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  1. Sooooo... Sign and trade? In all seriousness, MT is the player we hope Virtanen will become. Unfortunately I don't see JV getting to that level though. It does seriously hurt when most of us wanted him instead of OJ, but the one thing that keeps coming to mind is that if we had drafted MT, we very well may have drafted later in the draft in the year that we selected Elias Pettersson. So I'll take OJ if it means we have EP40.
  2. Offer him a "prove you can do it again" contract for a few years so he and Demko can battle it out. He looks great, but one season doesn't make an elite goalie.
  3. Yeah, cards from the 90s were worth the least. I'd say early to mid 2000s is where card values began to climb due to scarcity. RCs all began being printed in limited numbers. Crosby RCs can fetch anywhere in the hundreds to the thousands of dollars.
  4. I agree, that Gretzky RC looks fantastic. If it grades 9.0 or higher, it'd be worth a few grand easily. The borders are really well centred on that card!
  5. Can't wait to do this all over again next weekend!! Come on Hughes brothers!!!
  6. Ironically the Petey vs Dahlin race reminds me a lot of the Bure vs Lidstrom race back in the day. Both deserved it. Both become legends in their own right, which is what will likely happen this time as well.