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  1. Why would St Louis not re-sign him at 8m? Gotta be some serious term he's looking for...
  2. Hughes is probably one of the most, if not the most untouchable player in the entire league. I could see McDavid and/or Matthews being traded before Hughes.
  3. Adding ekblad instantly solidifies the back end. It will definitely cost Boeser+ though, and I'm ok with that. Realistically, how do you make room for an elite talent like Hogs to play in the top 6 when you have it all filled up? Podz could easily be a 3rd or 4th liner given his playstyle, but you either have Hogs in the top 6, or he's not in the lineup at all. Moving Boeser makes room for Hogs, and adding Ekblad makes Myers our 3rd pairing RHD. That's Stanley Cup contender depth. Top 6 would look like: Miller-Petey-Hogs (gives Hogs the perfect opportunity to excel) Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli Top 4 D: Hughes Tanev Edler Ekblad 3rd pairing D would be a rotation of Fanta, OJ, Benn, etc with Myers.
  4. In fairness, this is the point many of us are making... #1D rarely ever hit free agency. That's why it is difficult to come up with names of #1D that were signed as a UFA. Can you even think of one from the last 10-15 years?? The only true #1D I can think of that hit UFA status in recent years were Scott Niedermayer and Zdeno Chara. I think those 2 speak for themselves.
  5. Honest question, but who brings what Pietrangelo brings without having to give up assets other than cash?
  6. Trade for the rights to negotiate with Piet first. Then work on a finalized number and term with him pending the trade of LE. Move LE along with whatever sweetener it takes (ie. Virtanen++) and then sign Pietrangelo to a deal. The end result is: In: Pietrangelo Out: LE Virtanen Prospect? 2nd round pick? That's a trade off I'd take 10 times out of 10.
  7. Stars in 5. I honestly think the lightning are quite banged up and injured at this point. Way too many key guys playing with bumps and bruises.
  8. LE+Sutter+Ferland+Roussel for Dumba. This works because the Canucks give up a lot of stuff.
  9. What does that matter? A cohort of 60-120 people where 1 person brings it in means 59-119 other people are now potentially infected and bringing it home to loved ones.
  10. Nope... And I question the OP's source... Is it even legit?
  11. Unfortunately Virtanen will probably never put it all together here. He has a ton of potential and he will likely realize that potential once we trade him away. Playing in his home town probably has too many distractions for him. Sucks cuz he will probably be a 25 to 30 goal powerforward when he puts it together. There's no way GMJB is gonna win this trade in the long run. You can quote me on that.
  12. I see that... So let me get this straight... Cases are higher than they have ever been in this province, so let's force people back into tight enclosures of a ferry??