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  1. I don't get these fans either. Too often Canucks fans are overly critical of our players while praising players on other teams just because the grass is greener on the other side. Virtanen is exactly the type of player the Canucks will need once they make the playoffs. Ferland and Miller are great for that reason as well, but if those 2 are playing Top 6, you want them focusing more on scoring and making plays, and letting the guys like Virtanen, Motte, etc drive the physical game.
  2. So you are hopeful that Poolparty will become the player he was touted to be after scoring 8 pts, 20 pts, and 9 pts in his first 3 seasons while having ample opportunity to play with arguably the greatest hockey player in the world at the moment? Virtanen is not average sized:,gte,1&sort=playerWeight He's listed at #33 in terms of 'size' (in my opinion, weight trumps height when it comes to size). There's a reason why he hits as hard as he does. Poolparty is taller, but he's not bigger. By your definition, Pettersson is bigger than Virtanen. Poolparty is also not as physical. You can find complete highlight packages on just Virtanen's hits. You could probably find one or two hits by Poolparty in his entire NHL career. Like you said, Virtanen can be a useful 3rd liner (a la Torres) that can chip in goals here and there with his speed and shot. Poolparty is absolutely useless unless he's playing well in a Top 6 role. We already have that in Goldy. Why would we want another player that we HOPE could turn into a Top 6, when he has shown absolutely nothing in terms of the ability to translate his junior days into the NHL? So Virtanen is bigger, stronger (in my opinion), more physical, and as of this moment more likely to put up numbers (has averaged a higher PPG average over his career so far than Poolparty -- albeit not by much, but has done so without the luxury of playing with a McDavid, and playing mostly 3rd line minutes). At this moment in time, I would take Virtanen over Poolparty 10 times out of 10.
  3. I wouldn't. Guys like Virtanen are invaluable in the playoffs. Speed, size, strength, and aggressiveness with an ability to score are what successful playoff teams are built on.
  4. Big and tough alone doesn't help. You need big and tough players that can skate well and provide more than just a fist or two.
  5. Man, imagine losing a defenceman like Karlsson, only to have another develop within the system named Chabot. That's a luxury that Ottawa needs to build off of.
  6. Sounds like something happening in his personal life that is making him think about his future. Never liked the guy as a player, but if this is family related, good on him to put family ahead of hockey. Man, I feel bad for the Jets fans right now. They waited all those years to get their franchise back... all those high expectations, and it culminates in this terrible off season with all kinds of different issues. I know the weather can be bad in Winnipeg... but wow... Winter is truly coming for them...
  7. Really happy with Myers. He looks like a bonafide top pairing defenceman. Will allow Tanev to play lesser minutes which should hopefully mean less chance of injury.
  8. At this point, it might be even better for WPG to just let him sit out until he grows up. The damage he has done to the locker room environment, and the terrible effort on the ice makes him more of a liability than what he produces on the ice (IF he produces on the ice) Definitely wouldn't trade him right now either, because that'll be a lose-lose situation for the Jets as well. Just get Connor signed, and get the season underway and let Laine play in Europe for a couple years.
  9. Go Raptors!!! Wait... What? This is the north right?
  10. Probably. They'll probably top up their blueline some more at TDL and go for it. Only problem I see is that they're pretty darn soft throughout the lineup now. Might spell doom if they match up poorly in the playoffs.
  11. Kudos to the Leafs for playing the cap game to their advantage (via injured reserve relief) ... although if it was the Canucks, we'd be penalized for the full cap hit of all players on IR lol.
  12. Hate to say it, but the Leafs actually have a really solid team over there. Not many glaring holes anymore after re-upping Marner and adding Barrie, Muzzin, and Ceci.
  13. Holy geez! That does it, Myers' new nickname on the Canucks is GIRAFFE !!
  14. They just didn't put the full name down... he actually goes by "Will Warm The Bench".