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  1. Well, let's wait and see. From what I can see, this kid is something special. To be ranked #1 as a defenseman in such a strong draft year says a lot in itself. I'll stand by my prediction.
  2. 875k? Wow... worth it IMO
  3. Meh... To Philadelphia: Eric Lindros To Quebec/Colorado: Peter Forsberg, Mike Ricci, Kerry Huffman, Ron Hextall, Steve Duchesne, Chris Simon, 1993 1st round pick (Jocelyn Thibault), 1994 1st round pick (Nolan Baumgartner), and $15 million
  4. Anybody else think they should get Draisatl locked up first? The Draisatl camp will surely use McDavid's contract as leverage in negotiations, so why not sign Draisatl first, then work on McDavid after since he'll get big money anyways... Not that I'm trying to help EDM, but just a thought...
  5. Yeah, I agree. Crosby's game doesn't rely on speed nearly as much. I can see McDavid going down the path of Bure ... ie. lower body issues in the future. That level of speed can't be sustained without injuries. In other news... GMJB out GM'd!!! lol...
  6. Spencer FOO
  7. DAMN IT! He's a FOO for joining the Flames.
  8. I have zero respect for the guy now after the faking and head snap back against the Caps in the playoffs. IMO, he's overrated as most 3rd line centres could do well if other teams are constantly having to take care of 2 franchise centres in Crosby and Malkin.
  9. And with that, Tanev is a Canuck for a long, long time.
  10. Oh Scott... what a Darling he is.
  11. Sign Horvat already! Geez...!!
  12. I'm sure many people had labelled Kassian as washed up. He learned from mistakes, changed his attitude, and today just signed a nice contract with the Oilers. Yakupov is 23 years old. I wouldn't write him off just yet.
  13. A $1M 1-year deal would make some sense. Since his draft year, he has always iterated his favourite team was Vancouver and his idol was Bure. If playing on the Canucks drives him to succeed, we'll likely have a 25+ goal scorer for free.
  14. Looks like Canucks traded their pick to CHI