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  1. Benning said a few days ago that Subban was battling a shoulder injury or he would have been called up. As for Jake, he need consistency, give him the rest of the season in Uticia away from the circus to work on his game.
  2. Luongo- 448 games played Bure- 428 games played So I guess you're opposed to Bure's number being retired. A lot of similarities between Bure and Luongo.
  3. No. To me, you only retiree numbers of guys who, when you think of the team, the first thing that comes to mind is that player. The Sedins, and Luongo are the three guys I'd retire their numbers out of the great Canucks teams of 2009-2012
  4. Of your request, the only real option would be the Sharks and Timo Meier, and a 1st rd pick. Given the Sharks are one of the best defensive teams in the NHL, I can't see them making that move. Now could you maybe trade a Hansen for Meier, that might be something the Sharks may have interest in.
  5. Not even comparable. If you've ever heard Burke talk about the '89 draft, he says, everyone knew that Jagr was a generational talent and by far the best player in the draft. But because there was so much political uncertainty around if they could get him out of Czechoslovakia teams passed. A lot of Gms were surprised he even went in the first round because no one thought they could get him out of Czechoslovakia. Another great Jagr story from Burke, Burke asked him if he'd ever been a Captain or Assistant Captain. Jagr said No, which is generally a real big red flag with a player because you'd think elite talents such as Jagr would have been a Captain at some point. Burke asked why? Jagr replied, I've always played with kids 4 ond 5 years older than me, so they served as the Captain. And...that's a pretty good reason.
  6. lol, are you calling Juolevi a No. 1 D in a few years? Define "few" I think it might be stretching it for him to be getting 18-20 minutes a night in the NHL in a few years. He's a decent prospect, but I don't see Juolevi being much more than a No. 3 defenceman, and I think that's about five years away.
  7. I'd disagree with that. Still very close between the first 5 D in my opinion. - I think you have to put Chychrun ahead of the others because he is in the NHL - whether he should be is debatable - playing decent. - I think McAvoy was the best defenceman at the WJHC and is having a solid year at BU. He looks like he's the most NHL ready out of the four guys who aren't in the NHL. - Sergachev, Juolevi and Bean are all playing well in junior and had what I'd call, underwhelming WJHC. If we did the draft today, I think I take McAvoy out of those 5 defenceman
  8. I went with "same amount" and "no" as my answers. One option which was missing from both polls is to go with the hot hand. That is the option I would have picked for both questions. I'm a believer that the Canucks don't have a first line, but rather, three 2/3 lines - which isn't good and the likely reason they struggle to score, but that's a different story. Anyways, to get back on track, I believe that whichever line is playing the best on a given night should play the most and on most night's, that's Horvat's line. The Sedin's still have flashes of greatness from time-to-time, so if they are going, play them. I think Sutter's line should for the most part be the third option. One thing to watch going forward is how teams match their D against the Canucks. I'd imaging up until now the Sedins have seen the opposition's top pair. With Horvat breaking out, will he start to see the top pair going forward. Two questions I'm curious to see how they are answered the second half are, will the the Sedins increase their offence the second half of the season if they're seeing more second pairing matchups and how will Horvat's production be impacted if he's seeing a steady dose of top-pairing type guys.
  9. In my opinion, Burrows has been one of the most consistent Canucks all season long. Sure he's not a 25-30 goal guy anymore, but he can give you a solid 14-16 minutes a night and pop in 12-15 goals, as well as, be a big part of the PK still. I have this weird feeling him and Miller are going to re-sign before the trade deadline. I'd prefer a one-year deal, but I think realistically we see Burrows get a two year offer at 5-6 million (2.5-3 per) from someone. Miller on the other hand, I'd imagine he's a 1-2 year deal and 4.5 million per. And we see pretty much the same team back next season.
  10. I hate to be the glass half empty guy, but 3 points out or not, the Canucks are not making the playoffs. - 0 back to back regulation wins in 39 games, hard to believe that is even possible - 26th in goal differential - 25th in goals for - 23rd in goals against Don't drink the Benning/Linden Koolaid. This team is bad.
  11. Boeser is even debatable. Konecny was higher ranked on a lot of pre-draft polls (some people had him in the top-12) and Benning passed. ISS and Bob McKenzie had Konecny and Carlo higher ranked than Boeser...So far, Boeser has some ground to make up. Fun note on Konecny, he's Horvat's second cousin
  12. I think if you polled people, they'd take Pastrnak over Virtanen, McCann, Demko and Tryamkin. What ticks me off the most about passing on Pastrnak is that Benning very likely played a role in scouting him for the Bruins. Heck, I imagine Benning made up the Bruins draft list and knew that if the Canucks took McCann, Boston was going to take Patrnak right after him. The Canucks very likely had McCann rated slightly higher than Pastrnak and guessed wrong.
  13. I'm a little sceptical about all this, "Benning is the draft master" talk. He's decent, I'll give him that, but there's a lot of 'could' in these posts and not a lot of 'is'. In three drafts Benning has very little to show for them. Add in, Boston's drafting actually looks to have improved. Since Benning left the Bruins they've drafted a first line forward in Pastrnak and a top pairing D in Carlo, since Benning left. And some good, A list types in the system. Makes me me wonder if he was hindering the Bruins scouts.
  14. I picture Sven asking, "And what am I suppose to do when it's 5 on 3 because the other forwards are lollygagging back?"
  15. Or just don't trade Forsling for a guy that really never played here, or in Pittsburgh/Edmonton/AHL and where ever else he's been in the past few years.