means Reimer wins more than he loses - Markstrom, a career 16 games UNDER .500. I'd say that means he loses more than he wins. And I think you can make the argument that over their careers they've had similar types of teams in front of them. Like I said before, there's a lot of risk for the Canucks in this deal. Markstrom hasn't proven he can be a winning No. 1 goalie in the NHL. And if he can't step up, Benning just committed s lot of money to s backup.
  15. Yes. He wins more than he loses and he's done that on some bad teams. I believe he was even right around .500 on the NHLs worst team last year.