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  1. happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! :] are you still around?

  3. ay niki, read your pm about the video

  4. iim goodd, livin life as best as it can be livedd. 3rd yr @ sfu, workin at TDBank, coaching Midget-C, workin out 5x a week. Life couldn't be greater :P (i lie, less time for partying now =[ )

  5. almost all's good mastahTJ. how are you?

  6. haha yeah back now n stirrin things up as usual ;)

  7. Back from your banning? haha

  8. Name That Goalie!

  9. Thanks, ill look into the pool thing.

  10. Thanks bud, and ill look into the pool thing.

  11. sorry wrong person haha