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  1. Just gotta wrap up Rantanen and the Avs look unbelievable considering how much cap space they still have left... and they still have so much young talent coming up including Byram and Newhook. Honestly, if they don't win the Cup while Mackinnon's contract is still at 6.3M, they would really have F'd up big time.
  2. I simply want to see Marner sign an offer sheet where the Leafs don't match to see how badly the Toronto media spin it as the right move for the Leafs. Would be entertaining lol.
  3. WAY too much to give up. Bathroom sink maybe... but a big NO to the kitchen sink.
  4. Losing Panarin, Duchene, and Bobrovsky all in one shot would seriously hurt any team, no matter if they are currently underrated or overrated.
  5. I'll be the first to admit I haven't watched a ton of TBay games, but from what I recall, JT wasn't out on the ice that often when Stamkos and Kucherov were out there. Also gotta wonder what the deal is with Dzingel given that it took so long for a team to sign him (at a low cap hit too).
  6. Fixed. EDM may consider this one a bit more.
  7. Would have to be a 1st to make it work I think.
  8. We have a trade to announce... you're gonna want to hear this one: Borvat's Potential Lineup Capfriendly Roster Cap Hit Thread traded from the Trades, Rumours, Signings forum to Another Potential Lineup thread in the Canucks Talk forum... Borvat is on the clock...
  9. I honestly think when and if LE is moved, the sweetener that it will cost to move him will shock a lot of Canucks fans. I see Sutter being moved before LE simply due to the cost to move LE.
  10. Hunter, Antoski, Momesso, Diduck, and that other guy... ummm... Odjick all say hi. The 1994 team was as tough as they come. Today's Canucks look great, but nowhere near the snarl and full on meanness of the 1994 team.
  11. We only need 4 out of the next 5 first round picks to get Marner. We could likely afford to retain 1M on Sutter. That makes Sutter a much better deal. EDM would likely need to add then. Kassian as return isn't enough. You can't look at it as Boeser for a 1st. You need to look at it as the cost of clearing $6M in cap space to be able to sign one of the most talented forwards in the league. Marner is much more multi-dimensional than Boeser.
  12. So unlikely as this would be, if GMJB did something like this, it would be one of the biggest offseasons in the history of the franchise. TRANSACTION #1 This all hinges on one major thing happening: Offer Sheet Mitch Marner at $12M per season where the Leafs don't match. Unlikely? Yes... but this whole scenario is unlikely, so just read on for fun lol. Assuming Marner signs it, and the Leafs don't match, we now have Marner. To VAN: Marner CAP HIT: +12M TRANSACTION #2 To EDM: Sutter To VAN: Kassian We know Edmonton could use a 3rd line centre to play the heavy defensive minutes. Canucks get some more size and grit back to add to the size movement while dumping cap. Kassian is still decent, especially if he were in a 4th line role. CAP HIT: -$3M TRANSACTION #3 To Any Team with Cap Space: Eriksson Boeser To VAN: 1st round pick Moving LE will need a sweetener. Attaching him to Boeser would surely make LE a lot more desirable. CAP HIT: -$6M Net result: IN: Marner, Kassian, 1st round pick OUT: Boeser, Sutter, LE, 4x 1st round picks CAP HIT: +$3M which leaves about $2M in cap space to start the season New Lines: Ferland-Petey-Miller (Line 1A) - Petey is the setup guy on this line Pearson-Bo-Marner (Line 1B) - Marner is the setup guy on this line Baertshi-Gaudette-Virtanen Kassian-Beagle-Leivo/Motte
  13. ?? I count 10 players drafted by the Canucks in that line-up. Edit: Sorry, 9 players (I counted Stecher because he wasn't drafted, but signed by Vancouver)
  14. Fine for the regular season, but we saw what happened to that line in the playoffs without some sandpaper on it.