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  1. Gonna need lots of help to get this petition rolling...
  2. Done...
  3. Just play hard and work on improving one shift at a time. Win or lose doesn't matter at this stage. Take the recent NJ game where they worked hard but lost. I think most of us were proud of the boys work ethic that game. That's all that matters right now.
  4. He's made about $30M in his career. I'm sure he'll be fine financially if he walked away now. Health and family is more important than the game.
  5. I'm not saying what I think he meant or didn't mean. All I'm saying is when you put those words together, it's quite clear who the message is for. No different than me saying, You people vs You people that visit ... The first one would be me talking to all of you on CDC. The second one would be me talking to those on CDC that visit ... Not sure how else you can read a simple English sentence differently. Like I said, the words "that come here" screwed him over.
  6. You people... vs. You people that come here... There's the difference. Don should have just said 'you people' and left it at that. Once he added the 'that come here' part, he singled out immigrants.
  7. By that I assume he's talking scoring 1 out of 4 games...
  8. "Gotta play Leivo as much as possible. Especially with the top offensive players on the team because he's that good." - Green
  9. Simple answer... Leivo. He completely kills the offensive output of that line because he's always a step behind.
  10. We have the players to compete, it's our coaching that is suspect. Leivo on the 1st line neuters the offense of that line... And don't get me started on Newell Brown.
  11. Dunno why they're making Markstrom play after losing his dad a couple nights ago.
  12. As I said earlier, get Leivo off the damn 1st line. He basically neuters that line of any offence. Leivo should be a 4th line energy guy that battles hard along the boards... Not a 1st line winger!
  13. Oh for crying out loud move Leivo down to the Gaudette line and get the Lotto Line back together. Why does Green love Leivo so much?!?!
  14. Thanks Alf. Sounds like Top 4 material, but not a top pairing defenceman though.