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  1. Oh c'mon now Alf, those guys may not be great defencemen, but they surely don't need to be labelled as men that cheat on their spouses.
  2. Looks like Craig Button sees what many of us see. Podkolzin isn't as good as we thought.
  3. The last thing this team needs is Sean Avery
  4. Why do so many people want to trade Virtanen? Y'know what will happen if you trade Virtanen? You try and trade for Virtanen. Players like him are what you need in the playoffs.
  6. Highly impressed by the Canes... first they knock off the defending Stanley Cup champs, and now on the verge of sweeping the 2nd round. Y'know what's even more impressive? They have THREE 2nd round picks this year on top of all this success. That's 4 picks in the first 2 rounds!
  7. C'mon Eklund... even for you, this screams click bait for the Vancouver market.
  8. Benn. Bozak. ...
  9. Is the finals being televised anywhere?
  10. Tsk tsk tsk... Too many videos games Winnipeg... Too many video games.
  11. Their prospect pool is pretty darn shallow in general. I'm sure they'd be happy with picks and prospects.