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  1. Canucks as of today (Feb 17th) are sitting in the exact same spot that Winnipeg was in last year when they won the lottery to grab Laine. Just sayin... (cough... Hischier... cough...)
  2. Wait... what? Are you talking Mikael Backlund and Michael Frolik? You do know MT doesn't play on a line with Johnny Hockey and Monahan right? And even if he did, they're not exactly having great seasons either. MT is also 2nd highest scorer on the Flames behind Backlund.
  3. Agreed. The other aspect I don't like about MT is that he 'seems' to be a bit over the edge with his play. The last thing I want is another Canuck to be labelled as a dirty player moving forward for another 10+ years. I'm with you on the top pair dman as well. Would be huge if Juolevi became a true #1D, and Demko becomes a franchise goaltender. Anyways, I have faith in Juolevi, but I think it'll take some time. He seems too smart of a player not to succeed.
  4. I get what you're trying to say, but let's face it, he's in the Top 6 and getting those minutes because he's done what he needs to do to be there. He was given an opportunity and took off with it. Not all players can do that. I'm sure he would have been given an opportunity here as well, and if he looked effective (which I'm sure he would considering he goes into the dirty areas all night long), he would be playing with Horvat in the Top 6. Maybe he wouldn't have 36pts, but even 26pts would put him around the same point totals as Sutter and/or Baertschi. Tkachuk is an impact player, and there's no way you can discredit that. He earned his ice time and is showing why he's a high 1st round pick. I'm not comparing him to Juolevi at this point because comparing forwards to d-men isn't fair... especially this early in their career. All I'm saying is I sure hope Juolevi pans out, because if he doesn't, GMJB and the Canucks will look really stupid for passing on a player that looked like a surefire NHLer (not to mention he has the bloodlines as well).
  5. I only clicked on this thread to see how many minuses he got for such a dumb proposal lol.
  6. That's besides the point. The point is, Tkachuk was put into that position, and he took off with it. If he wasn't an impact player, he would have fizzled out and be sent back down to the juniors (cough... Virtanen... cough). As much as it hurts to admit it, the Flames got a helluva player in Tkachuk. We better hope (well, GMJB better hope even more) that Juolevi becomes that #1 or #2 dman he's touted to be...
  7. Yeah, it's Kathy MclLwain, but the joke wouldn't sound as good if I said: "I heard Horvat knows a woman... " lol
  8. Give em the Canucks 3rd (pretty much a late 2nd) and a lower end prospect. If speed is the issue, I heard Horvat knows a guy....
  9. LOVE the Sedins, but man, a part of me just can't wait until they retire so our new 'go-to' guy is Horvat. Why on Earth he wasn't on the ice in the last 30 seconds is beyond me.
  10. What about a 1-for-1 swap of Tanev for Nylander?
  11. Raffi Torres says hello. No seriously, he just called me and told me to say hello to you. So what are we talking about here? Oh ... yeah, usually stars win the Conn Smythe.
  12. Damn it Jim! We're up here!! ... We're screwed...
  13. True, but you gotta think they MUST have learned from last year.... right?... right? Am I right?.... I hope so...
  14. Realistically, there's almost no chance the Canucks make the playoffs this year. The team that would be easiest to catch is Calgary at the moment. Even then, if Calgary continues at the average pace for the season (mind you, they've picked it up lately), the Canucks would have to play 0.600 hockey for the rest of the season to make it in. What's 0.600 hockey? Equivalent to about a 100pt season or 17 or 18 wins in the final 29 games. Is that gonna happen with this Canucks team? Highly unlikely. If the Canucks are not sellers at the TDL, GMJB and the rest of the management staff are delusional.
  15. Have any analysts mentioned what the asking price is on Landeskog? I'd much rather acquire him than Duchene... not that Duchene isn't good, but his price is way too high, and he's actually 2 or 3 years too old for our developing core. By the time our core hits their prime, Duchene may be declining.