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  1. If we had the cap space, Simmonds would have been a Canuck instead. We're talking about a 5th round pick here folks.
  2. That's a small price to pay for a player that could be a solid impact in playoff hockey...
  3. For just a 4th? That's a great deal for the Avs... especially if Namestnikov finds his groove similar to when he was on TBay.
  4. I hate the Oilers, but Green could be revitalized playing with McDavid and Draisatl. Wouldn't be so quick to laugh just yet...
  5. Man, I know it's only a couple games, but if TT keeps this up, I really hope GMJB finds a way to re-sign Toffoli.
  6. This has gotta be a coaching issue. They're clearly collapsing back to defend the lead. Happens way too often...
  7. When was the last time a Canuck captain fought another player?? Lovin it! Go Bo!!!
  8. Nah was just making a point to the other poster about calling Athanasiou a top 9 forward. Clearly Boeser and Athanasiou are both top 6 forwards.
  9. Yup, not only did he break Chara's record, he also broke the English language by having a last name without a vowel.