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  1. Just confirmed Jonathan Dahlén and Elias Pettersson are family, common ancestry in the early 1600s (at least, more to find).

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    2. Baer.


      Them and every other swede

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Some big Viking ran around impregnating every blond goddess...


      But we are all Canooks!

    4. Allt svartnar

      Allt svartnar

      I did the research myself, genealogy is lots of fun. Should be early 1700s, not 1600s. Looks like they both might possibly be related to Alexander Edler too!

  2. I'm just prusting around these days.

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Prusting is as good of a new verb as any I suppose. Cramarossa used to be Thrusty Prusty.


      It's been a long off season and I can't wait for sports to start up again. NCAA football, NFL, and NHL. Hello TV my old friend, time for me to crust around.



    3. Fantomex
    4. Cramarossa


      I would say I'm just cramming around but that seems unbecoming of a woman of my stature in the community. 

  3. Why was Kyle Wellwood one of the Canucks alumni at dinner yesterday?

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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      They ordered too much cheese cake for desert. He was called in to demolish it.

    3. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      lol, he is a member of the alumni haha, why not ?


    4. NazzyHankBo
  4. Do I remember it wrong or does he play a bit like our Weber? Also, why has his point-production finally kicked in now?
  5. He wanted to focus on playing national games "first" so I suppose he'll be getting in contact with the Canucks if he's indeed been cut from the WC roster.
  6. Will spend 2012-2013 with Frölunda. Was excellent towards the end of last season and in the playoffs.
  7. This means a defenseman I thought would be gone before fifth round.
  8. Peter Andersson was called back to Frölunda as their other defensemen got injured. He didn't last however, as he himself was hurt during his first game back. Papers first reported a broken navicular but the team website responded with a quote from Peter Andersson: "They've looked, felt, twisted and turned and x-rayed and nothing was broken so I'll just keep going as usual". He will play the next game. Sources: [1] and [2].
  9. mmmhh..i dont really know

    i bought my caps at a market..there was a dealer with lots of nfl,nhl..etc.. stuffs

    and they are all in the old darkblue colours

    i didnt own anything with the "new" colours

    maybe ebay?


  10. it seems so

    how are you and your family?

  11. ambient stuff

    a lil bit surprising cuz he was on "warpath" with rock music for some well known reasons

    there are some good songs on the new

  12. really? i ll check it out ..thx for the advice

    have you listened to the new burzum?

  13. music is also a important part in my life..and well my family even 3 kids are annoying some times ;)

  14. lol...late answer...but thanks job is a social one

    but i hate most of the ppl

    further i try to avoid the public most of the time

    i just go out to a pub sometimes..thats all

    and i just have a handfull of true friends

    which i met just a few times in the year

    but i love to be alone with the nature

  15. 9 posts before new system. Byebye.