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  1. I believe Benning said Pettersson would play next year in Sweden. He'll likely come over the following season in 18-19. Lind will play this year in Kelowna and push for a spot in 18-19. Lind is bigger and stronger right now. I think that will give him a bit of an edge going into camp in 18-19. I think Lind cracks the team and Pettersson spends a year adding size and learning the NA game in Utica. Long run, Pettersson will be the better player, but don't be shocked if Lind gets to the NHL first.
  2. Solid pick. Wouldn't shock me if he plays in the NHL before Pettersson.
  3. He's not slow, people say he's an awkward skater. Kid has great work ethic. I think he'll improve much like Horvat has since he was drafted.
  4. I'm hoping for Conor Timmins tomorrow. Hell of a high skilled, puck moving D. He also fits the PP QB type of D Benning is looking for.
  5. His 0.51 point per game has him at 154th overall in the NHL for forwards who have played 30+ games, so you are correct in calling him a second-line player by that definition - the top 180 would meet the threshold to be called top-6 forwards somewhere. But saying that is good production for a Penguins second-liner is flat out wrong. The Penguins have 6 forwards with better point-per-game numbers than Baertschi, so he's the seventh best forward there in that sense. The Penguins also have Rust, Kunitz, Hornqvist and Bonino right behind Baertschi in Points per game, and all of them play less and see less power-play time. Safe to assume Baertschi likely plays a fourth-line player, if at all in Pittsburgh. All in all, when people call Baerstchi a third line player it's because on a playoff team, that's where he slots in. It's only on the 25th-31st place type teams he's playing as a second line player.
  6. Seabrook is far too good for Benning to go after. Benning only likes to deal for spar parts or D that can't make a 3 foot pass.
  7. I don't think it's that far off to think the Capitals wouldn't entertain the offer. Hall went straight up for Larsson and in my opinion, that's a very comparable type of deal. As well, Washington is going to have to make some tough choices because they are right up against the cap - I believe they need to sign 5 forwards, 4 D and a goalie for 23 million. Sure it's doable, but I wonder how much they offer Kuznetsov and how much he'll asked for. My guess is, Kuznetsov will be looking for something in the 5-6 million per area and I wonder if that doesn't price him out of their plans. If they sign him for 5.5 million, that leaves roughly 17.5 million for 9 players, or roughly 1.9 million per player.
  8. Is that a LMAO: - I don't want a Russian - Caps wouldn't want Tanev - Caps would laugh at Vancouver - Tanev is way better please clarify
  9. One guy the Canucks may be able to get for Tanev is Kuznetsov. I could see the Caps looking to shake things up a little.
  10. Funny thing about the Preds, they're a draft the BPA...the BPA just happens to be a defenceman a lot of the time.
  11. I believe he said similar types of things about Boeser.
  12. I can't see New Jersey moving unless there is a player that they like better than Patrick/Hischier that they know will be there at a later pick spot. I think they pick because they need a scorer badly. Philly, I'd say they are a lot more likely given they have some good, young players in the system and on their roster. As for what I'd be asking for from Vancouver if I was the Flyers, I'd be looking for 5, Virtanen and a 2nd Rd pick. I think the a Philly and Vegas deal is something to watch. Maybe Vegas gives them No. 6 a 3rd Rd pick and a promise of who they'll take in the expansion draft for the No. 2 pick.
  13. No, I don't think the Canucks would be a team doing this, their roster pretty much sucks, so I can't see them worrying about losing a player or dealing a pick to keep a player. I just wanted to use players Canucks fans were familiar with. I could see a contending team doing this in order to keep their team together for another run.
  14. I wonder if New Jersey can expose Kovalchuk in the expansion draft?
  15. I think we'll see Vegas making deals with teams more so than teams dealing with each other to get a return on X or Y player. Take Vancouver,. Guessing they protect Hank, Danny, Horvat, Eriksson, Baertschi, Granlund, Edler, Tanev, Gudbranson and Markstrom, and one of Gaunce, Sutter or Boucher. For argument sake, let's say they protect Boucher. So Vegas has basically Sibsa, Beiga, Sutter and Gaunce to pick from. Vegas decides they will take Sutter. Vancouver doesn't want to lose Sutter. After all, they locked him up to that big deal and he's a solid centre, that plays in their top-9 and kills penalties. And if they are to lose him they'd like something in return. So Jim calls up George and makes a deal. Either take one of Gaunce Beiga or Sbisa and we'll toss in a 3rd rd pick for compensation because you didn't take Sutter OR, take Sutter and we'll trade you a 2nd rd pick to re-acquire him. I think the latter is what we will see happen the most. I think in preparation for the expansion draft teams held on to their draft picks at the deadline so that they could re-acquire their players.