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  1. Desjardins is a clown and definitely should not be an NHL coach. He thinks he's a genius who must make wild changes to the lines to win games. It was bad last season but has reached new lows already this season. Minor League Willie needs to be fired as soon as possible if the Canucks want to have a solid season and at least make the playoffs. They don't have time for this dimwit's antics.
  2. I thought it was a terrible decision to hire an over-the-hill minor league coach and this Desjardins clown is proving me right. He has zero feel for the game and the Canucks are completely overmatched in coaching strategy every game they play. This was most obvious in last year's playoffs but it's not hard to see it on a nightly basis. Even when a young player has a good night or makes a contribution, this clueless old man goes out of his way to point out something they did wrong. That's how this team plans to develop their prospects? By having gramps belittle them? On the flip side, he overplays his pets like Dorsett and Prust like they are the saviours of the team. Vey has definitely turned his game around but there is now way in hell his line should be out there after an icing or TV timeout and an offensive zone faceoff upcoming. Minor League Willie has shown he is not an NHL-level coach and should be given the boot immediately. Whether the team plans on making the playoffs this season or their focus is shifting to next year and beyond, this senior citizen is showing he is the last guy the Vancouver Canucks should allow to stand behind their bench.
  3. There are breakaways and penalty shots in hockey games. Neither of these things are gimmicks. Automatically reducing the number of players on the ice just because it's OT is a farce. I already disliked the 4-on-4 but that happens quite a bit in a game anyway. This 3-on-3 will be garbage regardless of what league it's done in. Just because a game ends sooner doesn't make it a good decision. That forced ending is contrived. They might as well make right-players use left-handed sticks or blindfold the goalies.
  4. Just to be clear, I believe your posts are garbage too.
  5. Opie3 - short for overpaid 3rd liner
  6. This 3-on-3 overtime thing is going to be a joke. They want to avoid shootouts because too many games were decided by a so-called gimmick. What do you call 3-on-3? How often do you see that garbage in an NHL game? It's going to look like a practice scrimmage game with only 3 players on the ice for each team. Hopefully the league realizes what a horrible idea this was and kills it quickly.
  7. The narc likes to throw jabs but cries when he has to take a few. Sad. Read it again, slugger. He's a 3rd line centre playing behind Crosby and Malkin so he won't see top-4 defencemen. Other people think he's a shutdown centre, not me. He's an average player who will be cashing huge cheques that will hamper this team for a while. Yeah, because you're the GM so you know exactly what happened behind closed doors. I guess that explains the gratuitous use of the word "we". Prust is a plug but they loved him in Montreal, fans and management. They wouldn't have acquired Kassian unless they felt he would be an asset that would bring them the goal scoring they desperately need and Prust doesn't bring. Benning made a moronic decision to trade Kassian when the Canadiens smartly made him a lowball offer. Why does this guy get away with everything he says but turns others in? Aren't users on here supposed to be tolerant of others' opinions? Calling them "garbage" does seem to fit that rule. He got 21 goals playing 17 minutes a night facing 5th and 6th defencemen and bottom 6 forwards. For $4.3 million, he will be expected to face top-4 defencemen, top-6 forwards, and check guys 40 to 50 pounds heavier than him. Looking like a worse and worse decision everyday to trade Bonino and Clendenning for this guy. Bonino was just as miscast as Sutter will be except he was only making $1.9 million. Clendenning was touted as an offensively defenceman who could run a PP. Dumb decision by Benning.
  8. Sounds like you're describing bigfoot Harry from Harry And The Hendersons. Lucic is a classless, dirty player on the downside of his career. He would be a horrible influence on the young players on the Canucks roster and will eat a big chunk of cap space in the process. Signing him would be an awful decision and will be detrimental to this team now and in the future.
  9. I guess you were trying to sound "cool" with that first line but failed miserably. Don't feel bad. Just be better next time. "Here it comes!" Benning foolishly traded away a player with the youth, size, speed, skill, and toughness knowledgable hockey fans know this team has been missing for a very long time. Trading Kassian for garbage like Prust is not only a horrible player move but hurts their cap space. You can't teach size and skill to the level Kassian has and he is ready to breakout. Awful decision to move him and it will haunt this city for a very long time. I don't know or care who Willis is. I've been watching hockey a long time and make my own mind up about players. Maybe you're related to Sutter and want to stick up for him but the truth is he is an average 3rd line centre who is being hideously overpaid with way too long a contract. This team was much better off with Bonino at $1.9 million than skinny Sutter at $4.3 million. He's supposed to check big centres in the west but he is way to slight to do anything but fall to the ice as he gets pushed aside by the likes of Getzlaf. If you think Sutter is going to be some breakout star who scores 30 goals and shuts down other team's best players, you're going to be very disappointed. He was behind two of the most skilled centres in the NHL in Pittsburgh and rarely saw top-4 defencemen. Here if they foolishly use him in the 2nd line role, he will be exposed big time and prove himself as an average 3rd liner at best.
  10. Benning can be a scout but I'd vote for the potato as the GM over him after seeing his moves lately. I doubt the potato would try to corner the market on undersized grinders or pay an average 3rd line centre $22 over 5 years.
  11. Good thing you posted here. Well done, champ.
  12. Much rather have Sbisa than Franson. Maybe it's because he's from around here but people wrongly think Franson is a difference maker. This is the same guy who wasn't good enough to play on the Maple Leafs and failed in Nashville twice. He is a mediocre NHLer.
  13. Don't worry, The Canucks have superstar defenceman Chris Tanev to carry the powerplay. He makes $4 million+ so he surely will add some offence ... right? Clendenning was a guy that was known as an offensively defenceman and could run a powerplay. He was the one they gave up Gustav Forsling for to speed up the process of getting a playmaking defenceman onto the roster. Good thing they threw him into a completely unnecessary trade for a 3rd line centre. Well done Benning. Forsling, Clendenning, and Bonino for Sutter. Maybe he can play defence and forward while he gets $22 million over the next 5 years. Unbelievable.
  14. The ridiculous overpayment to Brandon Sutter is bad but trading Zack Kassian will go down as the worst move in franchise history. For far too long the Canucks have been soft as marshmallows and gotten pushed around, especially in the playoffs. It has become a running joke and what did Benning decide to do about it? Get an undersize punching bag name Dorsett. It became clear Dorsett was not nearly enough to make this team as abrasive as it needs to be. He follows this up by trading away the biggest, toughest, most skilled power forward on the team for an undersized, aging grinder punching bag named Prust. Other Vancouver GMs have made some moronic moves but nothing will top what Benning did with Kassian. Montreal is desperate for size and scoring and they won't be stupid enough to stick Kassian on the 3rd line and ask for stellar defensive play before giving him a regular chance in the top-6 where he belongs. He is going to flourish because they will give him an actual shot to use his skill and not turn him into a grinder. No wonder this team can't win a Cup. Best goalie in franchise history? TRADE HIM! A young, skilled power forward who plays with an edge? NO ROOM FOR YOU! MOOOAAAARRR Vey, Higgins, Dorsett, and Prust clones! This team is headed for a faceplant and will waste the remaining years of the Sedins' contracts. Shameful.
  15. I went by the caption on the Getty page here: http://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/bert-robertsson-news-photo/53132108?Language=en-GB It says that picture is from the 2000 season which would be the 2000-2001 season and Daniel Sedin played 75 games in that season.