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  1. I don't think that's the issue. The issue is the teacher may have gone into work while asymptomatic but infectious.. which places kids, teachers, and other staff at risk in a work setting that is particularly difficult to keep safe (ie. lack of PPE, physical distancing ability of children, etc).
  2. It was a political move if anything... allow parents that want to send kids back to school to be able to do so. Those that want their kids to stay home can do so as well. Curriculum wasn't being followed, so no big deal. Pretty brutal for teachers and the support staff that were required to go into work.
  3. April 1st was a few months back... wait... are you serious?!
  4. Daniel & Henrik Sedin Award - Horvat Cyclone Taylor Trophy - Markstrom Walter (Babe) Pratt Trophy - Hughes Pavel Bure Award - Hughes Fred J. Hume Award - Pearson Three Star Award Award - Pettersson Cyrus H. McLean Trophy - either Miller or Loui Eriksson... can't decide.
  5. Never in a million years would I have thought a post would show up on CDC where I could step in and put my CA designation to use... I was all excited, but then realized that I still can't because others have replied before me. When will this education pay off?!?! WHEN?!!
  6. I hear you. My wife and I do everything according to the PHA recommendations... and we live on the island where there is zero known active cases. The moment we, as a collective society, let up from the progress we have made is when the 2nd wave will hit us. Likely worse than before.
  7. And the numbers for Covid are with unprecedented drastic risk control measures in place (ie. when was the last time borders across the world were closed?)... curfews all over the states, masks and gloves being worn, physical distancing protocols, gatherings to be limited, stores closed, quarantines and self isolation measures, etc. etc. Sure there's people that break the rules, but I still believe the majority of people are following them... even in the USA. Can you imagine if these measures were not in place? I'm pretty sure there would be 500,000 to 1,000,000 deaths in the States already.
  8. Wait... what? Did he even play in the playoffs when the Blues won the Cup??
  9. I don't really collect jerseys per se, but I do have 2 I need to add to my bucket list for my man cave: - Authentic signed 1980s Edmonton Oilers - Gretzky - Authentic signed Bobby Orr I'm proud that I currently have an authentic signed Gordie Howe Red Wings jersey along with a Bure jersey and the vintage anniversary Canucks skate jersey.
  10. Yes, but what about the adults involved (coaches, etc)? These are the guys that are in a LOT of trouble here. We're talking adults with minors... this is basically child abuse at a significant level.
  11. 16 new cases today... that's 5 days in a row now where the new cases identified have increased from the prior day. From 6 to 9 to 12 to 14, and now to 16 new cases! Definitely trending in the wrong direction. IF we're not careful, the 2nd wave is gonna hit soon. People need to stop acting like we're in the all clear!
  12. Trending in the wrong direction .....
  13. Pretty sure Bobby Ryan is gonna take this home with him.
  14. I actually could argue that Hughes should be #1. Without him, I don't think any of the other guys get nearly as much offensive output. Hughes drives the offence on this team.