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  1. Doubts about WD

    Desjardins is a clown and definitely should not be an NHL coach. He thinks he's a genius who must make wild changes to the lines to win games. It was bad last season but has reached new lows already this season. Minor League Willie needs to be fired as soon as possible if the Canucks want to have a solid season and at least make the playoffs. They don't have time for this dimwit's antics.
  2. Willie Knows His Decisions Are Questionable

    I thought it was a terrible decision to hire an over-the-hill minor league coach and this Desjardins clown is proving me right. He has zero feel for the game and the Canucks are completely overmatched in coaching strategy every game they play. This was most obvious in last year's playoffs but it's not hard to see it on a nightly basis. Even when a young player has a good night or makes a contribution, this clueless old man goes out of his way to point out something they did wrong. That's how this team plans to develop their prospects? By having gramps belittle them? On the flip side, he overplays his pets like Dorsett and Prust like they are the saviours of the team. Vey has definitely turned his game around but there is now way in hell his line should be out there after an icing or TV timeout and an offensive zone faceoff upcoming. Minor League Willie has shown he is not an NHL-level coach and should be given the boot immediately. Whether the team plans on making the playoffs this season or their focus is shifting to next year and beyond, this senior citizen is showing he is the last guy the Vancouver Canucks should allow to stand behind their bench.
  3. Name That Canuck!

    I went by the caption on the Getty page here: http://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/bert-robertsson-news-photo/53132108?Language=en-GB It says that picture is from the 2000 season which would be the 2000-2001 season and Daniel Sedin played 75 games in that season.
  4. Name That Canuck!

    Greg Hawgood. Wait, I got the number 4s mixed up. That's Justin Kurtz. Hawgood usually had a beard.
  5. Name That Canuck!

    Nope. Hint: He's the twin brother of the current captain.
  6. Name That Canuck!

    Well, I was actually looking for the name of the player whose arm is showing on the right edge of the picture but I guess I'll accept these answers as correct.
  7. Name That Canuck!

    I'll play your little game.
  8. The refs need to stop holding Kassian's arms when gutless punks are throwing suckerpunches at him.

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Next time that happens Kass should just start lighting up the Zebra with uppercuts.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles
    4. Riggs


      It reminds me of WWF when there was a special referee match who would hold one guy's arms so the other one could keep punching him and then give a super quick 3-count.

  9. Name That Canuck!

    Artem Chubarov. I think he still has that NHL record.
  10. Name That Canuck!

    Walter Matthau.
  11. Where are the Kassian haters now? Drinking their own tears.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Drop the hate Riggs. Zack seems to have figured it out. I wish him nothing but the best. And I hope he never looks back.

  12. Watching the Sedins goon it up is awesome.

  13. Minor League Willie is an idiot for sitting Kassian.

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    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      How do you find consistency without playing several games in a row?

    3. Lucky Day

      Lucky Day

      Willie D is head coach of your Vancouver Canucks, hand picked by Linden and co. ain't no Minor Leaguer, what a douche status

    4. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Yeah take out Kenins who scored...

  14. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    I would have traded Hodgson for Kassian 3 years ago, today, or 3 years from now. Hodgson can never be the physically dominant force Kassian is and will be for years to come. He is a giant with the soft hands of a playmaker and the strength to control the puck along the boards. Hodgson is a little guy with some skill who is useless if he doesn't have skilled players around him. Gillis may have made some mistakes in his time here but getting Kassian was one of his absolutely best moves. For years this team has been starving for a bigger, nastier team that can stand up for itself. Zack Kassian is the epitome of what they have needed so badly.
  15. [Confirmed] Willie Desjardin: VAN Head Coach

    There were plenty of people smarter than you who said Dallas Eakins was going to be a great NHL coach. Like I said, this team was too soft to play a hardnosed style. Canucks fan no matter what. Just annoying to see them make stupid decisions. He could be a rocket scientist for all I care. He has never been an NHL head coach which means he's a rookie. WHL general manager, you say? Was he also a great manager at his lemonade stand as a kid? I have a horrible feeling Desjardins is going to be an Eakins-type disaster if Vancouver hires him.