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  1. Why was Kyle Wellwood one of the Canucks alumni at dinner yesterday?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Tortorella's Rant

      They ordered too much cheese cake for desert. He was called in to demolish it.

    3. Mike Vanderhoek

      lol, he is a member of the alumni haha, why not ?


    4. NazzyHankBo

      Free beers?

  2. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Jensen played very well in Utica's last game and has been doing so for a good amount of time. You picked the wrong random player to complain about.
  3. (Signing) Canucks Sign Adam Cracknell

    Cracknell has been one of the best Canucks through pre-season. Playing maturely and with great responsibility.
  4. Prust-Dorsett Nickname Coined: Vancouver P.D. Thoughts?

    Nicknames should turn up naturally, not be fabricated by over-eager fans.
  5. Joseph Labate Talk

    Had a good tournament!
  6. That is a league-wide trend among players, coaches, managements, media and fans. Incredibly annoying. Even more so when it then is translated into other languages without getting sorted out as superfluous nonsense.
  7. He has 62 pro games in Sweden too.
  8. That's some piss poor writing too, not only facts-wise sloppy. This is just as bad as the computer-generated articles the local newspaper here are experimenting with for covering the lowest-tier football leagues by typing out the stats sheet.
  9. [Official] Minor Signings Thread

    Tom Sestito signed a PTO contract with Pittsburgh:
  10. Linden on TSN 1040 (11:30 July 2)

  11. Same Old Mason Raymond

    That kid looks quite like a young(er) Brendan Gaunce!
  12. Miles Liberati Talk

    Do I remember it wrong or does he play a bit like our Weber? Also, why has his point-production finally kicked in now?
  13. Post of the year candidate.
  14. [Trade] VAN Kellan Lain :: EDM Will Acton

    And that is even an understatement. I think the icetime he got was just to make sure he was as bad as he seemed before getting rid of him.
  15. Gustav Forsling Talk

    I would guess that contract is also to protect the financial interests of LHC since he is doing well. If he signs with Vancouver while still under contract, Canucks would have to pay a transfer fee. Losing talent "for free" to North America is a popular complaint in the SHL.