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  1. Would be curious if this is actually true. If it is, then we can all laugh at Trump... again.
  2. No, I think this is better: USA: Alberta Ontario Quebec CAN: Washington Oregon California
  3. You know what they say tho about keeping enemies closer.
  4. Here's my graphs for BC... showing cumulative and day-to-day...
  5. Covidiots that will likely have caused deaths because of their selfish and entitled behaviour. At times I wish this was WW3 rather than a global pandemic of this magnitude.
  6. How is this any different than the majority of places on this planet right now? Every country, state, and province are in the same predicament. Heck, even within our nation, BC is testing more than other provinces that are seeing much higher cases:
  7. This is straight from your article... “The numbers, in terms of the reported cases across the country, regardless of what country in the world one is talking about, will always represent an underestimate of what’s really out there,” said Peter Phillips, a clinical professor specializing in infectious diseases at the University of British Columbia. In other words, BC is no different than any other country, state, or province in the world. We are all underestimating, but BC's numbers are lower than many places on Earth.
  8. So are we saying that BC is the only one with the limitations to testing to the point that our numbers are understated compared to all other places on the planet?
  9. Just because it happens in other places doesn't mean it has to happen here. What about Singapore? Hong Kong? South Korea? Are they all making up numbers too? Even Washington state's numbers settled down. The limitations of BC's testing are the same limitations that other places face as well, so we're comparing apples and apples. There's a misconception that BC isn't testing enough, yet it turns out that other than Alberta, BC is testing more than the other big provinces of Canada: You'll likely find doctors all over the world saying the same thing as they are in BC. There simply isn't enough test kits available worldwide to test every single person that shows any symptoms. The important thing is that the hospitalization and ICU numbers are in control.
  10. Why would you not believe the numbers?
  11. Some good numbers... but I worry about those 19 long term/senior care homes Hopefully Dr Henry's new mandates and protocols around those will help lessen the blow for each of those homes. We need to keep this up. These next couple weeks are gonna tell us a lot... they're the window of the potential spring break cases and return of international travellers.
  12. With the hit on next year's cap due to Covid-19, we're likely not gonna be able to bring back Toffoli now. Sucks. Well, I guess unless we get a compliance buyout or two... but that's if Aquilini wants to open his pocketbook when the economy is shot to hell.
  13. Would have been better if we could hear the play by play instead of the music.
  14. Seeing how high the numbers are climbing in Ontario and Quebec, do you guys/gals think BC may be understating our number of cases? Or are we doing that much of a better job social distancing?
  15. Maybe... but a dictatorship can shut things down substantially more quickly and more effectively than a democratic nation. The fact that China is shipping vast amounts of PPE out of their country and starting to get things back online tells me that their numbers may not be as bad as the western world is making them out to be. We're just used to how slow things happen over here vs how quickly they can happen in China. Remember, they constructed multiple temporary hospitals in mere days to battle this thing. They also mass produce equipment faster than any other nation on Earth. Just because USA and Italy (and others) are struggling more than China doesn't necessarily mean China doesn't (or didn't) have this thing under control way faster than we expected. South Korea is another example. Nobody is calling them out for getting things under control. Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.