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  1. Immigrationsverket are the providers of official, regime-approved truth regarding immigration. Regarding the rapes, there are no peer-reviewed reports since the topic is practically illegal to research - it is considered a hate crime. The 2005 report currently used is an update of a ~1988 report which was an update of a 1967 report. There is no need for a new report, says the immigration lawyers. When the regime blocks the truth by altering the interpretation of laws, there is not much citizens can do. Political opinion within the parliament is swaying, and some are calling for a new report to be made. When an opinion is illegal and the regime points out all opposition as varying shades of nazis, will researchers dependant on state financing bring up the topic? Of course they won't. And so socialism under a corrupt goverment wins again. I'm sorry if I'm not bringing my point through here, english is only my third language and there is no leftist-approved source to show off here.
  2. You called lies. I provided evidence for truth.
  3. "Real statistics" you mean those compiled favourably from various sources by pro-immigration journalists in the UK? Unlike the fake statistics compiled by the Swedish state migration agency and backed up by the county boards and municipalities actually receiving the persons behind the numbers and finally used to make up some of those very stats the journalist claims to draw from? Nah, in this case I trust the state. The government does the exact same. They present a number and a statement, referring to a source. Then when unbelievers go compare the official statement to the official raw data, things don't add up. That's because the regime prefers to present its opinion over the cold hard truth. That's why SD keep increasing too, because the regime are pointing them out daily as The Alternative to their lies. If you are truly interested in these discrepancies I suggest you compare the six-month immigration reports from the government with the same reports from the immigration agency. Oh I know, it's always up to the critical voice to provide evidence for the evidence of the evidence but you've been presented with some pretty good background already and you probably just want to protect your views when you feel they are under attack. Makes you look bad though.
  4. Which numbers were made up? Which nazis were voted in? NMR got less than 100 votes as it looks. SD are no nazis, that is utter bollocks. They have partial historical ties to such indeed, but so do V, S, C and M. So what? Times change. None of them stand by that anymore. Enough with the globalist lies now.
  5. 84% of those convicted for severe rape were born outside of Europe, 93% of those convicted for gang rape born outside of Europe. Source.
  6. Why is your news link better evidence than someone elses news link? That Economist article is an opinion piece pulling the "information" regarding Sweden from a social democrat politician, it's not a news article. Fact is we have had over 35.000 new immigrants (and 20.000 more allowed to remain of those already here illegally) to Sweden alone so far this year according to the government immigration agency. 42,845 is a random number. Oh, by the way, the total number since 2000 is over 1.7 millions. To a country that had 8 million inhabitants and an already weakened infrastructure and social system. Guess how that plays out for ordinary people.
  7. Interestingly, that party would be considered left of your left over there in the americanada. Don't just swallow the regime media lies from Sweden. Things are bad for real.
  8. Just confirmed Jonathan Dahlén and Elias Pettersson are family, common ancestry in the early 1600s (at least, more to find).

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    2. Baer.


      Them and every other swede

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Some big Viking ran around impregnating every blond goddess...


      But we are all Canooks!

    4. Allt svartnar

      Allt svartnar

      I did the research myself, genealogy is lots of fun. Should be early 1700s, not 1600s. Looks like they both might possibly be related to Alexander Edler too!

  9. Allt svartnar

    2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    He did look very good in summer and prospects camp, and obviously Canucks thoughts so too since they signed him right after and planned on making him a forward. Seems he just didn't improve from that point.
  10. Allt svartnar

    [Signing] Canucks re-sign Darren Archibald

    A lot of people still believe from video games that only players on two-way deals can be sent to the minors.
  11. Allt svartnar

    Is this John Weisbrod at the Sedin draft/99?

    At the Thrashers table being GM of their IHL affiliate, and with those looks? I vote yes.
  12. Allt svartnar

    [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    It's the same as when you get too many wins, it's just not good in the long run. Need to mix it up!
  13. Allt svartnar

    [Signing] Jagr to Flames

    Hey cool to have him nearby, see him play a bit more often.
  14. Allt svartnar

    [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    What are the underlying numbers on that?
  15. Allt svartnar

    [2017-2018] Canucks Prospect Stats Tracker

    I think perhaps this would be of use to both of you. All of us.