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  1. Not unless they extend him another year. He's a UFA on July 1, 2017
  2. I wonder if we can expose Cloutier? He's under contract isn't he?
  3. Not really sure this is something to worry about yet. I quickly looked over the other 29 NHL teams and half the NHL looks to be in the same boat as the Canucks. I wonder if we see a run on two year deals for journeyman goalies at the end of summer/training camp?
  4. I think what people are getting at and trying to figure out is do you have to expose one goalie in the expansion draft? Vancouver would clearly keep Markstrom as the protected guy, they'd have Demko and Garteig protected by their contract status. But I wonder if somewhere in the expansion draft rules it say you need to expose at least one goalie. If that's the case, I'me guessing they deal Miller at the deadline and bring back a goalie that has a year left in his deal.
  5. - Reimer, a career 13 games OVER .500. I'd say that means Reimer wins more than he loses - Markstrom, a career 16 games UNDER .500. I'd say that means he loses more than he wins. And I think you can make the argument that over their careers they've had similar types of teams in front of them. Like I said before, there's a lot of risk for the Canucks in this deal. Markstrom hasn't proven he can be a winning No. 1 goalie in the NHL. And if he can't step up, Benning just committed s lot of money to s backup.
  6. Yes. He wins more than he loses and he's done that on some bad teams. I believe he was even right around .500 on the NHLs worst team last year.
  7. So no one on here is at all nervous that Benning just locked up a goalie to be the projected No. 1 in a season, who has a career 26-43-9 record? I like Markstrom and I think he has some room to get better and be a true starter, but so far he's been an average backup goalie with less than 100 NHL starts. James Reimer is by far a more established goalie and he takes up about 250K less cap. Committing that kind of cap space to a guy who might never be anything more than a backup seems a little risky. I wonder who they're planning on having as the backup in 17-18? I know fans will say Demko, but I'm not sure how ready he'll be, nor am I sure starting only 25ish games is good for his development.
  8. Blues picked him in the 5th Rd I think this year. Rumour has it, Benning liked him a lot and would have drafted him if he was there when the Canucks picked
  9. Just a guess, Chiasson is insurance/leverage on Colborne. Very similar players, but Chiasson only makes 800K.
  10. No, he like a Rick Nash with a better two-way game. There is a Swedish kid that is supposed to be a Karlsson/Doughty mix
  11. Listening to TSN Radio, seems like there is speculation that Burrows will be bought out if they can get a shinier forward via free agency. Personally, if that's the case, I'm even more disgusted with managment...and I didn't think that was possible. Burrows has given his all for a decade to Canucks fans. To leave a player like that twisting in the wind is pathetic. If they want an upgrade that's fine, but they should have broken the news to Burrows that he was being bought out on day 1 of the buyout period, not the last day, which seems to be the plan. And im actually for buying Burrows out, but I think Burrows deserves a lot better.
  12. I don't think anyone will argue with you, you need good defence to win in the NHL. What I think people debate is if you "need" to take them in the top 10. Case in point, the Canucks top-4, which when healthy, is decent has an undrafted college player, a traded for player, a 5th Rd pick and a 3rd Rd pick. Personally how I think Benning should have handled the need I defensive prospects was to deal down, add a 2nd and take defencemen with their first and second round picks.
  13. But, but defence wins championships right. Oh wait, not this year...this year having great forwards wins titles.
  14. For sure. Time will tell who got the better player. It's going to be fun comparing Canucks and Flames picks, seeing as they were picking so close together. Personally, I like the Flames draft much better, but time will tell.
  15. 3 months ago, other then Letang, how many of the Penguins D could you have named? That's a very basic, average D.