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  1. Timrå were supposed to be/become a top league team when he came there in 2014. Players on a contract are not "called up" to the SEL unless they have been loaned from there to the other team.
  2. Is he an upgrade on Puck Guy though?
  3. I would say that might be part of his problems, playing hockey as a bog body must be exceedingly difficult.
  4. I just got a confirmation mail from NHL customer service, making it perfectly clear that NHL content, including the official team sites and the portal, is not intended to be used by citizens of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. These countries are all directed to the tv company Viasat, a company that doesn't even have a single NHL page on their site. Only links to buy a subscription for game streams for the current season. No news, no articles, nothing to be read and no video except the game streams overlaid with swedish commentary. Odd deal. In this pissed off complaint, I want to thank all of you who post news in the forums. They're still available. NHL, do go fµck yourselves. You live off of fans.
  5. I hate it. Most of the site is based on video now and I, living in a "nordic country" am not allowed to view video (any video) from the NHL because they sold the rights to a tv company. After exhanging several mails with customer service (a bunch of which weren't even written by a human and half of them not on topic) I have come to the conclusion that the NHL doesn't want any business with fans from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark - only with the players. The NHL Youtube channel also doesn't allow us. I was going to buy a subscription for the streaming service this season but I guess I'll just keep using the unauthorised alternatives as usual. They've never failed yet, going on 12 years. Oh... and the design of the site is bad as well. Hard to navigate, hard to look at.
  6. It has been pointed out before that he is a relative of the Aquilinis.
  7. I suggest changing the name in the title to Rodrigo Ābols. Looks much better when names aren't misspelled.
  8. They got one bad contract to bring them far towards the cap floor without having to actually pay the guy a penny. Paying a late second-round pick to move up four positions in the first isn't that bad so in total I think Arizona did indeed get a good deal. Vitale changes nothing, he's probably done in the NHL.
  9. That's a really good deal for Arizona.
  10. It would be nice indeed if he could help foster the young ones in Utica but I don't think he will be assigned there for some time yet. This might just be what potential suitors have been waiting for. He's not flat out bad for his salary compared to what a decent fourth-liner goes for these days so he might very well still be an NHLer albeit with the added safety of not having to be on the team straight away.
  11. Why was Kyle Wellwood one of the Canucks alumni at dinner yesterday?

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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      They ordered too much cheese cake for desert. He was called in to demolish it.

    3. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      lol, he is a member of the alumni haha, why not ?


    4. NazzyHankBo
  12. Jensen played very well in Utica's last game and has been doing so for a good amount of time. You picked the wrong random player to complain about.
  13. Cracknell has been one of the best Canucks through pre-season. Playing maturely and with great responsibility.
  14. Nicknames should turn up naturally, not be fabricated by over-eager fans.