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  1. The Hockey Card/Memorabilia Thread

    I found this while going through some old boxes this afternoon and though i'd share.
  2. The Hockey Card/Memorabilia Thread

    I stopped collecting about 15 years ago. I still have every single card i ever bought. There's around 11000 i think. the majority of my cards are from 90-94. But one card the i inherited from a older brother is a Jari Kurri RC that i think is my favorite. Although i don't buy cards anymore i still plan on keeping them for a loooong time as they are not worth much right now. I have lots of RC's of guys like Sundin, Jagr, Lindross, Forsberg, Sakic etc. All the guys that started around that era. So as all those guys retire mt collection goes up in value but not by much. it'll be worth a LOT more in 50 years though. Or at least i hope haha